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Super Mega Baseball 2

Only complaint is the pull over jerseys which MLB abandoned (THANK GOD) in the early 90s.

Resident Evil 6. Not much horror, but it's a fun silly over the top action game.
teceem: Resident Evil 6. Not much horror, but it's a fun silly over the top action game.
That immediately reminded me of this RE6-inspired song: :-)
ATM playing Balckguards 2.
Finally started playing The Witcher 3. With HDR and at mostly 60fps with freesync, it's a great looking game. But it should have been called The Witcher 3 Blacksmith Hunt. Because I get to Velen area, spend a day of game time running around having fun , only to find my weapons are down to 35% durability. I've spent the past hour trying to find a blacksmith to repair my shit. I still haven't found one. What is it with game developers and overdone weapon wear these days? How come I never saw a single review ever mention it?

So far game time is 60% play the game and earn enough to repair my stuff, 40% looking for somewhere to get my stuff repaired.
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Has anyone here played Two Point Hospital?

Your take?

It says it can be too easy, which is kind of what I'm looking for right now, something relaxing, but "easy" can be a very subjective term.
And, I’ve Started my second playthrough of Tales of Symphonia on my PS3. This time with walkthrough to go for all of the sidequests and trying to do most of the titles. It was almost exactly 5 years, after, I’ve beat it for the first time.
Far Cry 2

FC2 is one of those games that aren't very good and yet you keep coming back to. I've played it 3 times and yet it's not good. The AI is dumb, the gameplay is repetitive and the shooting lacks punch..... and yet the game on Hard can be quite chaotic and fun. It's also quite beautiful even if it's 10 years old.

All in all it's not a very good game that I highly recommend.
THREE KINGDOMS! DRM-free version. >;D

Fuck em, I'm not paying for that game to have Denuvo on my system.

But love the game so far... :D
Pathfinder and pillars of eternity I.
Okay 2 Point Hospital is EXACTLY the same game as Theme Hospital but with better graphics.
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Finished a Severance knight run today. What a game, such a shame it got pulled. GOG and whomever owns it should move to get it back on the store, it's a rough masterpiece.
Sigil, (Episode N° 5 of The Ultimate Doom)!u3R0XCaJ!o7xj0-beL9cVBrlWT8yo6XQZQLTC2ZTdLMCFtxJrzto
Still playing Mad Max. I've been grinding my way across the map, clearing out one region at a time, but it's starting to get a bit old so I'll probably try to start getting through more of the story missions soon.

Also been playing Jet Set Radio, which is cool but I'm one of those people coming to it after playing the sequel, which felt better all around to me. Maybe after I finish this one, I'll check out that Xbox emulator since JSRF seems to be one of more stable games on it right now.