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Booked a week vacation in July to visit a good friend of mine. :) Something to look forward to! Also, I managed to accumulate enough "points" that I was entitled to a free bus ticket for this trip.
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One week of sun, time to go outside.
DOOM 64 and its cheap.
Here I was, enjoying a drink on my tiny balcony, all by my lonesome, on this sunny summer evening, feeling a bit sad, maybe a lot sad, prefering to share a drink in the company of someone... When a friend far away texted me a photo of him and a family he's hosting for dinner, gathered in front of a large bowl of salad with their forks pointed at their mouths, to say that his guests absolutely loved my herb-infused rice vinegar and that his salad was a hit because of it. That was sooooo unexpected and kind. :) I offered him two bottles from last year's harvest. It's nice when people spontaneously reach out like that. :) I think I'm going to cry. It's the alcohol. This happened like 10 minutes ago...
Ordering a new hoodie with a functioning zipper unlike my current hoodie where the zipper has been kinda broken for years making it hard to unzip it.

Also I'm happy that I've kinda come to terms with what kind of gamer I am - one that like to play a game exhaustively but not necessarily finishing the game let alone complete it. That means moving on to a new game on a regular basis so that services like Game Pass and PSN+ but also sales like the one on GOG are great for me because of the volume of games. I just do what makes me happy and torturing myself with trying to finish every game was just not fun for me.
Canada Day = day off work = me happy! :)
Watching this Ocarina of Time TAS from SGDQ 2022:
Not necessarily happy, but certainly made me laugh, and maybe even a little worried, especially after reading these headlines...

"British Army's Twitter and YouTube accounts hacked and flooded with crypto spam and images of Elon Musk"
Treated Mom to breakfast at a favourite resto of hers (she hasn't been there since before the pandemic). It was my early birthday present to her, as I won't be available on her actual birthday.

Also, treated myself to a haircut. :)
Charles Ives's Variations on America.

Specifically, the variation that's in a minor key.

Playing that in rehearsal felt really good today.
The destruction of my enemies and hearing the lamentation of their women.
Celebrated Prime Day by not ordering from Amazon - too many issues with their products (fakes, not new, whatever) that I don't trust them - but still getting the same decent deal from Best Buy: a 2TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVME SSD for $190 (instead of the eye-popping $300 MSRP).

That boosted my PC's storage by over double the amount as I previously had only my 500TB NVME boot and 1TB SATA SSD data drive. I finally pulled the trigger on that one as I was getting annoyed by too much data-shuffling - moving files around from one drive to the other and deleting one thing to make room for another. Now I won't have to worry about space for a while. :)
Spent the last week at a friend's cottage in the middle of the wilderness. :) I've got more mosquito bites on my body than there are stars in the sky. xD But it was worth it!
Made two lobstered bigots go home with new ideas after starting on somebody outside for being a "fag".

Of course, half the neighbourhood turned out as well.

It might be night, but right now this aint such a dark place.
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Ascending in Swarm Simulator, something that you can only do once every several days due to the energy cost of doing so.