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Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
(no change log since the year 2021?!) no info no info no info
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BROK The InvestiGator

Updated to 1.2.0 (Galaxy & Offline Installer, Windows)

Changelog posted by the developer in the game forum:

- New difficulty setting "Mania!"
To unlock it, finish the game with the "hard" difficulty. This requires to achieve an ending without lowering the difficulty.
This makes enemies faster to move/attack and even more reactive.

- The gameplay is faster and more "nervous" overall, allowing for juggles, more reactive controls and more.

- Added more "oomph" to the sound effects, especially impact and falling sounds.

- Enemies now blink yellow when preparing a dangerous attack (a display option was added to deactivate this.)

- Visual effects overhaul.

- Player can now perform a combo finisher attack by pressing "guard button" during a combo.

- New enemy moves:
- Dart "upper smack" attack.
- Dart grab attack.
- R.J. grab and suplex attacks.
- Military grab and throw attack.
- Pound bot grab.
- Tribot "push" attack.

- Bosses we've already met can now appear in virtual arena training (and in quick fights after finishing the game)

- Lighter CPU usage (better performance overall)

- Traditional Chinese subtitles support!

- Allow to hit opponents from a 30% larger depth range during battle (for both player and enemies)
- All non-robot enemies now have multiple faces on health bar HUD.
- Player can now dodge even when performing most attacks.
- Dodge input is memorized when performing the other attacks so it's performed ASAP.
- End fight no longer interrupts the player animation immediately.
- When thrown, enemies now get stun for a bit after each hit and get closer to the player
so it's easier to keep hitting them (thus juggling enemies is now much easier.)
- We can keep hitting dead enemies up until they start recovering.
- Enemies no longer stop their attack immediately after killing the player.
- Increased timer stun and added an effect when player or an enemy are defeated.
- Revised a lot of frame timings for attacks and collision masks.
- Increased reaction time when enemies are preparing an attack.
- Made player dodges even more reactive (after touching ground).
- Sound of enemy attacks is no longer interrupted when changing animation.
- Throwing bats is now faster and they have more gravity.
- Jumping with a weapon now keeps the jumpkick instead of throwing the weapon.
- Weapon now appears in hand during jumpkick and hit/KO poses.
- Each item now makes its own sound when falling & bouncing.
- New/improved animation for Brok jump down attack.
- New/improved animation for Brok crouch / grab items.
- New/improved animation for Graff jump.
- Sped up the player combo.
- Fixed generic rats don't grab their own weapons anymore.
- Special attack charge faster to fill and requires less health.
- Quick special attack no longer removes health if no enemy was reached and requires less health.
- Palm drop now has more impact and make enemies fall.
- Increased VFX hit size.
- Fixed animation changing immediately to idle when an enemy is hurt above the ground.
- Added timer before Tidy performs his arm attacks.
- Added slow down effect when a boss is defeated.
- Generic rat and Kins can now grab and throw any item from the floor.
- Thrown items can now hit from a wider depth range.
- Pressing guard button while attacking now performs the back attack.
- Dodging is now allowed during an attack (as long as player is on the ground) and interrupts it.
- New smoke effect when characters fall
- New smoke effect for Brok's powerful punch
- Blocking attacks now has more impact (enemy freeze and stun effect) and blocks from both sides.
- Added stun for Brok's special quick attack.
- Quick special attack (and some others) now display an impact on all the enemies hit.
- Quick special attack (and some others) now throw the enemies around the player, not all on the same side.
- Quick special attack can now be performed during an attack or a dodge.
- Revamped which impact sounds should be used according to each case (opponent type, weapon in hand etc)
- Grabbing items from the floor is now more lenient relative to player position.
- Rat chief uppercut should make us throw faster (moreg ravity until reaching ground)
- Graff's special attack now does a little damage to enemies and throws them away + improved SFX/VFX.
- Graff's movements are now much faster and with more gravity.
- Moves list is now viewable from the options menu in fight mode.
