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I will see what I can afford as the insurance money must cover a lot of things. I suspect I will have to go for a lot of used stuff. If I get less than €300 (besides cost for restauration) I will have to cut deep into my savings put away towards a new computer. Hmm, what positive to see here.... Hey, I get a chance to seriously look at the market for used computers :-) That should be interesting. :-)
It's a bit strange when I read about anti-depressions here and the things we have to endure... My gf have had a really bad patch this month and because she forgot to order more before she went out, the stores shelf were empty for the specific type she normally uses, so she had to go a whole weekend + a couple of days before she got them. And add to the fact that certain things were happening all at ones; both cars had major problems, prospect of having to move, problem at work, problem with close relative... It's actually scary and frightening to see a person gets down like that, and even yourself at some point.

I've been thinking of maybe we all should get hooked on something... Even though genes rules to some length - I think we all are a product the past and synthetic drugs isn't going to fix everything.

"Humans are supposed to be able to feel happiness fairly regularly" lol. Now that's something an AI or an alien researching into the human zoo would say. If doctors really knew what they were doing, we as a society would be a whole lot different. Just 50 years ago and more people with hysteria or got depressed were; sterilized, forced to orgasm, drugged to death, lobotomized or getting the shock treatment. (Well, in many cases doctors are still are doing that). :-P

Anyway, she is smiling and reading again, the sun is again warming the air, the snow is now almost gone, I've finally created a mage character on skyrim, managed to get rid of some junk that was under the snow, and so far this Sunday is going to be a good one. I'm considering making soft waffles and reading myself(?), and then this Sunday might be perfect. Happy Sunday :-D
anti psychotics dont work

marijuana will, which is why they still fight to legalize it big pharma can suck it

bought battletech today

that made me happy
I'm clean.

Well....relatively. :P
I had more points than expected on a fidelity card, treated my wife to top of the shelf imported Swiss chocolate.

Sometimes it's the little things.
kirill_gv001: I had more points than expected on a fidelity card, treated my wife to top of the shelf imported Swiss chocolate.

Sometimes it's the little things.
I've read "traded" instead of "treated" and it made the post way more awesome.
not really much tbh, going to worlds though, thats cool
My plane to Commiefornia got delayed an hour so I had the time to sit down and eat breakfast at my own pace.
Finally got a chance to talk to my cousin over the phone. We talked for nearly an hour.



I am neither from, nor do I ultimately care, about either city, but this is original six, winner take all (at least in terms of the first round) hockey.

This is beautiful.
tinyE: ...
Darn, I hate your time zone!
I want Flat-Earth supporters to be right! :(
Cleveland is ON THE CLOCK.

Let The Draft begin!
I just made my first procedure of non surgical butt lift in NY. After this procedure my body provides an improved lift, appearance, and plumpness in the desired area. I was looking for reliable clinic for so long before I found it. The effects will be visible after the course. Can't wait to see the results.
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Visited the San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art: very nice.
Saw Avengers — Infinity War: also quite nice save for a few weak moments.