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The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet Of Chaos

Updated to 1.5 950 47258 (Galaxy & Offline Installer, Windows)

Changelog from SteamDB:
Patch notes

Bugfix :

- Fixed issue of duplicate characters in Petronille fight that could cause softlock
- Fixed softlock when freezing a mobile crane while the self-destruct sequence is activated
- Fixed issue where characters could stay blocked in a wall in the basement
- Fixed softlock when Max Boots uses Beerpromise
- Fixed softlock that could happen by skipping some dialogs at precise moments
- Fixed bug that allowed to have infinite skillpoints
- Fixed minor bugs and text issues

Thank you for your support.
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The Slormancer

Update to in_dev_0.4.91bc.

No changelog.
high rated

Update to V33.477d73df0706fcf9663c5f42602aee37648ddb30.

No changelog.
high rated
Prison Architect

Update to The_Slam_10672.

No changelog.
high rated

Update to V2354 20220920.

No changelog.
high rated

Update to V1.4.3555 rev610.

No changelog.
high rated

Updated to C WIN (Galaxy & Offline Installer, Windows)

Changelog from SteamDB:

- Fixed error with Korean Localization.
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Factorio 1.1.70 -> 1.1.72
Factorio Forums 1.1.71 Changelog

Minor Features
- Added preferred audio device output setting.
- Added the current binary architecture to the main menu version string.

- Added native support for M1 Macs.

- Fixed a crash when canceling deconstruction of a pipe to ground while the GUI was open.
- Fixed entity ghosts would draw wires even if prototype of inner entity disabled it.
- Fixed incorrect panning of CyclicSound (for example, flamethrower turret's stream sound).
- Fixed that ScriptRendering requested string localisation during on_init when it was not available.
- Fixed Generator tooltip ignoring fluid emissions multiplier.
- Fixed that teleporting cars between surfaces would create the build effect smoke.
- Fixed a crash related to undoing mining of another forces entities after the other force had been deleted.
- Fixed it was possible to acquire forbidden items in the Transport belt madness levels.
- Fixed that linked-belt was missing from the collision mask defaults.
- Removed 'Fuel emissions' label from Burner info panel.
- Fixed that expansion parties could destroy spidertrons while building new bases.

- Added Alt reverse selection support for selection tools.

- Added LuaGuiElement::close_dropdown().
Factorio Forums 1.1.72 Changelog

Minor Features
- Improve mod update checking for large mod collections

- Loaders now show their item filters in alt mode.

- Fixed a crash when doing alt-reverse selections in zoomed-in map mode.

- Added LuaInventory::is_full().
- Added 'include_bar' parameter to LuaInventory::count_empty_stacks().
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dV: Rings of Saturn

Updated from 0.577.4 to 0.577.7 on Windows, Mac and Linux.
Same for the demo.

Changelog posted in the forum by the developer:
0.577.7 - Manual Guidance

- Expanded geologist filter options. When having the "unmarked" option turned on, the affected systems will be allowed to act upon matching ore, even when it's not apprised yet. Disabling the "unmarked" option will enforce stricter checking, and ore that is not apprised yet will not be counted as a valid target. This changes the behaviour of drone systems and the AR1500 manipulator. If you want your systems to work on ore that is still being apprised, turn on the "unmarked" option for them.
- Fixed a bug in the tutorial, which would sometimes skip ahead without player input if previous action took much longer than anticipated.
- Tutorial step that requires you to target an ice asteroid or ore chunk will now spawn a relevant item nearby if there is none near.
- The tooltip for control settings for the excavator will now explicitly mention that double-tap causes it to stay open.
- Updated translations - Norwegian: 71%
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Ghost Song updated from 1.1.9b to 1.1.11b

Changelog from SteamDB:


Fixed minor controller aim issue
Adjusted the dash cooldown UI element that appears over the player after dashing, to properly indicate the exact time before re-dashing for free is possible
Iframes for dash cooldown is indicated by a more brightly colored green particle effect
Slightly shortened the iframes cooldown after dashing
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Almost a year later AMID EVIL recieved a new update (Offline & GOG Galaxy).

Build 2425 (November 23, 2022)
Entire menu code overhauled

• The menu is now fully gamepad compatible.
• New option to auto-switch weapons on pickup. Please note: weapons won't auto-switch if you are currently firing your weapon.
• Bindings menu was updated
• Rebinding will now overwrite a previously bound key.
• 'Reset bindings' option is more robust. If you have any issues hit this button.
• Codex was completely overhauled and had a spell/grammar pass.