- Fixed VFX, timers and more things that didn't quite work as expected with hard difficulty.
- Big changes to gravity. Player and enemies now fall faster, but jump gravity is now separate from thrown/fall gravity.
- Tidy's special attack now gives more time to react when he bounces off walls and is slower overall.
- Fixed bug with player changing side while dodging.
- Graff now has his own movelist.
- Player hurt/thrown/KO/recover sprites now display the weapon/item in hand (also for generic rat.)
- Graff's movement can now be controlled when performing crushing jump and falling after stomping on enemies.
- Graff's slide is more dynamic and we can change side or not when animation finishes according to controls.
- Graff's weapons attacks are faster.
- Added inbetween frame for Graff's crouch.
- An icon is now displayed on top of player when the special attack is ready.
- Improved lasers creation (they used to not appear during a few frames until fully visible)
- Enemies now bounce off walls and room edges when thrown.
- Dodge is now improved in tights spaces with lots of collisions.
- R.J.'s and military bot charge attacks no longer stop when encountering different floor levels.
- Walking on different floor levels no longer stops the animation.
- Player jump button presses are no longer ignored when falling from low heights.
- Player jumping from lower floor to a higher one now makes the expected floor sound.
- Improved enemies jumping over obstacles.
- Characters shadows sizes and positions adjusted.
- Military bot made harder to hit from front.
- On the other hand, powerful punch now breaks all guards.
- Jumping while runnning is now faster
- Fixed a bug that made enemies less active than they should have been.
- The food items are now described underneath in fight mode menu.
- Fixed bug: we can no longer move NPCs around by using powerful punches in adventure mode.
- Fixed bug: Squealers Chief name did not fit into its health bar HUD.
- Fixed bug: spike balls can no longer be placed at the same position as another.
- Similarly, load and options get the corresponding bottom message.
- Moving close to an item that can be grabbed now displays a button prompt.
- When player hits several enemies at once (eg: jumpkicks) during the same attack, all enemies hit stay stun for the duration.
- Improved pound bot to feel better to hit (a bit less slippery, more often on our height level)
- Pound bot "danger" shadow is now always displayed on top of everything else (including other enemies).
- Pound bot ground pound attack now makes sound & effect.
- Added effect while dodging.
- After first playthrough, difficulty modes are unlocked for VR arena.
- New "Mania" training in VR arena in chapter 6 and after finishing the game (whether or not the actual mania difficulty is unlocked)
- Brok's special attack now attempts to go towards the enemy (drones) and do an uppercut when it's too high to reach
- Fixed shadow of crates barely visible and reduced gravity.
- Lasers shots sprites are now animated.
- The flag is now animated.
- Fixed bug with lasers placed being destroyed but still displayed on screen.
- Fixed enemies jumping all over the place when there's an obstacle.
- Cooldown for remote control on bots now varies according to difficulty.
- Trainings difficulties have been renamed to numbers to avoid confusion with difficulty setting
- Added a fourth training accessible from Chapter 6 and in future playthroughs.
- Items tab removed for Virtual arena fights (basically useless because all weapons are temporary) so the first tab is now the food tab.


- Upgraded GameMaker version to 2022 LTS.
- BIG cleaning of memory leaks! This should lead to improved CPU performance as well.
- New animation for Ott in police office.
- Glass panel in the intro now has a break animation.

- Improved labels on the world map so they fit better in all languages.
- Added instrumental version of the song for the Fall ending credits.
- Fixed bug: it shouldn't be possible to move cursor with DPAD while viewing concept art / fanarts.
- Fixed bug: line jumps after end parenthesis in the text wouldn't be displayed. (issue with Japanese)
- Fixed bug: can't leave the pharmacy if we cross the barrier at the last line of dialogue when too many articles.
- Fixed bug: killing Bolt left a second where we could click somewhere else and get softlocked.
- Fixed bug: mail crates were not properly saved and climbed automatically when using gamepad.
- Fixed bug: it shouldn't be possible to take the broken mine after chapter 1.
- Fixed: merchant no longer mentions a gift if we already took the statuette.
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Terror of Hemasaurus updated from 1.1. to 1.11


