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bluethief: The Wheel of Time
igorche9: Have you watched a tv show or read books? What is the game like compared to the tv show?
Sorry I haven't. The game is my first contact with this franchise.
I found a new engine for build called raze so I'm going through redneck rampage.
Just suffered my way through the fourth mission in "Commando: Behind Enemy Lines". What a shitty game with shitty controls...
igorche9: Have you watched a tv show or read books? What is the game like compared to the tv show?
bluethief: Sorry I haven't. The game is my first contact with this franchise.
Ok, thanks.
How do you like the game so far?
bluethief: Sorry I haven't. The game is my first contact with this franchise.
igorche9: Ok, thanks.
How do you like the game so far?
I'd say it's ok.

I like the ambience and atmosphere. There are cool powers to use. Gameplay wise is good.

One thing that can be frustrating is that between levels your health stays the same. So if you're low on health, in the next level you can come across multiples enemies on the beginning and there are no way to recover, leading to death after death. Fortunately there's a quick save system to make things better.

Enemies are hit and miss. They can move around avoiding your projectiles, showing inteligence but at the same time can get stuck in the enviroment making themselves an easy target. And there's one type of enemy that's a total bullet sponge.

The game is heavy on cutscenes. The story is ok. However I feel the main character lacks the appropriate reaction to some situations.
Eidos Montreal's Guardians of the Galaxy

Fairly fun game. Love the team banter. Good looking, too, although I must say the game features at times some of the most terrible space skyboxes I've seen. I've played games 2 decades its senior with better looking space backdrops.
I personally love a newly released game called Have a Nice Death . It is a great 2-D game made by a AAA company. I also enjoy playing Inscryption, a great card game which takes a sharp mind.

I also love playing Guacamelee 1 and 2, Inscryption and Boomeranng X.
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Saviors of Sapphire Wings, which I am playing for the 3rd time. It is fun, but not without its issues, like:
* To assign a subclass to a companion, they must reach soul rank 5. That's all well and good, except that some characters are initially capped at SR 4, with one character being affected rather badly by this; she can't pass the cap for *3* dungeons, one of which is the longest and most annoying dungeon in the game.
* Speaking of that dungeon, it's the 4th dungeon. It's long, boring, and filled with undead. Thing is, normal weapons work poorly against undead, so you need to find weapons that do work, which makes many of the weapons that would otherwise be appropriate for this point in the game useless. You could work around this by subclassing healer (assuming the character can reach SR 5; some characters can, but others can't until after this dungeon, which leads to some imbalances between companions, and discourages the use of said companions at this point), but each character gets only one main class and one subclass at a time.
* Even worse, relatively early in this dungeon, the game takes away your ability to return to previous areas. I *hate* it when games do this, and it happens in what is already the most annoying part of the game.
* Even if you get through this dungeon, the next dungeon is *also* filled with undead, along with spirits, which again need special weapons to hit. It's also a really long dungeon.
* If you get through that, you're past the worst part of the game, but note that the next dungeon is anti-magic.
* Some situations where you need to raise a character's SR to proceed (particularly the very beginning of the postgame, but remember the character who is capped at SR 4 for so long? You need to get her to SR 7 before you can enter the final dungeon. (Fortunately, excess soul rank experience is not lost.))
* Finding extra encounters to fight for XP and items is more annoying than it should be. Trap points require consumables, and sometimes it feels like the encounter rate is too low. (On the other hand, I *have* gotten repeatedly attacked, and that's also frustrating.) What is probably the best place to farm for XP and treasures in the post-game requires a gemstone to enter; making that gemstone is expensive if you don't have a high enough level alchemist. Also, postgame requires having a level 30 wizard or druid to cast a flight spell, or using a specific party with items gained from that area I mentioned (but fortunately reliably).
* Once you beat the game, most of the final dungeon becomes unavailable. Again, I don't like it when games do this. (I hope you got the treasures there so you can make more of the item needed to access that one area I mentioned.)
* Dialog sequences often go on longer than they should; quite often it feels like the sequence should end, but it doesn't. (I *would* like to save, please.)
* Sometimes the game gets a little too hand-holdy; this becomes apparent in the final dungeon, in particular. We don't need a reminder of a mechanic that's already been encountered.
* Speaking of which, the game introduces spinners and dark zones on the same level it introduces the no auto-map mechanic, which feels largely pointless when you can use a consumable to negate it.

It may sound like I have a lot of complaints, but I still do enjoy the game.

Also worth noting that this is a remake of one of Experience's earlier games, so the flaws may be the result of a lack of developer experience (pun (not) intended) at the time the original version was first developed. Stranger of Sword City Revisited, being a revision of a later game, manages to avoid all of these issues.
Going through another HoMM3 (Horn of The Abyss) phase. It could last days, weeks or even months!
Playing No Man's Sky atm and it's pretty good. Has a bit in it for everyone; basebuilding, exploring, discovering/cataloging different flora, fauna, and minerals, there's combat, and pet taiming/training. Am playing it with a friend and having a good time, you can do single-player as well which is good.

There are a couple of bad points to it though that need ironed out, like the keybinds on pc they can't really be rebound that well so if your a lefty you're stuck using a controller. There are a couple of other things but they are minor. Either way I'm still enjoying myself.
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low rated
Everspace 2 Early Access.

Damn. Ghostwire: Tokyo is only 30 bucks at Steam Summer sales, tempting. isnt it like 3 month old or so.
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Currently, War Thunder.

I've been really addicted with the realistic battles in the game.
Just beat Starship Troopers, a solid 7 out 10. Now playing Street of rage with the wife.
Deus Ex GOTY Edition with GMDX mod.
After a recent Deus Ex series replay I am playing Ghostwire Tokyo and holy crap, it might be the most boring game ever made. Stunning technical graphics, but it goes for a super realistic look for one environment which gets super stale. Ubisoft open world design taken to the extremes with endless "hold F on thing" gameplay. Combat is extremely simple with enemies who run at you and you click on them as fast as you can. Even the ray tracing is disappointing, looking maybe kinda worse than normal reflections? It's more realistic, but again more boring as a result.

Super meh, might not finish depending on how long it is.