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Pokemon Uranium. I immediately got stuck for good with the damn thing! Heck, i even selected the androgynous character to remind me of my precious friend, tinyE! The in-game player also appears in green color, whee!

That one aside, i got completely burnt out, spent like entirely, on Streets of Rage Remake, AGAIN! Some troll got me started on easter egg hunts within various mods... They took away my life with fake promises in return and set me on dubious plus fruitless, unicorn hunts, waaah!
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Rusty Lake, there is a new Rusty Lake, you know, like, the Cube series, by RustyLake, there is a new one.

Okay, it's a steam one, the second steam one (it's called "Roots") but still, it's one of the Rusty Lake Cube Escape thingies and they are good. Oh they are good. They are damn good.

The free ones are on kongregate, and are many already.
Populous the beginning, years ago i beaten this game didn't know there was an add-on for it and funny me i was fed up with the game so the secret final stage was left out and simply didn't play it since i felt like i've beaten the game enough already, so now i am replaying it first without the add-on just to get back into it and try to beat the original game and then try the add-on.
Also mafia 1 i only need 2 more freeride extreme missions to complete it 100% with every car and mode unlocked.
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Still looking for something to scratch that seemingly impossible to find itch.

Honestly, I keep getting disappointed by this backlog of shooters/slashers I had lined up.
Last weekend I decided to give Viking Conquest another go. Crashed after five minutes. Fiddled with settings and managed to have it run for the rest of the evening (ie until I was too drunk to pay attention).

Tried out Hacknet but haven't really gotten into it yet.

My gaming tv died, so now I'm stuck playing on a whopping 14-inch old tv (needless to say, haven't been hitting the PS3 much lately).

Oh yeah - Underrail too.
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Shadow Warrior 2 - this game is badass., but they need to make the guns more impactful.
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Loaded The Witcher 3 on the new rig a few days ago, and fired it up with the intent to just spend a few minutes to see how it ran. Well... still playing it. Damn, what a great game.