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Old World has been updated to version 1.0.64196 (GOG update number 60616).

The changelog has been posted by the dev in the game subforum:
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Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord updated from to

Changelog from SteamDB:

Patch Notes v1.0.2

Latest Changes:



Fixed a crash that occurred when an agent dropped its weapons upon death.
Fixed a combat-related crash.
Fixed a crash that occurred when peace was made during a siege.
Fixed a crash that occurred when switching menus during an encounter.
Fixed a crash that occurred due to a bugged map event where one side had no party.
Fixed a crash that occurred during the sergeant score calculation when clanless bandit heroes participated in battles.


Fixed the incorrect criteria for unlocking the Entrepreneur, Explorer and Supreme Emperor achievements.
Fixed a session bug that caused achievement unlocks to not be processed.
Fixed a bug that caused attackers in sieges to loop between the remaining defenders and the initial conquered wall section without attacking anyone.



Fixed a server crash related to objective and kill rewards.


Reduced the time needed to join a crowded server.

Initial Beta Changelog:



Fixed a crash that occurred when ending a conversation.
Fixed a crash that occurred when a player encountered a party that was very close to a settlement's gate.
Fixed a crash that occurred if the main hero became a prisoner while a clan member was solving an issue.
Fixed a crash that occurred on the encyclopedia screen due to a GPU memory-related issue.
Fixed a crash that occurred when an agent was killed while it was switching weapons.
Fixed a crash that occurred during the lord's keep battle when troops spawned in.
Fixed a crash that occurred during the AI opponent’s turn in Tablut.


Fixed minor text and translation-related bugs.


Added a new town scene (Sanala).


Improved conversation animations with lords and notables. That includes male and female poses, more alternatives for different moods and improved facial animations.
Improved lip synchronization face shapes, resulting in a better match between voice and facial animations.

Campaign Map

Fixed a bug that prevented some settlements from being accessible with the gamepad.


Fixed a bug that caused the marriage offer notification to disappear.
Fixed a bug that caused the scoreboard to stay visible even when no longer relevant.
Fixed a bug that caused B/Circle controller buttons to not work consistently in game menus after sneaking inside towns.
Fixed a bug that caused LB/L1 and RB/R1 controller buttons to switch tabs in the clan screen while the "create a party" popup was open.
Fixed a bug that prevented the game from pausing when losing focus during a loading screen.

Battles and Sieges

Fixed a bug that prevented some lances with banners from being couched.
Fixed a bug that prevented the equipment control view from being displayed during keep battles.
Fixed a bug that altered the menu text when attacked while raiding a village.


Fixed a bug that allowed for infinite influence to be gained by donating troops to companion parties within the same army.

Kingdoms and Diplomacy

Adjusted the war desire calculations of factions to better match the expected war durations.

Quests & Issues

Fixed a bug that caused the Family Feud quest dialogue to be stuck in a loop.
Fixed a bug that prevented the completed main storyline quests from being displayed in the quest log.


Fixed a bug that caused Vlandian Vanguard troops to spawn without shields.
Assigned names to the battle terrains used in Custom Battle.



Fixed a server crash that occurred when an agent passed out of the map boundary.

Other - Miscellaneous

Dedicated Custom Server Helper Changes
Made the helper module a “MultiplayerOptional” module to allow servers and clients to enable it freely without hindering the ability to join servers.
Added the ability to re-download existing maps.
Added a warning marker to easily see which existing scenes may not be compatible with their server counterpart.
The helper module now opens the “Download Panel” menu automatically if the scene compatibility check fails for a helper module-enabled server.
Strengthened and modified the helper web panel authentication to invalidate existing credentials when the AdminPassword is changed.

Added client-side checks that prevent players from joining servers for which they do not have a compatible scene file.

Fixed a bug that prevented the player from joining password-protected servers due to the server selection disappearing.

Fixed a bug that allowed for map downloading with no maps selected on the “Download Panel” menu.

Server & Network

Fixed a bug that caused custom game invites to be ignored when the player was in the queue.


Fixed a bug that caused the “Open Download Panel” menu item to be listed even for servers without the helper module loaded.



