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Decided to go ahead and create a new thread for updates given the old one is having trouble loading due to post count.

Feel free to start posting those updates.

Old thread here:
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Thanks @Lucian_Galca for starting the new thread. :)

So let us begin...

Demon Sword: Incubus

Updated to Ver.1.17b5_disclaimer (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

UNRATED DLC available now.

No changelog.
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Atlantis: The Lost Tales

Atlantis 2: Beyond Atlantis

Atlantis 3: The New World

All three games got their Windows installers updated to 1.0 w10

No Changelog, but I suspect it's probably some Windows10 fix?
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Songs of Conquest has been updated (offline as well)

3 new patches titles too long to write down. 31mb, 4mb, 4 mb.

Changelog on game splash screen, top right link (internet reqd to see it).
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Hellpoint v486a

Not sure why our version is 486a but Steam's is 484.

QoL Update Is Live: Stats Respec, Inventory Management And More

Version 484

● Stats Respec
You can now respec your stats at the console of the first location: the Pond.

● Inventory Management
You can now sort items in your inventory by a number of criteria.


- Added entries to the Blue Sun DLC
- You can now take contracts for specific challenges and rewards;
- New NPCs are mow populating the Irid Novo space station;
- Added a new audio occlusion technology;
- Local co-op splitscreen can now be set to vertical an ultra-wide monitor is detected;
- Major bosses now scale better with progression;
- Some NPCs no longer get stuck in some stairs;
- Hungarian language added;
- Optimization and minor bug fixes.
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No update flag (yet), but The Chronicles of Myrtana: Archolos' soundtrack (MP3 as well as WAV) has been added to the base game's extras in the library.
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Martha Is Dead

Updated to 1.0712.00 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
New Martha Is Dead Update

Hello everyone, just checking in with patch notes for a new update that should be available for you right now!

1 - Added control remapping - You can now remap general gameplay keys, menu commands, camera and puppet theatre controls
2 - Optimized the clouds to reduce stuttering on some machines
3 - Rebuilt lighting for The Woods to remove minor imperfections

This is a PC only patch at this moment in time, and should be available across all other PC storefronts and platforms, please ensure you update to the latest version for the best gameplay experience
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Decision: Red Daze

Updated to 1.1.1 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Update #2 Patch Notes

Greetings, Survivors!

It's time for another update!

In this one we once again balance some weapons, fix the bugs we found while out in the wastes, and most importantly, addressed the feedback left by YOU in the Community Hub and our social media, namely the Publisher and Developer Twitter accounts, and Publisher and Developer Discord servers.

So here are the PATCHHH NOTESSS:


Overall improvements to settler AI


- Increased starting capacity of small warehouses
- Increased the limit of resource production x10
- Slightly reduced damage of Sniper Rifles
- Slightly increased damage of all explosive weapons
- Balanced dealt while unarmed
- Restored Broken Hills factory for resource production
- Reduced the frequency and distance of werewolf JUMP ability
- Increased the MELEE skill growth rate
- All survivors following the player character (not just squad members) can now teleport if they stray too far
- You may now go to sleep in a besieged settlement if the assault is more than 60% complete
- You can now use the radio station to access any building in settlements remotely
- Added new game hints and improved their display in the dialogue with Frank
- Simplified the looting of resources. If there are only resources in the stash, they will be looted automatically, without opening the inventory
- Removed the restriction on filling the inventory after exceeding the capacity limit. Now you can carry any weight, but exceeding the capacity restricts your movement speed
- Added arrows to the remaining enemies you need to destroy to complete missions to defend or capture the settlement. This will help you find the remaining enemies in the Assault
- Reduced chance and duration of the knock-out effect
- Reducing the frequency of attacks on settlements by enemy groups during peacetime
- The Power Bar for rapid-fire weapons has been brought back


- Added the K hotkey to hide/show the HUD
- Added a description of some additional hotkeys: Esc - config, I - inventory, M - map, T - team, K - HUD
- Added the ability to return the camera to default position by compass-clicking
- The map window now has an indicator of the number of game days
- Added support for Ultrawide resolution


- Added effect of unit burning after death by flamethrower
- Fixed the animation of the accelerated walking after rolling