Update 1.11

Integrated the optimizations from the 'speedboost' build.
Bug Fix: If a player game over'ed with a stage goal complete, or died while exiting, a game state failure could occur resulting in a soft-lock.
Bug Fix: The invincibility cheat now protects you from splash damage from rockets.
Bug Fix: Occasionally, especially during slowdowns, the butt slam won't register the powered-up impact because of slight physics object tunneling. A fallback has been implements to using a trailing averaged velocity should tunneling occur.
Toggling the unlockable special options now disables leaderboard submissions. This is to ensure the integrity of the submissions. Restarting the game will re-enabled leaderboard submissions.
Tweak: Slightly changed the way aiming kicks works when no aiming input is provided by the player, especially on the gamepad using thumbsticks. (Should prevent kicking cars in a trajectory that just makes them slide)
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dV: Rings of Saturn

Updated from 0.577.7 to 0.578.0 on Windows, Mac and Linux. No blue dot?
Same for the demo.

Changelog posted in the forum by the developer:
0.578.0 - Acquainted Fire

- You can now toggle your main torch with a hotkey.
- NPC ships now understand how Haul Nanodrone system works and will use them to their full potential.
- Friendly AI ships, such as wingmen and mining companions, have now more incentive to stay in the general area of your ship and will not get lost kilometres away when hunting for expensive ore chunks.
- NPC ships are now aware of your craft at longer range, since they can also observe your thruster flashes on their visual feeds.
- Expanded the ship detection range for your Mining Companion, since they have a constant radio uplink with your ship.
- B8 Claim Beacons installed on a Pelican Prospector will not damage your ship anymore.
- Racing HUD will not show the overheat glitch shader when it is not overheating.
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Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Latest changelogs from Discord: (Login required)
PATCH 1.1.4b - UI Scaling and Bugfixes

UI Scaling

- Implement ingame option to change UI Scaling between 100% (PC default) and 150% (Nintendo Switch default)
- Added initial auto-switch to intended UI scaling on Steam Deck
- Added Ui Scaling to challenge info section
- Added Expand / Collapse buttons to "How to unlock new challenges" info section on rewards screen


- Fixed swapping left and right mouse button via Windows settings
- Fixed Quick Mode, Hard Mode and Monthly Mode highscores not being displayed when starting the game
- Added some debugging code to investigate some other bugs


- Implemented monthly mode seeds for the foreseeable future
PATCH - More UI Scaling

UI Scaling

- Added scaling for tooltips
- Added scaling for ingame challenge display
@GOG - Blue dots are broken again!!!

Edit: Blue dots have been fixed. Thank you!!!
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There are updates for all Trails in the Sky games, but no changelog.
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Crypt of the Necrodancer

Update to V3.3.0-b3492.

No changelog.
Hustlefan: @GOG - Blue dots are broken again!!!
Edit: Blue dots have been fixed. Thank you!!!
Okay, I have to admit. This time they actually WERE fast :)
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McPixel 3 updated from 1.0.28 to 1.0.33 for Windows and Linux.

Changelog from SteamDB:

Tiny fix! Big mood!


I just pushed a tiny patch fixing two things, mostly:

Fixed a bug when using controller and touchscreen simultaneously
Reduced the number of times you need to kick a homeless person for them to give you keys to their convertible (I can't believe I'm writing this)

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have trouble with anything in the game! That's what I'm here for!

Have a great Saturday!
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dV: Rings of Saturn

Updated from 0.578.0 to 0.579.2 and further to 0.579.3 on Windows, Mac and Linux. Once again: no blue dot. :(
Same for the demo.

