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Just started Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, being in an immersive sim mood after finishing the Daud-alicious DLC of Dishonored. I've played 2 hours of it and only at the last ten minutes did I come across some enemies. That says a lot about the game and perhaps more about me (if anyone cares :P). No one ever told me to get moving or annoyed me with tips on how to get through the next section, as if those games thought my inaction was caused by inability rather than choice. You've spent a great deal of time and energy creating this world, so I'll be damned if I'm not gonna take the time to look at it and experiment/play with the tools I'm given.

Speaking of annoying stuff, the first mission does act as a turorial and has flashing messages in the upper right corner which only disappear if you press the button they want you to press, which is a "modern" development in a bad way, but nothing too frequent or time consuming.

Being able to jump up, grab/throw things and stack boxes against walls or on top of each other is the thing that defines immersive sims to me. Every other game and crates are just cosmetic, but in Deus Ex they're a fun game mechanic.

Even though I usually employ a non-lethal, ghosting playstyle, I replayed Deus Ex Human Revolution with a more violent approach, because crushing baddies with large objects is just too darn fun. Mankind Divided seems to allow the same kind of slapstick slaughter fest, so perhaps I'll replay that one as well, to experience both the non-lethal and lethal sides of it.
ZiTheBookishGamer: Going through Alan Wake now, playing a handful of horror/thriller themed games this month. Really liking Alan Wake so far. Think I might do Oxenfree next, or The Swapper. Played a bit of Sunless Sea earlier.
Tried Outlast or SOMA?, or, if more of an adventury type STASIS and CAYNE?
The story mode for MK X. It sucks when you are forced to use a worthless character. XD I never thought I'd get through the Kotal Kahn chapter. The guy is bullshit! All he can do is make totems and it takes forever which means 90% of the time you get the piss beat out of you just trying to do it.

However, very impressed with Kung Jin, who made waves as the first gay character in the series. At first it was a mess but as soon as I learned how to combo some of his jumps with his kicks I was cleaning house.
ZiTheBookishGamer: Going through Alan Wake now, playing a handful of horror/thriller themed games this month. Really liking Alan Wake so far. Think I might do Oxenfree next, or The Swapper. Played a bit of Sunless Sea earlier.
toxicTom: Tried Outlast or SOMA?, or, if more of an adventury type STASIS and CAYNE?
I don't have those two, nor am I really interested, but I do have Stasis and Cayne on my list to play this month if I manage to get to them, along with Still Life.
Red Dead Redemption, Lumines, and Final Fantasy IX.

I started with the first part "King Dugan's Dungeon". It's a very nice puzzler. It's even suitable to play it during short breaks or while doing some other stuff, like listening to some lessons. :p
The movement is turnbased, so there is nothing that needs your permanent attention. You can even exit the game completely. The game automatically saves your position and after a restart you can continue at the exact same position you left off.
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Deus ex invisible war (second time)
Guild wars 2
The witcher 1 (for the third time since it was launched)
Total war shogun 2
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Silverhawk170485: It's even suitable to play it during short breaks or while doing some other stuff, like listening to some lessons. :p
I envy you. In my case when playing Drod I have enough resources left to breathe and not much more.
However I agree that it's really great how the turn-based gameplay works here.
Ixamyakxim: REALLY have to fire this one up again. Played a bit on release, think I got distracted by something new and shiny (or maybe my GPU blew around the same time and I never fired it back up again?). Regardless, there have been some HUGE changes and I always wanted to give the original more time and that was BEFORE the whole new feature set was implemented.
Really late reply, but since I'n still playing No Man's Sky (and am now on attempt #9 in Permadeath), I highly recommend this game if it's your kind of game.And even if it's not. It's not really the genre of game I generally play and I went into it not expecting much, just hoping it might be a decent way to kill a few hours before moving on to something else. I'm completely hooked on it now and it's easily one of my top 5 or 10 games of all time. I love the whole exploration/discovery aspect of it and even though there is definitely truth to the 'the grind is real' comments, I find even that aspect is fun.
Why is learning all the controls etc. in Homeworld (Classic) so hard?

