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Fallout 1 with the Fallout Fixt Mod
Cookie Clicker.

Thing is, from December 15 or so to the end of the year, it's Christmas season, and there's Santa (upgradeable to get some *very* nice upgrades) and reindeer (click on one as it goes across the screen for cookies and sometimes special Christmas cookie upgrades).

I decided I was curious how the early game (before you get the Season Switcher) feels during Christmas season and it's definitely faster.
Gothic II
It's great!
I am enjoying Dungeons & Dragons Online, atm. Old game with new content and lots of charm. No built-in handholding; it is quite possible to build a gimp character. For those who crave info before a build, there is the forum and the wiki.

I am hardheaded enough to learn through trial and error. :D
I've finished Shadowgate (can't imagine how is that possible to finish that game without using walkthrough) and I think now it's time for Lands of Lore!
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<span class="bold">Hello Kitty and Sanrio Friends Racing</span>

I'm in the mood for some racing action so i'll give this one a whirl. :D
I'm deciding to play Mario. While I have played Yoshi Island, Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario RPG, I've never beaten them, so my objective is to finish them this time. Consider it a new year's resolution.
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Dragon's Dogma - its something i walways wanted to try and i fell in love with it - my RPG fix

Wolfenstien: the new order - if that releases for 2017 I'm going to cry, also this is my FPS fix

Mad Max - for my post apoc fix

I almost always have 3 games going, one for FPS, one for RPG, and something cyberpunk or apocalyptic in nature. That said when ELEX comes out and i get all 4 in one im going to lose my damn mind!
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I'm enjoying the Master of Orion reboot. It certainly has a Civ V vibe to it.
Hexcells Infinite. It's a Minesweep-inspired puzzle game where you must turn tiles black or blue; unlike Minesweep, there's no random guessing involved. I only have one level left, but it's a big one, and the "sudden death" rule I've imposed on myself (make a mistake, start the level over--the game itself will dock your score, but nothing else) is making it kind of brutal. I'm confident that I will solve it, though. Maybe even tomorrow!

Still VA-11 Hall-A as well, and (sporadically) Dragon Quest VII. I should probably play more of that, with the Dragon Quest VIII remake coming out later this month.
Still playing Cookie Clicker, and getting annoyed that the game isn't giving me the random drop that I need.

(Yes, Cookie Clicker has random drops. It also has ascension, which lets you start over but with bonuses. It also has seasonal events (which is where the random drops come from).)

Edit: plaing -> playing (just noticed right after pressing "Post my message")
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<span class="bold">Mass Effect 2</span>

Just started playing about ~1 hour ago and so far it's decent. This should keep me busy for the next few days. :D
Changing between Freeorion, Master of Orion (1993) and Master of Orion 2: Battle at Antares. Something relaxing about realising it is three in the morning and you are tired because you have played since lunch. Freeorion is very playable nowadays. I never got this far into it before.
Dungeon Master for the first playing.
My party(Sonja Fighter, Hisssa Lizard Fighter, Chani Wizard/Ninja(have shuriken/knifes), Hawk Priest(have arrows)) went down to B2F. where I meet 4 blue goblins and all got killed for the first time...
After restarted the game, I revenged the blues and Chani and Hawk made Heal potions and healed injured fighters.
They have a lot of meat of Screamers(fungus monster), so eating food is no problem for now.
This game is still a lot of fun even these days.
At the moment I'm replaying one of my favourite games of all time : Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door.
Along with Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga and Super Mario Galaxy, it's my favourite Mario game and the best in the Paper Mario serie....which is now dead.

Other than that I am enjoying the hell out of Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse. It is way better than SMT 4 which was really boring at some moments and had a strange alignement system (I handed up being Law just because I was nice...quite the irony). An excellent RPG on the 3DS, maybe the best I've played.

And I've started The Witcher 1 again...I was getting tired of having bugs on my saves but now I'm making sure there are a lot of them. Plus I installed some mods to make it look better (like Rise of the White Wolf). And this time I intend to play the whole serie, and read the books (started the first one, it's great).

Also I'm getting my a** kicked in Bloodborne, specifically in the Old Hunters DLC. Just beat Ludwig and it was a great and sad boss
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