Updated the Voice Language option tab description and removed the Voice Language option from multiplayer options.
Fixed a bug that prevented item visuals from being shown until the mouse hovered over the item.


Optimised memory usage.


Fixed a bug that prevented the “Ride it Like You Stole It” and “SwordBearer” achievements from being unlocked.
Fixed a bug that caused dust particles to be stretched across the screen.


Added a new module category "MultiplayerOptional" for tool-oriented modules. Servers and clients will by default be compatible if their mismatching modules are limited to optional ones.
Added a new launch argument for server hosts to disable optional modules on their server (dedicatedcustomserverDontAllowOptionalModules).
Modified the xscene file format to optionally allow for versioning of scene files which grants more reliability when checking client-server compatibility. The new attributes are supported on the scene editor options.
Fixed a bug that caused non-official modules to have their unspecified 4th version segment default to values incompatible between server and client.
Fixed a crash that occurred on launcher start if the launcher couldn't find a module's SubModule.xml file.
Fixed a bug that caused a MpClassDivisions.xml merging issue, when the new XML had conditional effects.
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A MASSIVE new patch for Shadow Man Remastered has arrived (Offline & GOG Galaxy). The huge changelog can be found here:

Part 1 - V1.5 - 2022-11-27
Part 2 - V1.5 - 2022-11-27
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Stellaris has been updated to version (GOG update number 60397).

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Flat Eye

Updated to 1.1.3 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Latest changelogs from SteamDB & Steam:
Patch Notes - 1.0.3

- Fixed missing characters in the font for Chinese version
- Fixed non looping music in a dialog
- Prevents players from being able to spend tech points before they are asked to by the "Toilets smarts" directive
- Fixed FlatHive training being the same
- Fixed notification in bubble
- Fixed clearance 2 (animals = friends) video played twice
- Fixed Gamepad controls
- Fixed loading a save of a new day skipping FLatlUCK cards
- Fixed German "AI" lines not recognized properly
- Fixed first time buying a module in the tech tree with gamepad
- Fixed body bag "dispose" button when already disposed in the back office
- Fixed props (tire clock, faraway model) soft locking the game
- Fixed 6Birch notification with no message
- Fixed modules lightning in Bubble
- Fixed videos not playing in flatFUTURE
- Fixed continue button
- Updated typos
- Updated credits
Patch Notes - 1.0.4

Greetings, Managers! Our mainframe has received yet another update that includes the following changes:

- Prevented a dialog from happening twice
- Fixed gamepad navigation related bugs
- Fixed Coffee/Juice stand animations
- Fixed UI related bugs
- First fix for narrative achievements
- Updated localization
Patch Notes - 1.1.1

Greetings, Managers! Once again we have received another update to help guide you through the programme. You can find the major changes below:

- Mysterious directive: reworked the system with hints in FlatBOOK to progress in the story
- Starting at AI trust level 3, two Premium Customers can enter the station every day
- Progression: unlock Flatbook at rank 4 instead of 5
- Updated localized content
- UI/desktop fixes
- Gamepad navigation fixes
Patch Notes - 1.1.3

Greetings, Managers! We offer yet another update to help you care for the station and your wonderful customers even better than before. Our guiding AI has done the following:

- Added a repair button shortcut for every module in the global maintenance panel
- Fixed second dialog of Jun in french
- Fixed maintenance gauge staying invisible
- Fixed clerk not being raised more than once
- Fixed Organ vending machine being too profitable
- Fixed GentleSleep spawning a bodybag after a dialog
- Updated dialog panel UI
- Fixed a lot of typos
- Fixed UI issues
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Medieval Dynasty

Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
Update to v1.4.1.5 - Live Version

Hello Village Elders!

Another update bringing various fixes and updates to the game. Check out the list of changes and updates below!

Talk to you soon again!

The teams from Render Cube and Toplitz Productions!


- Ability to enable DirectX12 if supported (Performance increase dependent on hardware).
- Ability to continue placing furniture and gates without reselecting them in the construction menu.
- Play In Background option to sound settings.
- New sounds for Candles, Chandeliers and Lanterns.


