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Daily dose of OnlyFans and JustForFans. Hubba! Hubba!
Bought myself my first car today, I got myself a 2007 Ford Mustang. Stick shift too so I will have to practice that.
I received my 2023 Catzilla calendar at the post office! :D Only got 5 days left to enjoy January's kitty, but that's ok. :)
matterbandit: I received my 2023 Catzilla calendar at the post office! :D Only got 5 days left to enjoy January's kitty, but that's ok. :)
now that is an amazing calendar
For once the GOG newsletter-discount was for a game that I actually wanted to play so that made me a little bit happy during an otherwise pretty shitty day.
I've just found out today that I get to sign my new tenancy agreement either Tuesday or Wednesday, and can then finally move out of this family sh*thole...
Don't forget the comet today, by sundown! I hope it is visible...
A grand majority of sleepy time teas contain chamomile, which is an herb that gives me intense nausea for some bizarre reason. Today I was happy to have discovered an interesting bedtime tea imported from France that does not contain this ingredient and I'm loving the blend: lemon balm leaf, lemon verbena leaf, marjoram flower and lavendar flower. Quite yummy and soothing. :)

aCyborg: now that is an amazing calendar
It gives me a chuckle and brightens up my room. :D
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The book I ordered has arrived. There are no scratches.
Over the years, I've gradually lost contact with a handful of friends shortly after their first child. Our paths simply parted ways, sadly. I guess it's just part of life... There's this one mate who became a dad many months ago and I was really, really dreading losing him too (I kept such feelings to myself, not wanting to come across as needy). Well, this awesome guy went against the grain! Even with all his overwhelming dad responsibilities, he's been proactive about keeping our friendship alive and it fills me with happy tears. :)
Bought a motorcycle.
AlKim: Bought a motorcycle.
If you'd built your own you could say you motored a buycycle
Got together with a mate of mine for an early brunch at a local bistro. It was absolutely delicious! It was great catching up with him and such a pleasant way to begin my day, conversing over coffee with a good friend. :)
Met old friend :)
Finally found a flattering pair of glasses after several weeks of shopping. :) I'm booked for an eye exam and look forward to replacing my current glasses, which are five years old, scratched and give me blurry vision.