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Flipped a coin and it landed on number which meant i should install earth 2150 escape from blue planet. Played the mission Ural with ED beaten it in 30 minutes i believe. I waited a little and then when i had a bigger army i went and searched around, found a base of new enemy faction LC, was destroyed and had to reload until i learned how their solar power plants work.
So i then did destroy their power plants but first had to destroy the one building that actually provides power around for the buildings which distributes it and then the building didn't shoot me anymore at all and i wiped them out. New to me was ammunition that needs to be brought to your units.

I guess earth 2140 i will still play to need to beat the mission packs but there is no longer a proper story in missions packs only fun with game. If i beat desert storm level 5 in mission pack 1 ucs there will be only two more ucs missions and i will need to play ED mission pack 1 then. But it's on hold for now.
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Pony Island. Hilariously devious. No regret for its absence from gog, I don't think it would have worked that well in a drm-free environment.
Just finished Guacamelee! 2 - bittersweet. Some nice improvements in many ways but way too much precison platforming compared to the first with controls that feel more than a bit lose.

Developers seem to be forgetting the importance of atmosphere and exploration in metroidvania titles in favor of (less imaginative) difficulty.
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StarCrawlers + Valley without Wind 1.

Enjoying the meta-plot in Starcrawlers while VWW1 has an interesting concept of death not mattering, settlement expansion, 40+ different weapons, and adjustable difficulty levels for gameplay, platforming, enemy toughness so you can really tweak the settings in VWW1 to hit your sweet-spot in Metrovania gaming.
Playing Crossing Souls. I'm most of the way through it but the game keeps crashing at a particular cut-scene. I looked it up and it turns out the game has a bug that the developers apparently patched out on Steam, but for some reason the Twitch Prime version of the game hasn't been updated yet. So yeah, if you got this game through Twitch, might want to wait until it's updated...whenever that might be. I'll guess I'll move onto other things in the meantime.
HoMM3 and some Total war Warhammer.

Oh and some X-Com 2
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