Weapon wheel added

• Defaults to Q on mouse/kb. Can be changed in the rebind options.
• Hold R1 for about half a second on gamepads to open it.

Game changes

• Volumetric fog was optimized, you should get quite a few extra frames in maps that use it.
• Keys have a VFX to help them stand out a bit now.
• AEWARLOCK cheat now adds mana.
• Animation bug fix for the Protector Enemies.
• Animation bug fix for the Solegionaires

Map changes

• E3M2 Bugged lift in the water pit was fixed. (was very difficult to get out of the water)
• E7M1 changed a few things in this map to optimize it.
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EVERSPACE 2 0.9.28028 -> 0.10.30114
Changelog posted by a dev in the subforum.

I just noticed that the offline installer is labeled 0.10.30114, could be an oversight or a last minute hotfix.
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Project Zomboid updated from 41.78.7 to 41.78.12 for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Changelog from SteamDB:

41.78.12 Hotfix Released

Propane Torch usage rebalanced for Fixing and Repair scripts to accommodate the change in capacity; all reduced to 2.

Added "AllowRottenItem:true" parameter to the recipes to Empty Frying Pans; Griddle Pans; and Roasting Pans. This will allow players to reclaim said pans when they let Stir Fries and Omelettes get rotten.

Recipes such as the Mildew Spray Cure, and Emptying Sacks of produce now have the field "AllowRottenItem:true" which allows rotten items to be used in that recipe.

Fixed the Make Mildew Cure recipe not allowing both regular and Canned Milk; as players were unable to make this cure after all of the normal Milk has gone rotten.

Fixed being unable to use Rotten Milk to make the Mildew Spray Cure.

Commented out the "Make Pot of Soup" recipes; they're obsolete given the evolved recipe system which handles this matter better.

Fixed being unable to use Canned Soup to make evolved recipe soup.

Changed the display name of "Canned Soup" to "Canned Vegetable Soup".
Note: To make Pots of Soup with Opened Cans of Soup you must now add them to a Pot of Water, as an evolved recipe soup. This fixes the Super Soup exploit and will allow players to also add additional ingredients to the Soup. The other way of making Pots of Soup was an obsolete and in many ways incompatible method from before the evolved recipe system.

Updated the Clean Tray recipe so it works with trays of Biscuit Dough, and also so that it works with rotten and cooked ingredients, so players can always recover a tray from rotten trays of food.

Several tweaks to clothing masks.

Added missing SetMelee Delay on Pistol Whip animation.

Fixed Hoodie and Vest masks to work properly with base mesh.

Fixed JokeKnife, JokeArrow, BunnyEars, FurryEars, Antlers and GodStar Headbopper to work with all hairstyles.

Fixed moodle and heart wiggle-speed, now reduced by half.

Fixed an issue with forageSystem.lua not accounting for the new loot rarity settings.

Fixed the veteran having some duplicate clothing selection options.

Fixed in-game map road that was made curved in cell 35,31.

Fixed print() statement from JoyPadSetup.lua that resulted in unnecessary messages in the console log.

Fixed source files not being loaded in the Lua debugger on Linux.

Fixed mod Lua files not being loaded in the Lua debugger.

Fixed being able to purify Watering Cans in an Oven.

Fixed being able to turn Cooked Eggs back into Uncooked Eggs.

Fixed Pizzas having the hasMetal tag.

Fixed error in SliceCooked test.

Fixed PopEmpty2 and PopEmpty3 having DisplayCategory = WaterContainer instead of DisplayCategory = Junk.

Fixed PopEmpty having DisplayCategory = Material instead of DisplayCategory = Junk.

Fixed BeerCanEmpty having DisplayCategory = WaterContainer instead of Junk.

Fixed Buckets not having been updated to use metal filling sounds instead of plastic filling sounds.

Fixed distant players not appearing on the in-game map when the server option allows it.

Fixed Male_Undies not having the "OBSOLETE = TRUE" parameter. Also removed them from the foraging pool.

Fixed not using a language's desired encoding when reading credits.txt.

Fixed non-admins seeing invisible remote players on the in-game map.
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Wildermyth updated to 1.10 Suna Lo Haster

Patch notes taken from Steam.

