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Started to play Ground Control. So far I've managed to loose no troops - in the boot camp and the first mission...
New version of Space Engine (

It's... wonderful.
- Poker Night at the Inventory - Won all of the bonus swag and unlocked almost all of the decks and tables, few more games to go to get them all.

- <redacted> - Played a handful of single-player games and so far I <redacted>. In multiplayer though, I wasn't nearly as lucky and ended up <redacted>. I did find it cool being able to create my own custom <redacted> though. Overall I think it is <redacted> compared to <redacted> and am looking forward to <redacted> when <redacted> for sure.
None, and about to start SpiderMan Shattered Dimensions soon... My bro keeps praising it as the best one of Spidey.
Decided it was time to start playing Freedom Force again. The GOG version runs fine on Windows 10 although it's pretty twitchy when you set it up, changing resolution and sound mainly, and it usually doesn't shut down correctly. I tried a couple of mods but neither of them worked very well. I might have to hold off for a replay of the second one and maybe that one will work more smoothly.
I finished Massive Chalice yesterday.
I'm back to Xenonauts now.
Beaten the first scenario in zeus and poseidon it's called zeus and europa,so on to the next one medusa and perseus scenario.
Making some good progress with my sc3000 city. I'm going to try and get it to a million before retiring the game.
I finally started Inquisitor again after I induced a game-breaking bug by alt-tabbing in my previous playthrough. This time I started with a Thief instead of Paladin, and put it on Medium difficulty instead of Easy, just to give it a whirl (I actually heard a counter-argument about the game actually being easier on Medium because of the companion stats and dmg and whatnot.) Again, the game is gripping right from the get-go, and I'm finding the thief much easier than the paladin and medium difficulty not being too hard at all.

This game is stellar!!!
Playing some Hearthstone again, but this time with a connection that doesn't drop every few minutes, which previously made playing the game very difficult. So far it seems possible to have a lot of fun without spending any money on packs. The only thing that really requires money is the so called adventures, which are massive singleplayer components of the game. And with the gold earned from doing daily quests and defeating other players you can buy packs if you want, or better yet, buy entry into the equal playing field of the arena for a little more. At worst you'll win a pack and some gold/dust, and at best you'll earn multiple packs and enough gold to pay for 3 more arena entries. The whole way the game is set up seems quite fair to me.
Witcher 3.

I was wrong. I was so wrong about The Witcher. That game is amazing. I simply won't have enough time on planet Earth to properly finish it. It's almost too much. Witcher 3 makes Skyrim or the Far Cry games look like Pac-Man in comparison.
Just finished Her Story (or so I think?), and I have mixed feelings about it. Awesome game all the way, until the end, where the lack of any, even light, sherlock-holmes-like questionnary about your deductions prevents you to check their veracity. It's just "do you think you've guessed what was going on, Y/N, okay bye". So, I could be completely off, and still smugly closing the case all the same. This story (and its layers) deserve better.

Also finished Puzzle Agent 1 and 2, loved the drawings, loved the humour, loved the atmosphere, enjoyed the puzzles (some were a tad too ambigous in their rules description or required too spcifically american knowledge - dimes and other coins). Liked episode 1 slightly better than episode 2. But grew very fond of this Graham Annable cartoonist.

Also finished Badge of Carnage which was an okay-ish p&c adv seemingly trying a bit too much to be the british Sam and Max. Sympathic and forgettable, few giggles but giggles nevertheless.

So, back to getting thrashed by Renowned Explorers. I've postponed my further humiliations long enough already.