Changelogs posted in the forum by the developer:
0.579.2 - Compliant Minions

- Control button hint in the Hardware menu is now bigger, and is displayed on both the Description and User Manual tabs.
- Adjusted some dialogue trees so you cannot inquire details about information that was not yet revealed to you.
- Grinders of an Mining Companion that is fully enclosed in your cargo bay will not prevent astrogation anymore.
- Astrogation labels on the Astrogator tab for destinations, whose tracking expires while you are flying in the rings will now disappear.
- Hiring wingmen will now make them more friendly towards you.
- Hired wingmen that dig out ore for you will now send over both processed and raw ore when you return to the Enceladus Prime station.
- Hired miners will not transfer the ore to you when they run out of propellant before you and return to the station on their own.
- Added a missing key prompt for manually operated point defence turrets.
- The camera on the Enceladus Prime station will now pan to the side when you open menus, so they won’t obscure information from the background.
- Interlunar transit usage on the Dive Selection screen used to flash a higher value for a fraction of a second after you pressed the Launch Dive button.
- Updated translations.
0.579.3 - Phantom Pain

- Ship in equipment menu simulations are not real and thus should not cause the simulated ore they catch of have in their cargo hold to transfer into the players inventory on a subsequent dive.
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HROT was updated a few minutes ago (Offline & GOG Galaxy).

few minor bugs fixed
• added e3m3 map "Roztyly"
• footkick can cause fall damage
• 1 new achievement
• fixed tatramatka shadow glitch
• few details in older maps
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Odd Realm has just received an update to for Linux, Windows is still at

No change log found or posted by the Dev for
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BROK The InvestiGator updated from 1.2.0 to 1.2.2

Changelog from SteamDB:


All the Kickstarter characters (background viewers in VR arena) are now implemented!
Fixed minor bug: We can hit walls in places where it shouldn't happen (eg right outside Trasher Hunter)
Fixed: Guard should not appear in VR training if we didn't fight him before.
Fixed: R.J. still appears outside of Hacker's place if we arrive on time for fair and use a disguise.
Fixed: Cannot hit the entry code in Sector 56X with mouse controls.
Fixed minor graphical issue with the light and clothes line in the back alley.
Fixed: foreground elements in back alley were not displayed!
Fixed: stink effect did not follow the player height.
Fixed thumbnails of artbook DLC in-game


Fixed: Throwing items in the pit in Chapter 6 crashes the game.
Fixed: The crate in the bunker was sometimes not possible to jump over.
Fixed: Incorrect 2 brain points loss at the start of Chapter 5 if we play Brok's part before Graff.
Fixed: Incorrect order of color skins for characters (this change may affect the names of generic rats)
Fixed: Guard cannot hit Brok with lasers when he's on the bed.
Fixed sounds of lasers hitting targets (regression introduced in fight update)
Fixed missing sound when jumping on various floors.
Fixed lasers creation position & speed according to room scale and for the Guard.
Added color skins for all common enemies (they have 8 skins possible)
Improved color skins for rat HUD portraits.
Thank you :)
Btw: This dev is one of the few good ones who actually knows about the GOG forum as well and therefore he is posting changelogs in the game forum here in GOG as well - no need to look on other sites :)
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Paper Cut Mansion has been updated to ver. 1.6 (Galaxy & Offline Installers)

Changelog (taken from Steam)

-Achievements (kill enemies, lock count, evidence and equip count) should now work correctly
(personal addition: probably not on GOG since the game does not support achievements on GOG ;))
-Ghost won't lose track of the player
-Added an extra set of portals near the end of the level, reducing the amount of backtracking during a run
fix a crash in offline mode
-Cinematic can be skipped after the first time
-Dexterity will now slightly increase the player movement speed
-Dodge roll should now work correctly even when in aiming mode
-Reduce the amount of deaths needed to unlock some evidence
-Fix a potential problem with the Brute in case the player teleported to a special room while the enemy was on a wall and about to jump
-Nerfed the boss damage and reduced punch speed
-Fix a rare bug that was causing the player to unlock the same card twice
-The input should now work correctly while in afk mode in the main menu
-Coins should now work fine in hard and very hard mode
-Fixed a bug with the talking door, if you were to change dimension while the door was opening
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