- Strange behaviour of the player's character after completing the quest ‘Dirty Deed’ while riding a horse.
- Strange behaviour of the player's character after switching to the heir while riding a horse.
- Buildings can't be upgraded when the building limit is reached.
- Issue when an NPC gets stuck between buildings and can't go to work.
- Sometimes the heir is still trapped in the quest dialogue after the quest fails.
- Weapon holstering when cancelling building on alternative 2 on gamepad.
- Ability to jump while player was ending the crafting animation.
- Player getting stretched when drunk on a horse.
- Players right hand was open when crouching and holding a hammer while moving or being idle.
- Broken lynx model when the animal is running some distance from the player.
- NPCs sometimes don't use bridges and walk in the water next to the bridge.
- Getting or losing zero reputation shows a notification.
- In field management selecting the ‘Clear’ option results in a wrong icon.
- Season settings for Roland’s clothing.
- Some NPCs do not have dialogues about not having a home.
- Longer load time for the season change with large number of orchards.
- After the skip of the day / season, some chickens stop sleeping on their roosts and sleep on the floor.


- Inventory and memory usage optimizations.
- Night lighting improvements for low and medium shadow settings.
- Moose enlarged.
- Reworked the way achievements are handed out (lowering the possibility of not getting an achievement when the player should get it).
- Player can now turn on autorun during movement.
- Smoother camera transition when crouching and stopping crouching.
- The ‘Repeat’ interaction now only works for gathering animal remains from traps.
- Waggoner now has sounds for greetings and goodbyes.
- Numerous UI improvements.
- Enlarged texts in circular menus.
- Enlarged descriptions in the game configuration menu.
- Enlarged UI elements in the item transfer window.
- Picking items with both hands full should now take the same amount of time as with one free hand.
- Mixed ambient sounds (winds and rains).
- Improvement of fist punching sounds on different surface - sounds of punching are now firmer.
- Improvement of attenuation effects on sounds (3D audio effects) for: Torches, Deer.
- Sounds reverb effects depend on distance from the player to animals sounds.
- Mixed some SFX sounds.
- Numerous tweaks and improvements to the terrain.
- Description of quest will now scroll automatically if required on a gamepad.
- Hide/Unhide HUD with gamepad now can only be done via game menu.
- Notifications are now totalled if text is the same.
- Tweaked physical materials.
- All languages updated.
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Tropico 6

Updated to t6-#902-winmaclin-gog@60a1006 (Galaxy & Offline Installer, Windows & Mac)

New Frontiers DLC available now.

Changelog from SteamDB:
Tropico 6 Update 19 – De sopetón

Fellow Tropicans,

Tropico 6 update 19 – De sopetón has just been released. The update will follow for Xbox series X/S, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 | 5 on Dec 15th.

With update 19, we have added a new, free Landmark: The Moonlander, for the Cold War era. In addition, we have adjusted the costs for relocating buildings as well as the fluctuation of Tropocoins and removed the monthly upkeep for the “Funhouser Special” edict.

Amongst several fixes, update 19 also solves an issue that led to the Housing-Quality Bonus from Metro Station not being updated correctly when relocating the Metro Station or correspondingly affected residential buildings were relocated. Fixes also include an issue with crashes that could occur in multiplayer, when building bridges or saves included bridges were loaded.

For more details, please check out the full changelog below.
Viva Tropico!

New Features

- A new Cold War landmark has been added: The Moon Lander
- The cost of relocating buildings has been adjusted. Instead of always being at least 500$, the relocation costs can now be below this value.


- Fixed an issue where the superpower relationship would decay too quickly after loading a save game.
- Fixed an issue where the ‘Disable Invasions’ option in the Creative Mode was blocking the era-progression when choosing to go to war in Colonial Times (now you can progress to the next era after waiting for two years).
- The Tropocoin price fluctuations have been adjusted.
- The monthly upkeep cost for the ‘Funhouser Special’ edict has been removed.
- Fixed an issue that led to the Housing-Quality Bonus from Metro Station not being updated correctly when relocating the Metro Station, or correspondingly affected residential buildings were relocated.
- Fixed an issue that resulted in the foliage of the palace not being loaded correctly after the building was relocated.
- Fixed an issue that caused the money reward for the ‘Commercial Space Mission’ being not listed in the Almanac.
- [Multiplayer] Fixed an issue where the game could become unstable when building a bridge or loading a save game with bridges.
- [Multiplayer] Fixed an issue where objects from the Tropocoin Farm were not removed correctly after quickly demolishing multiple Tropocoin Farms.
- [Localization] Several text and menu fixes.
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Well, going by the last days, it sure looks as if the "updated" function works again (and almost as fully as intended).
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A new update for Project Warlock II (In development) is available (Offline & GOG Galaxy).

