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Jade Empire

I'm on Chapter 6, which is probably close to the end.

It's hard to call this game an RPG. Sure, there are some stats that influence dialogue options and some stats that make you more powerful in combat, but the way everything is set up is far removed from what I'd expect from an actual RPG. There is no inventory, no equipment, no defense stat... At some point you have to come into terms with the fact they removed so much of what makes an RPG what it is that the game just doesn't fit the genre.

I like the story aspect of the game. The theme of afterlife and ghosts is cool. I like games where you have to talk to dead people and act as a link between them and the living. There is a heck of a lot of talking in this game, but it generally is interesting. I've only started to get bored by dialogues in the current chapter I'm playing because now they are getting very repetitive.

The combat is so bad tho. At first it fooled me into thinking there would be some skill aspect involved, but it really boils down to using focus mode to get close and then either stun the enemy and kill it or if the enemy can't be stunned pick the most effective style which is always the same for enemy type. I'm playing on the normal difficulty and I steamrolled every opponent in the Arena and all the boss fights so far. I only get hit when I'm sloppy, even though I do not use the dodge or the guard. Ever. It's really a weak sauce combat system IMO.

I considered raising the difficulty but honestly why bother? I can't imagine combat getting more interesting, it's just going to take longer.

EDIT: correction, I'm on chapter 6
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Dessimu: Finished the main campaign of Dying Light 2. Fun, a lot of interesting things in the game. For now, looking forward for more content. Can't help, but compare with Dying Light 1 and I have to say, I liked first game a little better. Looking at base games for now, story of DL1 touched me more, although all possible variations in DL2 makes it interesting to experiment with, adds more replay value. In DL2, I was making all the right choices towards a better ending and was amazed how a single choice at the end screwed it up. I think DL2 will get only better in time with more added content.

One major thing I am disappointed, is that Techland GG has no integration with GOG. There are some fun rewards there, that you get for just playing either game or watching Twitch videos, but unless you own a game on Steam, you are locked out. So, that's a bummer.
Is Dying Light 2 good. 77 metacritic is damn low. I almost bought it. Gamepllay is definitely 80+ metacritic stuff already imho.,
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Civilization 6 because it appears to be the only game I have right now that isn't affected by driver timeouts on my computer. I thought I'd fixed this problem a few weeks ago.
To fix my samurai itch, I've revisited Way of the Samurai 4, which has been strangely delisted from GOG for whatever reason.
I finished three main routes and the other ending and got bored a bit, so move on.

Now I'm re-playing Might and Magic 6, which is my eternal favorite as with other ones in the series and the wizardry series.
In this second play, I chose the party as Paladin, Druid, Priest, and Wizard, because I had not used Druid yet.
I've made all party members learn the bow skill and after using bows, cleaned Goblin and Wizard armies in and about the opening town, and now exploring the goblin fort. The game is a lot of fun as always.
CyberBobber: Is Dying Light 2 good. 77 metacritic is damn low. I almost bought it. Gamepllay is definitely 80+ metacritic stuff already imho.,
Well, I have never really checked metacritics score on games, so no knowledge there. For me, a very casual gamer, who mostly plays single player rpgs, Dying Light 2 was enjoyable. Note, that I finished the game before all major patches, fixes and additional content (and haven't touched the game since finish). Story was interesting, but often predictable. Same goes for special encounters. Parkour challenges I did not care for, all seemed pretty much the same. At the time, surviving Night was super easy (although I have not played on highest difficulty setting). Paragliding was a lot of fun. Crafting weapons did not really amaze me in any way. At times it felt like DL2 aimed to dazzle more than deliver a solid, beafy content. Mechanics from DL, visual esthetics and a few mechanic extras from DL2 would be perfect.

I think the game is worth a try. Mainly because devs keeo working on it, and given the Dying Light history, DL2 is bound to get cool new content, crazy challenges and overall improvements based on players' requests. In other words, the game you buy today is bound to get even better in time.
Mount & Blade: Warband

About to actually, since I'm planning on reinstalling it.
Timespinner: I'm attempting to complete all quests using the speedrun alpha mode. I tried this some years ago only to find out that it was impossible, as an enemy with a required common drop would only drop its rare drop on that mode. I'm now trying to see whether that's actually been fixed.
low rated
These days I am into Dawn Of Man, Mount And Blade - Warband, Grim Dawn, Pirates, Vikings And Knights II and Titan Quest - Anniversary Edition.
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After having played several games in my GOG backlog, I revisited Diablo again.
I've finished the game before as a fighter (usually I choose it for the first playing in any RPG), so I'm playing the game as a mage this time. Also, I choose the hell-fire addon.
Now my mage is on the dungeon level 7, and some enemies have resistance to fire arrows, if that case, I'm using a thunderbolt. My mage became so powerful I felt that compared to him the fighter is weak.
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I start my journey now here on GOG. My first game is Cyberpunk 2077 i have already 5 hours.
I discovered that I was playing an outdated version of Timespinner, so I updated mid-run, which makes a big difference. In 1.033, if an enemy can drop a quest item if defeated, it will drop it on speedrun alpha mode.

Also, after beating it, I did speedrun beta, which leads to a very fast playthrough, even if you're playing on NIghtmare level cap 1. I think that 999 is too high a level cap for orbs; I think they should have made it 99, which is still higher than you'd casually reach, but not so high as to completely break the game. (I might, of course, make an exception for the level cap 255 mode; someone playing that mode is doing so because they want to be powerful, not because they want to be challenged. Also, you have to earn it by beating level cap 1 mode first IIRC.)

I also noticed some nice little touches regarding time travel and changing history. Try looking at the rings surrounding the planet in the background on the bridge in the present, as well as that statue in the library, for example, making sure to come back after you kill certain bosses in the past.

Also, I think that Timespinner's handling of time travel is more consistent than that of many other stories and video games; it's more consistent than Chrono Trigger's approach. (I could also note that I realized, only on this most recent playthrough, that a time paradox occurs at a certain point.)
The Wheel of Time
Recently started Persona 5. Still early on and will need to play more to see how I feel about it. One of my problems is that a lot of my game time is late at night, and a lot of story-heavy games can lull me to sleep because they're full of cutscenes and this is one of those. But when I'm actually playing it and not nodding off with the controller in my hands, it seems alright.
I just finished Diablo and that expansion. To my surprise, the final boss in the expansion was very weak. He could not even finish his opening speech while I sent him a few nova spells to die. lol.

After that, I feel that I want to play more of a diablo-like game, so in my GOG backlog, I choose Titan Quest and played it a bit. I choose the warrior skill and hack and slash poor satyrs.
Also, I've read reviews of the game on GOG, and it is said that the game needs the Ragnarok DLC to unlock many root items even in the main game, which is a lame move to be honest, but anyway, I purchased it at 75% off on this sale.
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bluethief: The Wheel of Time
Have you watched a tv show or read books? What is the game like compared to the tv show?