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I blasted Phil Collins very loud today.
Listening to Red Dead Redemption 2's soundtrack - especially "That's the way it is" by Daniel Lanois. Such a cool soundtrack and such a cool game.
Seeing a picture of snake genitals.
Assembling wardrobe for my daughters.
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Tough nut! Even now, she is beating around the bush and tries to confuse me. Nice thing of me to make a decoy move, opening a decoy "front", with fake "demands" even... I already have what i want. Funny thing watching her, the arrogant liar, so full of herself and using the same tricks twice. As if i am bargaining for something important and she holds the key, or something. I am entertained! This feint actually worked. Now, onwards to retrieve the real "prize"! And leave her fighting against "ghosts"...
Bard's Tale 3: Got a Stoneblade for my Geomancer. (Highly recommended unless you're playing a 16-bit version.)
Telika: Wodehouse.
Wodehouse is truly and side-splittingly hilarious :D

Spent quality time with my family today.
Gavin Newsom
The Ides of March! :D
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tinyE: The Ides of March! :D
I'd better watch my back.
tinyE: The Ides of March! :D
ConsulCaesar: I'd better watch my back.
I was an English major so for me it's more of a lit thing than a history thing.
tinyE: The Ides of March! :D
Et tu, Brute?

No, i ain't falling, "Shakespeare" old pal... Those fools won the battle, but not the war. Besides, i already got myself a nice spoils.
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Hot Fuzz
In Bard's Tale 3, playing the remaster I *finally* got a Staff of Gods to drop after all these years.