Version (December 01, 2022)
• Major overhaul of in-game textures (Screenshot)

Enemy balance


•Decreased attack interval from 2.5sec to 2.0sec


• Decreased attack interval of hitscan from 12sec to 3sec
• Increased overall magic damage resistance from 0% to 50%


•Decreased base projectile speed from 30m/s to 20m/s


• Increased their aggressiveness
• Decreased bodyshot resistance from 20% to -30%
• Increased grenade damage from 10dmg to 30dmg

Bug fixes

• Fixed the Turbo Knight bug, so it no longer drops infinite loot and causes performance issues
• Fixed navigation bug where monsters would stutter when there is no path available
• Fixed monster spawn placement in E1M7 outside of the arena
• Fixed an issue with Fonts which could have generated performance issues
• Fixed an old issue with Control Options Menu
• Fixed particle glitches through ceiling E1M2
• Removed the no reload info from the tutorial
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Updated to PRO_21.24723 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Latest changelogs from SteamDB:
Patch One - Tweaks, Talents and Bug Fixing

Good afternoon, Corvus. How are your memories? You must remember, Corvus. Hopefully, these fixes & tweaks will assist you on your journey.

Please be rest assured that we're aware of outstanding bugs. We're working to address them -- they're taking longer to test and amend.


- Plague weapons will show correctly after Plague Weapon Lv2 refunded
- Players can switch plague weapons when learning Plague Weapon Lv2
- Adrenaline talents will trigger at correct threshold
- Fixed some talents won’t give you correct energy
- First Aid will trigger correctly when equipping long-lasting potion


-Made some special effects bigger for some bosses
- Fixed the bug when executing multiple enemies
- Fixed some of the stuck issues
- Fixed the “focus” potion recipe
- Fixed Blood Sword plague weapon’s second threshold


- Fixed some missing textures
- Fixed the timing
- It will show correct icons rather then texts
- Fixed some wrong texts
- Fix issue on UI where sometime focus will goes to lower level (non-top) page.
- Fixed Corsair iCue not initiate properly when first load into title map.
- Update Scrolling logic when using controller on scroll-able widgets.
- Added AMD FSR Logo to bootflow
- Fixed ghosting and optimized the performance when AMD FSR2 is turned on
- Correct FSR2 quality mode display. (use English only)
Patch Two - Gameplay Tweaks, Balancing Changes and Bug Fixes

Greetings, Corvus

Your valiant efforts in darkness, wielding the plague, haven’t gone unnoticed. We’ve deployed another patch to remedy some gameplay issues and fix various bugs - NOW LIVE!

This update also harbours an array of balancing changes – predominantly focused on Plague Weapons and AI – to improve your experience! We’ve also altered a plethora of boss attributes with the intention of refining combat.

Please let us know your thoughts on the following changes – and thank you for your unwavering support through launch and beyond!

Patch Notes


- Fixed the achievement not unlocking bug
- Players can now get missed achievements by talking to Aisemy
- Fixed the Corvus stuck in air bug
- Added an extra story note from the tutorial level to the main game
- Added a hint next to enemy health bar when they’re out of their area before they start healing
- Gameplay
- Unreleased ladders will now have a different look
- Plague weapon Blood Sword damage increase effect will expire with the buff
- Offensive buffs gained from Katar and Knife plague weapon will expire correctly
- The Fools Punch plague weapon enhance 01 and 02 will function correctly
- 'Flying Dagger' plague weapon will overwrite “Intercept Wing” talent correctly


