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I've been picking away at the New Japan campaign mode in Fire Pro. I restarted a while back because normal difficulty is way too easy, but I'm finding that hard is still pretty easy. I suppose the main challenge of the game is just putting on great matches and trying to get that 100 percent rating rather than winning (kind of like real wrestling, I guess). Just finished my excursion to the U.S. and forgot to put over my opponent in the championship tournament, so now my character is apparently an asshole who's taking a championship back to Japan with seemingly no intention of defending it...
Playing through all the endings of Nier: Automata, , I'll probably finish Psychonauts afterwards and move on to replaying some other titles, including Deus Ex.
Still playing Lord of Shadows. It's fun and very atmospheric, though I've had an easier time figuring out puzzles in the most absurd Lucasarts adventures than understanding some of these boss fights and/or quick time events.
And I wish it had a map - I look up youtube walkthroughs sometimes because I get lost easily.
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Fallout 4 every time bethesda stuffed up a patch corrupted the save files!

Dagauto: i finished system shock 2 on normal mode yesterday.
Now i'im playing on impossible difficulty is very very very hard to survive because you can be killed with only 1-2 hits and the resources are rare to find!....will i manage to do it now?
Yes It is possible are you OSA or other ones, you need to put nanites and cyber modules into energy weapons.
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