- Now the game progress is displayed correctly and can reach 100%.
- The turret gun becomes first level after destruction. Previously it was at the same level as before destruction.
- Improved the behavior of the turret shooter at the moment of switching by using Tab between members of the squad.
- Grenades now properly increase the heavy weapons skill.
- Fixed hand animation when tired running with a grenade.
- Fixed a bug that caused duplicate money on restart.
- Fixed stamina bugs after a fast travel.
- Fixed a rare bug with an invisible dog.
- Fixed a bug with unit behavior when enemies shoot from a rocket launcher off-screen.
- Fixed a rare character freeze after loading the game.
- Fixed the error of resetting turret options after a warehouse overflow. Now there will not be such a downgrade.
- Fixed a bug that sometimes made it impossible to open a small warehouse.
[*] Many other small fixes and improvements.

As always, we are always on the prowl for any suggestions or bugs that you share with us, and are ready to address them at a moments' notice!

Thank you for all of your support <3

-The FlyAnvil Team
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AI War 2 has just been updated from 5.500 to 5.501 for Windows, Mac and Linux.

5.501 Fixes
(Released July 13th, 2022)

* Update to AMU:
** Fixed AJEA not turning off when it's disabled.
*** Thanks to cml for reporting.
** Organized the distributed codebase distributed along with the mod a bit.

* Improved the speed of the "final checks" part of loading the game, by moving it onto a background thread that doesn't block anything else. It's doing xml validity checks just in case a modder or someone else messed something up, but there's no reason to make players wait through that every startup. On many modern computers this takes like a quarter of a second anyway, but on older computers it can be a second or three.

* A variety of updates to the Classic Fusion mod, by Puffin.

* Added a StableSort() to ArcenList as an alternative to Sort(). Note that for lists with few entries this is less efficient. Now using a stable sort for ships in 'at local planet' window. This fixes at least one reproducible case of order flipping. Using a more appropriate text color for 'crippled' in fleets window.
** Thanks to Dismiss for adding!

* Outguard Party and Reclaimers now both 'require' all three dlcs. This fixes some exception messages when disabling expansions (since the mods now get turned off).
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Changelog from GOG DB:

Download changed: Installer, VirtuaVerse, Windows, en
Version 0.435 ⇒ 1.37, Size 355.5 MB ⇒ 353.4 MB

Download changed: Installer, VirtuaVerse, Linux, en
Version 0.432 ⇒ 1.37, Size 352.3 MB ⇒ 352.3 MB

Download changed: Installer, VirtuaVerse, Mac, en
Version 0.432 ⇒ 1.37, Size 350.2 MB ⇒ 350.2 MB

Changelog from Steam:

Added launch parameter for Terminal CRT Shader

If the inventory is not displayed correctly in the Terminal (Pill Street or Shop) scene you can now use the -disablecrt launch parameter to disable camera fx and solve the issue.
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Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
First XEL Patch released!

Developer Tiny Roar releases first patch for XEL

Dear community,

We would like to thank you for a great launch of our first major title XEL. We are still thrilled we came this far and made our dream come true.

We keep reading your comments and reviews and appreciate all your feedback. We are currently working on a major update (1.0.4) that will address lots of bugs and requested features (such as a quest marker or remappable controls on gamepads). We don’t have a date yet for the patch, but rest assured we are working tirelessly to push it out as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, we uploaded a first patch today, fixing some of the annoying stuff, such as blockers in certain areas that prevented a few players from progressing.

A full list of the changes, which are live now, can be found below:

- Fixed Terminal in Glacial Glades (some players were not able to open the door to the Glacial Glades)
- Fixed several out of bounds / falling through world bugs
- Fixed Evander re-appearing again after dying
- Added Chinese, Japanese and Korean character names
- Updated Chinese and Japanese Localization
- Additional Video Compression and Codec changes
- Some Animation tweaks
- Some UI tweaks
- Fixed Dialogue bugs where players could walk away from quest-relevant NPCs
- Fixed Discord- and FAQ-links in main menu not working

You can expect more bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements within the next couple of days and weeks to improve XEL’s experience.

We did identify some smaller issues with this patch that we are also working to fix for the next update:

- Coming back to the main menu, you might need to click your mouse once to be able to select anything
- Restarting the game might reset your master audio to 0
- An active dialogue audio may be played until the end even when the player goes back into main menu

Thank you for your support and patience so far.

