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Learning Microsoft did something correct instead of screwing over the user base for once. Go figure.
Good chess game.
And it's Friday!
Steam is the "resistance" now.
steam.jpg (439 Kb)
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Playing Far Cry Primal for 5 hours straight on a lazy Saturday afternoon.
Norwegian victory in Formula 2.
Spent a fun and decadent weekend with my best mate, who was visiting me for three days. :) Treated our taste buds to a string of asian gems in town, from Korean to Japanese to Vietnamese and Thai. We may have been seduced by a parade of pina coladas along our journey and way too much ice cream! These last 72 hours have been trippy for me. xD Such fun to spend the weekend laughing. :) It's crazy, I miss him already!
Yesterday, I finally closed my project! The main part was writing a research paper, but I wouldn`t be able to write it myself, because I understand little in it. I was advised a writing service and I ordered it from them. Their quality work is worth a lot of effort and I'm so glad I trusted them. So today I can calmly exhale and enjoy life, as the work was accepted and I finished everything
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8 beer and 1 bottle of wine, life isnt so bad. I think Im gonna keep it up whole Summer, next couple month.
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I've just restored someone's eyesight.

Well, technically speaking: not exactly. But just look at this:
➊ there is an amazing Himalayan Cataract Project nonprofit organization
➋ a $25 donation can provide the material cost of one sight-restoring surgery (!)
➌ gifts for Himalayan Cataract Project are currently doubled by a generous donors (!!)
➍ and now tell me a better way to spend 25, 50, 75 or 100 dollars

God bless people who come up with HCP idea and all who support them.
I got brain damage... I mean I won Postal: Brain Damaged in GOG contest :O
new call recorder app, now I can record all important conversations. I found this iphone call recording app and now I do not have an opportunity to write down important details. It helps to record all incomming and outgoing call in seconds and there is no limits on the recording. Useful apps today.
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The first summer day (3 weeks in) with really nice, warm, and sunny weather here in Denmark. Not too hot and with just a little bit of wind to give a nice calm breeze and a clear blue sky - life is good!
tonnyys: new call recorder app, now I can record all important conversations.
Like pillow talks?
tonnyys: new call recorder app, now I can record all important conversations.
Just make sure to check the laws. In some states, a conversation may only be recorded if both parties consent.