- Leave Garden Sub-quest 1 early will now unlock other levels correctly
- Moved the archer in Garden main level so he can't shoot you when accessing the shortcut
- Moved the Aisemy at the end of Sea of Trees Sub-quest 1 so it’s easier to spot


- Volume control will affect the volume before you applied
- The Corvus music will not be affected by volume control
- Made the elite enemy’s health bar more obvious
- Polished the camera control using controller and fixed related bugs
- Fixed some typos and incorrect strings


- Potion recipe “focus” will now give you 25% more Memory Shards rather than 10%
- Lowered the efficiency of the "Energy Restore" buff from Perfectionist Lv2 or Adrenaline Lv2
- Fast-acting potion amount increased by 1 for each level
- AI
- Lowered Odur’s health (from 3500x2 to 3000x2)
- Odur will now use his ultimate more often (from 80 secs to 60 secs)
- Increased Mutated Odur’s health and damage (from 8000 to 10000, ultimate damage from 190 to 237)
- Increased God of the Fools’ damage (from 145 to 195)
- Increased the Hanged Queen health and damage (from 7000 to 9000 and about 20% damage increase)
- The Hanged Queen will now stop restoring health when blood sucking animation is interrupt
- Lowered Sound of the Abyss’ health (from 6000 to 5000)
- Added hints for some of Sound of the Abyss’ attacks
- Corvus boss’s hammer plague weapon area affect now match the special effect size
- You will get correct plague weapon when reaving Corvus boss
- Mutated male villager’s critical attack will now knock down Corvus
- Female villager’s crying attack will now deal damage to Corvus

Plague Weapon

- Increased Halberd plague weapon extended action damage (from 1.25x to 1.5x)
- Increased Fist plague weapon damage (from 3x to 4x, in air damage from 5x to 6x)
- Increased Vile Blood Shield plague weapon damage (from 300 to 600)
- Increased the Blood Strike damage from Blood Sword plague weapon damage (from 2x to 4x)
- Shortened the explosion delay for Javelin Sword (from 5 secs to 3 secs)
- Increased Fist plague weapon affected area (from 500 cm to 700 cm)
- Lowered Bow plague weapon damage (from 2.5x to 1.5x)
- Increased Bow plague weapon cooldown (from 1 sec to 3 secs)
- Increased Bow plague weapon energy cost (from 50 to 60)
- Increased Shield plague weapon cooldown (from 1 sec to 3 secs)
- Increased Hammer plague weapon cooldown (from 10 secs to 12 secs)
- Increased Great sword plague weapon cooldown (from 10 secs to 15 secs)
- Increased Katar plague weapon cooldown (from 8 secs to 12 secs)
- Shortened Mutated Tentacles plague weapon cooldown (from 15 secs to 10 secs)
- Increased Mutated Tentacles plague weapon energy cost (from 75 to 100)


- Lowered the health and energy recovery amount from Healing Execution Lv1 and 2 (about cut in half)
- Lowered the energy recovery amount from Energised Claws Lv1 and 2 (from 10%, 20% to 5%, 10%)
- Increased the efficiency of Defence Lv1, Lv2, and Lv3 (about 10% more efficient for each level)
- Lowered the damage from Gliding Claw Lv1 (from 1.5x to 1.25x)
- Lowered the damage from Long Claw Lv1 and 2 and removed the bleeding effect (from 30% to 20%)
- Corvus will now move forward more when performing Short Claws
- Short Claws will only restore your health when dealing claw damage
- Short Claws will only a stack of "Offensive" buff for each combo, not each hit
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ELEX II updated from 1.05b to 1.05c
Changelog from developer (Steamforum / general discussions)

This was a hotfix -

- Fixed: Game does not match native aspect ratio and resolution of display & changes made to display settings
are not saved after restart
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AI War 2 has just received another update, taking it from 5.526 to 5.527 for Windows, Mac and Linux.

5.527 Mostly Mod Updates
(Released November 30th, 2022)

* Fix some exceptions with the hydral hobbyist outguard
** Thanks to Crabby for reporting

* Add some defensive code to the transform elderling hack
** Thanks to Crabby for reporting

* AI Reserves are now immune to zombification, no matter if the ship type itself is or not.
* Fixed tooltips not displaying "Cannot be captured" if a ship belongs to a faction that by default is immune to zombification.

