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Somehow I managed to finish 3 games since last Sunday. I guess it does help that they were on the shorter side:
- Kathy Rain is a decent adventure game. Fun for a time but kind of forgettable. *shrug*
- Tales from the Borderlands was much better than I was expecting it to be. A likable cast of misfits and an outlandishly silly but fun story. I didn't even mind the whole thing was pretty much running on one-way tracks.
- Full Throttle really hasn't aged all that well, even with the remaster. Yeah, it's got a decent story and characters, and the new version looks and sounds quite a bit better, but the gameplay is kind of lacking. Those bike fight and bumper car sections are still as bad as they ever were. Also, I knew the game was short, but, my god, I forgot how short. I really can't think of a shorter adventure game that I've played in all of my years of gaming.

Now I'm on to Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell. Seems like a rather SR-light kind of game. I already have 16% cleared even after one hour and a half of play. It's not necessarily a bad thing. So far I'm quite enjoying my time flying and running around with Kinzie and getting into trouble. It ain't no SR 3 or 4, but it's a fun diversion nonetheless.
I am trying to beat Zombie Uprising, not the live game. Everyone should play it hehe. Try finding the game on GOG! It is here, after all... in a manner.
Quite a lot space game theme lately... Starpoint Gemini 2 and Osiris New Dawn.

But i tried to focusing on SPG 2 atm, doing a quest to build my own Titan ship and thinking to buying SPG:Warlord when the game is on sale.
I can't let go of Dark Souls 3

I should be playing Thimbleweed Park

But Dark Souls 3 has had me for over 40 hours now.