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dtgreene: ...
Thank you :)
I found an old cooking anime that a local tv station used to run back in my childhood days on a free legal anime streaming site. It was probably one on the first anime series aired here, along with Doraemon, Saint Seiya etc. I barely remember the plot, only the main kid hero name that somehow stuck in my brain all this time.

Watching the first episode with a smile.
Happy to have the day off work! It's nice to wake up at a slow pace and take a leisurely hour to enjoy a homemade breakfast and coffee. :D

ciemnogrodzianin: I dropped this recently, but it kept me almost hypnotized for a few weeks – scared, fascinated, shocked. "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" :D
Stunning images! I especially like that last one. :)
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Eucalyptus tea! I'm really enjoying this tonight. What a soothing drink right before bedtime. :)
November 1st! The Christmas tree was taken out of storage and put up today. Tomorrow, it gets decorated.
Watching the trailer for James Cameron's new Avatar movie:
Conversation with mom.
Many little things made me happy today. It was unusual, but very welcome. (1) At work, there's this vile, rude, unpleasant client from Hell, who's been regularly visiting us for years and we all hide when we see her coming. Today she pulled a 360 on us, first time in five years, where she was smiling and laughing and full of kind words and compliments, and please's and thank you's, it was so uncanny yet very contagious. (2) Bumped into an old work colleague I hadn't seen in a long time, somebody with whom I shared a great dynamic and enjoyed hanging around with. (3) Went for coffee and a stroll with a good mate of mine, whom I don't get to see as often as I'd like cause he's newly a dad and I miss our getogethers very much, so it was fun spending a good part of this evening with him. (4) And lastly, I sit here enjoying a Rooibos chai tea and some pieces of dark chocolates filled with Absinthe, wishing they contained more than a modest 8% alcohol. :P
Cookies make me happy everyday. But today it was reaching the apex of the 1st pyramid in Immortal Redneck. I lasted about 4 minutes.
Do the cookie notifications that are common on websites these days make you as happy as cookies do?
A bowl of chocolate cookies.
That extra hour I gained today, I napped it away. :)
Taskmaster series 12 episode 10
Two days later, I finally finished building $220 of Lego, the AT-AT and T-Rex escape.