* Add some additional defensive code to try to make the stale selection rings stop occurring

* Player starting planets are now randomized when starting or editing a quickstart.

* Player starting planets are also randomized when the 'regenerate' button is clicked.

* Fix to shark b notifications not being shown sometimes in either multiplayer or ark empire situations.

* Fix to ark empire games charging 15 aip for building on a dead ai's homeworld.

* New community quickstart from @Corpserule: Fields of the Fortress King.


* Elderlings allied to Minor Faction Teams now get powerful a lot faster. They had a tendency to be too weak
** This will affect elderings on minor faction team red/blue/green, not those allied to the player or AI


* AMU:
** Added the Object Content Display (OCD) interface. The default keybind is Alt+Y.
*** The OCD makes it possible to live-time inspect the game's code contents: Variables, fields, list sizes and contents, etc... Basically anything and everything can be seen.
*** Native data types as well as strings and FInts can also be edited.
*** This makes it possible to investigate: Is your mod not working correctly? Check what's the content of the modded faction or other logic to see where the error may be.
**** The OCD is highly experimental at the moment and not yet fully tested, let alone formated. But functionality should be given.
**** Special thanks to Dismiss for giving a hint on how reflection can look into private fields.
*** Note that altering game values may result in any number of errors and bugs that will not be accepted as bug reports.
** Fixed custom resources not being serialized. This was simply forgotten to do.
** Savegame compatibility should be given and the serialization has been made very efficient with bools for default values and exclusion of Vanilla resources, thus the impact on savegames should be relatively small.
* Added a ToArray_HugeWasteAndExpensive_AvoidIfAtAllPossible() function for the Dictionary and ConcurrentDictionary class. These simply throw all values into an array.

* Ship Line Upgrades:
** Fixed upgrades falsely stating that a certain ship type wasn't the base version of the upgrade. This was simply a mix-up of variables.

Dyson Sidekick

* Fix a bug with templar district 3 units
** Thanks to Ushgarak for reporting

* There is now a notification when the AI is drilling something

* Dyson Overloaders are now in their own build category, to make it much harder for players to build them by mistake
** QoL improvement suggested by Dragoris

* When the Dyson Sphere Win Condition is active, the AI will deploy all ships in its guard posts

* I've added new mark level scalings to the dyson sidekick's units so they can be balanced more easily across the whole faction
** This will make large scale dyson sidekick balance adjustments much more easy
** The Dyson Sidekick has been pretty OP recently, so this will reduce their overall strength

* Give the Neinzul and Spire some catapult-style defenses (they orbit the planet)
** Those races have been a bit low in terms of defensive options

* AI Cuendillar Transports give less cuendillar
** Suggested by Dragoris

AI Lieutenants

* Warden LTN will no longer build firebases adjacent to one another.
* Warden LTN firebases spawn ships every 120 seconds instead of every 60 seconds.


* Chromatic Ark buffed.
** +50% shots in salvo for primary weapon, at mark 1
** +100% shots in salvo for secondary (teleport) weapon, at max mark level
** secondary weapon has a preference for higher mass targets now
* Alien Minelayer Hangar is now seeded at the reclaimers bst hack location.
* New modular weapon strikecraft seeded at the reclaimers ars hack location:
** Reparation Corvette can either lay mines or shoot rockets
** Redeemer Corvette can either hit multi-target or single-target with its fusion beam weapon.
* Warded Alien Turret was underperforming, increased line cap from 2 to 4.

