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AndreeaB: Are you playing it singleplayer?
Yes! I accidentally killed my main in hardcore though (forgot to back up the save folder), so i started anew! This time no mistakes! Thankfully, i wasn't progressing much... I didn't notice early on that after beating an act and returning in it to farm, enemies get boosted too... That Salazar, grrr

aritrea: Old school Castlevania - Symphony of the night.. have played it many times.. love this game.
jait: One of my all time favorite games.
You should try the full version in Sega Saturn, the Japanese exclusive! It has 2 new areas, new enemies/bosses/items, third "hand" in inventory for another quick-item to use, plus the most imba player in ANY castlevania game up to day... Maria (saturn version)! And Richter has two different costumes in this one.

The Playstation version had some data for the new areas (you can glitch yourself to where the underground garden should have been), but it was ultimately left unfinished.
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I was enjoying phantom thieving stuff with cute cat girls in Persona 5, but now it's Monday :/