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Mafia 2 (for some reason this game crashes in the beginning of chapter 2), Runestone Keeper, Oniken and The Aquatic Adventure.
System Shock Enhanced.
It took me a bit to get the controls down but as soon as I did I couldn't stop playing for a couple hours :P
Back to the Future - The Game
Done with ActRaiser. (Not really interested in playing Professional mode; the Sim portions are my favorite part of the game!)

Maybe I'll go back to Paper Mario?
Just finished Murdered: Soul Suspect. It was okay I guess. Not bad, not great; just decent. *shrug*

I started playing The Saboteur right after. I only just finished the prologue. So far so good. Quite fun. I found it a bit odd that "accidentally" running over pedestrians elicited little to no response when a Nazi wasn't around. I also came across some minor distant graphical glitching out in the countryside section. No biggie. Those fake accents surely are horrible, but I'm kind of liking that kind of cheese. Looking forward to more. ;)
After finishing the main campaign of Two Worlds 2 I'm going to start the add-on today.
Neverwinter Nights 2 :)