Points of Interest

* Diehard AI's structure 'Defleeter' rebalance/fix: added 5 AiP cost on death, increased sabotage cost to 22, added invulnerable while at least 3 guard posts are alive, no longer dies with command station.
* Diehard AI's ship 'Engineering Guardian' balancing: now only repairs units not recently damaged (like player repair mechanics work), repairs 3 targets instead of 5 per second, also a single target cannot be repaired multiple times in the same 1 second interval.
* Diehard AI's command station phase 2 now properly retreats to neighboring planets.
* Fix to Diehard's Mass Driver and Ion Cannon being incorrectly seeded for other ai types, also incorrectly seeding it in last stand form.
* Fungal Growth no longer gets spores from scrapped ships.
* Fixed case where exception could occur if a ship died immediately at game start on Fungal Growth planet.
* There is now a limit of 35 decaying mass entities on one planet. When more would be produced the oldest despawns.
* Faction is now properly hostile to all, including Reclaimers, as intended (ie. planet defense drones can now be weapon jammed).
* Unstable solar syphon no longer destroys warp gates.

Exowar Variety
* Increased the Echidna's engine power from 21 to 23 gx to prevent it from being slowed and invalidated by mere VWings. (Thanks to Lampshade for pointing this out.)

Rebalancing Party
* New galaxy setting to turn Shark B entirely off.

Outguard Party
* The two mass driver based outguard <i>Planetary Defense Orbital</i> and <i>Orbital Bombardment</i> can now be given orders by the player even though they aren't owned! This means you can actually attack what you want to with them: coprocessors, big ships, command stations, etc.

More System Defenders
* Fix to Stormfront Ark's MIRV drone behavior, which wasn't actually moving in to attack anything.
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Dead Cells updated from 1.22.1 to 1.22.2 for Windows, Linux and Mac.

No changelog.
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dV: Rings of Saturn

Updated from 0.580.4 to 0.583.1 on Windows, Mac and Linux.
Same for the demo.

Changelog posted in the forum by the developer:
0.583.1 - Inner Alignment

- Added more aggressive dynamic physic limitation will now focus the simulation around your ship if there is a lot going on there. While a system like that existed in previous versions, in some events it could allow the physics simulation to track and simulate an unreasonable amount of objects, which for some playstyles caused the performance to degrade dramatically.
- Ships and drones that are not actively powered, are in cargo bays or inside cradles will use much fewer resources. This improves performance for playstyles that favour multiple cargo containers constantly attached to your ship, especially on Antonoff-Titan AT-K225.
- Docking arms that rotate ships attached to them will now allow your ship to dock both ways, making it possible to dock to habitats, ships and stations with your engines pointed at them. This makes it easier to perform some of the more challenging docking manoeuvres.
- Big ships with docking arms now have their docking sequence adjusted to keep your ship further away from their hull. This makes it easier to dock with big and heavy ships.
- Ship logs at the Enceladus Prime station will now will in from the end, making the most recent events immediately visible.
- Adjusted physical shape for AT-K225 to prevent ore from sticking into certain areas and preventing astrogation.
- When a terrified pirate was asking for a truce the dialogue could be cut short if you did not actively approach them.
- Addressed the gameplay-story segregation of crewed derelict recovery. Previously, derelicts that turned out to be too damaged to salvage were rigged to explode. Now, they actually sustain the type of damage indicated by the dialogue. In the event of recovery of such craft by other means, the results will be consistent with the presented story. This will also prevent derelicts from spontaneously combusting if you recovered them in such way.
- Tooltips will now simply fade in and out, instead of sliding through your screen. There is a bit more delay when displaying the tooltip.
- Fixed an illegal access bug that could cause the game to crash if a point defence turret examined a possible target in the very same instant it was docking or undocking.
- When attempting crewed derelict recovery and not having enough propellant on board to perform the action, in 66% of cases the relevant crew reply didn’t show up.
- You could attempt to perform crewed salvage on a derelict that was in the process of being towed away by a Search and Rescue ship if it was a part of a crew quest.
- Extended the “ignore minor collisions” tuning range for EIAA-1337 autopilot.
- Changed the way the tutorial displays keyboard, gamepad and mouse controls to make it clear that some actions can be performed by more than one keypress, and the choice is up to the player.
- Updated translations.
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dV: Rings of Saturn

Updated from 0.583.1 to 0.583.2 on Windows, Mac and Linux.
Same for the demo.

Changelog posted in the forum by the developer:
0.583.2 - I Am Shift

- Fixed the controls display in the Setting menu for keyboard controls, which showed a shift key for all controls.
- Your ship logs will not scroll upwards anymore when you enter the menu for a second time.