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Not one, but TWO billionaire deceased executives just offered vast sums of money to my secondary email's non-existing identity. I'd be rich now, RICH, if I existed.
These news kinda did (=

Penguin Random House will not buy Simon and Schuster
I enjoyed watching soccer together with my family
Michael652: I enjoyed watching soccer together with my family
Some of today's results were... well... quite surprising :)

Stay safe – you and your family!
Under the impression that most of my day was wrapped in a subtle sadness. It might be all the Xmas stuff or the winter darkness or work, can't say for sure. But let me think, was there anything that brought me some momentary happiness today?

Walking home from work instead of grabbing the bus. That helped clear my mind. :)
Also, I prepared from scratch an asian-inspired soup meal for dinner. It really surprised me how delicious it turned out. :)
I guess going to bed soon knowing I have the day off work tomorrow makes me happy too.
idk, just got out for Thanksgiving break and woke up to try out BF2042 Season 3. Also finished a book I've been reading for the past 2 weeks, which is also super satisfyingly.
I remembered "The Persuaders" to be awesome. I didn't remember how much.
Getting enough sleep......
Decided to create my own custom Xmas/New Year cards this holiday season. :) Spent a good part of my afternoon goofing about with A.I.-generated art and adding some finishing touches in GIMP. Hope to have them all ready for print tomorrow!
Gifting our overworked postal worker with a Xmas care package today. She actually hugged me and went off singing and giggling. It's really great when you can make someone's day that way. :)
bjgamer: Gifting our overworked postal worker with a Xmas care package today.
What a beautiful gesture! :) That is really cool. Made me happy to read it. ;) I live in a large city, so my postal person is rarely the same individual.
Hrvatska! :D
I was buying muffins at a coffee shop today and a man came in. The barista asks the man why he came in without his cat and he runs out into the street with no word. I thought there were strange people. I was waiting for my order and I see the man coming back with the cat in his coat! He actually brought a cat, such a cute british lop-eared cat. This situation really boosted my spirits.
After having been sick with covid for the first time ever, I'm just so happy that my sense of smell and my sense of taste are slowly creeping back to life. I found it depressing not being able to taste my favourite foods/teas and not able to smell anything, pleasant or unpleasant. That light at the end of the tunnel just got brighter today. :)
A Chuck Jones marathon.