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DorothyEntwistle: Memory (RAM)
8GB Corsair VENGEANCE DDR4 2400MHz (1 x 8GB)
Graphics Card
dtgreene: Wait, did you just get a system with more video memory than main memory?
I'd ignore it. It's probably just a bot that signed up recently, and they are known not to make much sense...
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dtgreene: Wait, did you just get a system with more video memory than main memory?
Trooper1270: I'd ignore it. It's probably just a bot that signed up recently, and they are known not to make much sense...
But it's so much fun to nitpick things!

If the post is indeed by a bot, there's not likely to be any negative repercussions for doing this, either!

(It also helps that both the post and my reply are non-political, and this is happening in a topic that's unlikely to be locked or deleted.)

P.S. I actually wrote a Python script that creates random text based on the frequency of word pairs in its input, and reading the text is a rather surreal experience; your brain expects it to make sense, but it doesn't.
dtgreene: But it's so much fun to nitpick things!
I know, I do that myself, more often than I care to admit...

I just thought I'd alert you to the possibility that you were responding to a bot, and that there was a high probability that you would not receive a reply from them.

Anyway, nitpick away. :)
It was ideal weather for a stroll in the woods: very sunny, though not too warm and strong winds that kept the mosquitos away! Saw a couple of deer feeding nearby too. :)
Just came home from a two-day weekend visit to a good friend I hadn't seen for two years because of Covid. It was nice to see him again and we went and saw Top Gun 2 and the movie was freaking awesome. And the we drank some beer and laughed ourselves silly to the new Jackass movie - good times.
Life can be rough, so I try my best to give importance to the things that bring me some joy, however small they may be. ;) Today a couple of things made me happy:

- I received a bunch of peonies flowers from Mom's garden and placed them on my kitchen table, right in front of my fan, and now my apartment smells absolutely gorgeous!

- I often donate books that I not longer want to keep to one of the free library boxes scattered about my neighbourhood. But today I stumbled across two books that I was more than happy to take: one was a photo-rich book about crockpot cooking and the other was a softcover copy of Dune.

- After months of lingering on a waiting list to consult my doctor, I finally managed to obtain an appointment for next week, only because someone, somewhere, cancelled their's.
Finished my Starfield Track!
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Today, I helped an old lady with money in my neighborhood. She was facing some financial issues and I raised my hand. This was a matter of small amount of money.
I played Dorfromantik for the first time today, which I got from GOG having that giveaway contest. I love this game so much that I joined Toukana's discord server, and I'm one of those people that normally never joins developer servers.
Ran into an old friend at rehearsal, someone who I hadn't seen in several years.
Future Cop LAPD
Found a legal way to get a DLC for free (Humankind's last DLC, so not on GOG).
For those interested, check their game2gether site. (easy stuff, but you need to put an email adress, I had the game on steam).
Now that SEGA is around ... AMPLITUDE's game on GOG is possible ?
EDIT: forgot to tell, there's a 1000 key limit.
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Beautiful day, comfortable temperature, sun but enough clouds to not be blinding, gentle breeze.

Very nice weather.

And a cute cat to give some love to.
Having trouble falling asleep because I'm too excited about my best friend coming to town this weekend! :D He lives a good 7 hours away, so I don't see him as much as I'd like to. My life just seems a little bit brighter whenever he's around. :)
Thought I'd give Microsoft's Game Pass another go since there were a few more titles on their service that I was interested in playing. Somehow they gave me the trial rate again, even though I used GP before on three separate occasions. *shrug* Not only is the first month only $1, they gave me an extra two months gratis, so should I plan on staying on I wouldn't be charged until September again. Sweet!

That'll keep me from making some unnecessary impulsive purchases during this GOG sale. ;)