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Anyone filling out a bracket?
b2019.jpg (158 Kb)
Unexpected gifts.
Finally being able to save in The Cat Lady which means I can actually play it now. Not sure what I did differently but 6 months later it works.
Well,I searched and searched and......nothing:)
I woke up for the fiirst time in a new city (and country) after moving yesterday. Many hopes for a better life.
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Toilet fixed. Also, my husband's birthday!
Fran67: Toilet fixed. Also, my husband's birthday!
Make him some chili cheese frito pie with jalapenos for his B-day dinner. He'll get to try out that newly fixed toilet in no time!
International Day of Happiness. I ate giros pizza for lunch today and damn it was yummy! I try to enjoy in little things and i'm grateful when life gives them.
I finally started getting accustomed to Bioshock gameplay! Will sit down to play through it all! Well under way!
Just saw the first Rocketman trailer.


Very excited about this one.
Beat the Bard's Tale 1 remaster, so I can now see how the transfer to BT2 works.

(I wish they would have let you transfer without beating the game; the originals let you do this, and also allowed you to go straight from 1 to 3 if you prefer.)
I got AoE 1 running with widescreen support.

party on wayne
The best Streets of Rage Remake V5.1 mods, the remakes of the original games with more features added in, have been renovated, revamped! Time to party hard! One of our favorite community modders, also, came back to us! Hurray!
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English breakfast tea, every day I have it is a good day.