I am now in mission 9 or something already, and only yesterday i FINALLY learned how to use the repair corvettes and frigates to repair your units. All these previous missions they just sat there doing nothing because I had no idea how to use them.

The GOG version doesn't come with any manual as far as I could tell (only a link to a support page), so I googled "homeworld repair corvette how to use". I did get many hits, but most suggestions don't even work, not sure if they are for the classic version or the remaster?

Like some suggested you just right click on the repair unit and you get a special menu and select repair from there... nope, doesn't work.

Many messages suggested that you press (and keep pressed) Y and then either click or drag-click on the units you want to repair... nope, doesn't do anything. Some say that hotkey (Y) is mentioned in the control options, but I don't see such repair option there, or then I am blind.

Then I FINALLY find one suggestion that works for me: press Z (not Y !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and then click or drag-click on the unit(s) to heal. That works for me. Why were all the other suggestions about pressing Y, the wrong key?

There are also lots of other things I've kinda learned accidentally because there is no manual and the tutorial mission didn't seem to explain them (or if it did, I missed it), like:

- You can group units together with Ctrl + number (quite commonly used in other RTS games too).

- You can select more units by keeping Shift down while selecting units (ie. in order to add more units to an existing group).

- Pressing Alt and clicking into an unit apparently watches the unit.

Things I'd like to learn, in case they are possible:

1. How to select all the units of a certain type? In many RTS games you double-click on an unit, and it selects all the similar units which are on the screen. As far as I can tell, this doesn't work in Homeworld.

2. Can you tell an unit to either follow or protect another unit? For the repair units, you can tell them to heal some unit and then they will keep following it, but how about other units? For instance, I'd like to tell a resource controller to follow a resource collector unit so that there is always a minimum distance between them, instead of having to check once in a while how the collector unit has wandered off to the other side of the map from the controller.

Or alternatively, I'd like to keep some fighter units follow a resource gatherer in order to protect it.

3. Related to the earlier one, is there a fast way to tell a group or unit to beeline back to the mothership? "Dock" command sometimes does that, but sometimes the unit goes to the nearest resource controller or cruiser instead, which I guess makes sense, but still...

4. Where do I see what different units are for anyway? Now I can build some special units, but I have no idea what exactly they are for and how to use them. The unit descriptions within the game are vague, just telling basic things like how much damage (if any) they can do, how much armor they have etc. There seem to be now lots of non-fighter units with some special purpose, but I am unsure what I am supposed to do with them. I guess I have to google all of them...

Other than this "I don't know the controls fully", I am enjoying the game.
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Wohoo! I managed to get through the Water God Temple chapter in Unreal Gold :-) Just needed to pick the right gun and aim better (a bit of training was needed.) The game is not half bad with the fan patch but auto-mapping would be really nice. I just kept at it until I learnt my way around the temple.
I think I'm going to start Oblivion with an archer.

I know I'm going to get my ass kicked but I am SO SICK of melee!! XD
After finishing and thoroughly enjoying The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav and Memoria, I inspired to tackle my point and click backlog. I made The Mystery of The Druids the first one to tackle.

It is, as the reviews said, an awful game. Playing as a Scotland Yard detective, to contact an expert, first you have to phone him. But because somehow you can't make a phonecall from your own office, you have to rob a homeless for his change by poisoning him with the mix of apple juice and ethanol (that in real life can cause permanent blindness and death). I'm gonna skip seriously playing this and just using an online walkthrough for the sake of completing the story.
I would like to play games which relate to puzzles. Many games app are for help.
Shadow Warrior 2, solo and with friends. RPG elements added a bit to the classic shooter formula making it more appealing to me than previous Shadow Warrior. IMO it's the best title, next to remake of DOOM, in the shoot n' run revival genre. I'm glad it was free because it was probably the only way I would put my hands on this one.

Overwatch, for me more fun than other recent multiplayer shooters. Great for quick match and talking about stuff with friends on discord.

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition, mostly trying to get into Ravenloft: POTM PW.