Tiny Roar & Assemble Entertainment
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There was another update to The Longing recently, doesn't seem to have been posted in the previous thread, but the news I can find says:

"Great news: The Longing is now fully compatible with the gamepad of the Steam Deck and all necessary adjustments for font readability and playability have been made. The game can also be played with touch.

Furthermore, a Polish translation was added to the game. Big thanks to the fans Jakub (OD-Jake), Michał and Filip who have invested a lot of time to make that happen!"

So what would apply here would be the Polish translation, but the installer went from 648 Mb (v. 1.5.1) to 593 Mb (v. 1.6.2), which doesn't look like something being added...
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PowerSlave Exhumed recieved a small update (Offline & GOG Galaxy).

Update #2 - Version 1.0.1651 (July 15, 2022)
• Fixed some collision issues
• Added support for surround sound
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Flotsam (In Development)

Updated to 0.6.3p2 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Latest changelogs from SteamDB:

Hey Drifters!

Just a quick and small update: we added some Survival Guide tutorial pages. These explain basic controls and give a quick overview on starting mechanics. In addition, this update brings some small changes to the UI for better readability.

What's next?

We're still continuing work on the next major update that will introduce objectives (other than survival) and more. Stay tuned.

Early Access 0.6.3

Survival Guide

- Added 5 tutorial pages in the Survival Guide to guide players. Basic Controls, Salvaging Flotsam, Moving the Town, Managing Drifters and Interacting with Landmarks.
- Created Survival Guide subsection for the Tutorial pages.


- The Research Tree is now locked until a Research Station is built.
- The Producer Management is now locked until a workshop is built.
- The Eel-ectricity Overlay is now locked until any Eel-ectricity construction is built.
- Added an outline to the Eel-ectricity Overlay to more properly show the overlay is active.
- Added Grid Size and Energy Requirement to construction tooltips.
- Added Knowledge counter to Research Tree.
- Added upgrade icon to upgrade unlocks in Research Tree.
- Clicking a notification or Drifter Portrait no longer makes the camera jump to that drifter.
- Double-clicking Right Mouse will now close all open panels.
0.6.3p1: Quick fixes

Hey Drifters!

Just another quick update: we fixed some small bugs and localization errors.

What's next?

We're still continuing work on the next major update that will introduce objectives (other than survival) and more. Stay tuned.

Early Access 0.6.3p1


- Storage filter panel is now closed by default.
- Added error tooltips for the disabled Salvage Boat Buoy and Fishing Buoy buttons.


- Fixed issue where some terms would come up as *MISSING LOCALIZATION TERM* in non-english languages.
- Fixed issue where the energy overlay would get stuck if you closed the energy grid panel.
- Drifters can now return from landmarks if a bug caused them to get stuck on landmarks without a project.
- Turning a building on/off will now check if there's any items that aren't referenced by any recipe and move those to the export inventory.

Early Access 0.6.3p2


- Fixed issue where food items would be counted twice.
- Fixed issue where default resolution setting is on very low.
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Spirit of the Island

Updated to 0.20.2 (patch notes taken from Steam)

Hello! How is it going, friends?

We are glad to introduce our newest update! Some really cool stuff is awaiting you there

We've added a lot of new items to the museum! Listing them will take a lot of space, so we'll include pictures with some of them.
Two new islands are now available: Silver Lake and Land of the Ghosts! Land of the Ghosts is inhabited by really powerful creatures, so make sure to come prepared. And Silver Lake is THE fishing island *wink wink*.
New creatures: Ancient Golems. They are slow, but strong and resistant. There are 3 different types of them, so prepare for a tough fight.
New vehicles: Scooter and Quadricycle! They are really fast and cool, so make sure to prepare a big garage for them.
We've added new items to the Combat Bench: Boots, Shields, and Accessories! Shields will provide a passive defence bonus and accessories can do a variety of things, from increasing your HP to making you character more resistant to different deliberations.

Added some texts when you interact with Vacancy House and Staff House, just to show what they are;
Quest log is now in the top-left corner of the screen.

Fixed the bug when you weren't able to move some of the objects;
Fixed a bug when you couldn't go to the upper or lower floor of the upgraded house in multiplayer;
Fixed some audio problems with Dead Hunter;
Did some changes to creature animations;
Now all defeated pirates will show up in your stats;
Fixed item descriptions - quantity and days to harvest;
Fixed minimap graphics;