1.10+453 Suna Lo Haster

Added official support for Brazilian Portuguese!
Steam Deck Verified!
New Event: Shadow and Sly
Rewritten Events:
* Mooringlight (from: Star Dance)
Revised Events:
* Finders Keepers
3 New Pets!
10 New tidings/credits comics!
Multiplayer clients can now recruit from their legacies
Melee and Range accuracy stats merged into one "Accuracy" stat
(Upbringing stats should be properly merged for existing heroes)
Reduced critter and crow amulet accuracy buffs from 15 to 12
Credits comics can now be manually navigated, automatic time is
longer for comics with more text, and fewer snapshots are shown
Years of peace and Credits comics now have reduced chance of
showing ones you've seen in previous campaigns (like regular
comics) and have better weighting
Some armors now have Silver and Gold variations (in customize tab)
New VFX for Wolf Howl, Shard Skin, and some theme skins
New ability icons
Crystal Chrysalis now explodes and deals damage on hero's next turn
Comics will vertically scroll if too big to fit on screen
Overland job start events show the actual ability name as the title
Adjusted ability bar positioning for Jumpjolt and Witherbolt
Opening the Editor on Steam sets the controller to act like a mouse
Fix a bug where using Larger comics in Chinese would crash the game
Fix a bug where Sharpshooter could cause incorrect Ambush max range
Fix a bug where Temple of Silence attack was invisible + multi-hit
Fix a bug where Chinese difficulty settings in Options > This Game
could show up in English
Fix a bug with viewing the patch notes in the main menu
Fix a bug where hero level up dialog didn't show the upgraded stats
Fix a bug where Proud quest main and secondary heroes were swapped
Fix a bug with temp armor and warding being removed in wrong order
Fix a bug where Steam Workshop mod campaigns wouldn't load at start
Fix a bug where kill tracking would cause lag with large legacies
Fix a bug where Mythweaver ability text didn't fit on the button
Fix a bug with invisible tutorial tooltips in controller mode
Fix a bug where on kill effects wouldn't happen for hero who
killed Ecthis zombie mentor.
Fix a bug where Shieldshear plays wrong sfx if holding a crossbow
Fix a bug where Enduring War sacrificed hero was immediately put
into the legacy without promotion
Fix a bug where No Time for Clawmonsters achievement couldn't be
achieved by a reaction strike
Fix a bug where Passing Shadow achievement could carry over
between missions
Fix a bug where in The Offering, rat tail would show up too soon
Fix a bug with loading name data if some locales didn't exist
Fix a bug where Jumpjaw didn't apply the correct amount of poison
Fix a bug where gorgons wouldn't spawn in Temple of Silence
Fix a bug with jobs with long names that would go off the tooltip
Fix a bug where using Burning Arrow with Ambush prepared would
give the burning arrow +2 damage
Fix a bug where waterling history line could use wrong gender for
waterling if the hero is attracted to anyone
Fix a (mod?) crash if a promotion ability not in a pool is shown
Fix a bug with artifact weapon hero death choice "attack" option
Fix a bug where Ambush and Vost could hit multiple times
Fix a bug where frog tongue could pull some immovable enemies
Fix a bug where bow range would read as 1-8 instead of 2-8
Fix a bug where backend comic text could show for missing aspects
Fix a bug with Enter and Escape functionality in content editor
Fix some typos
Tools: Added CustomizeHero Outcome for customization of a hero's
head, face, hair, colors, and extra parts, or randomizing a slot
Tools: Added requireAspects field for HumanSkin Parts, for
customizations that only show up for heroes with certain aspects
Tools: Comic editor hovered objects now show a box around them
Tools: Comic editor Clickthrough view now jumps to selected panel
Tools: Comic editor now shows effect in side panel (also added
simple view, so it's easy to adjust event weights and scores)
(So they don't need to focus on a specific hero)
Tools: Improved Pick Events feedback for tidings and credits
Tools: Added several keyboard shortcuts for selected hero cheats:
(Bindings also viewable in Combat Lab) Ctrl+Shift+H/A/D/S/R:
Add Temp Health/Actions/Bonus Damage/Speed/Refresh Abilities
Tools: In editor, with Multi-paste enabled:
* Can now append multiple entries without closing window
* Can append entries after existing entries in lists via Paste
* Copied values now show more human-readable summary
Tools: Name generation files (like human.names.json) now merge
Tools: Added abilityForbidAspects field for ability aspects
Tools: Added toDegrees and toRadians expressions
Tools: Added between(x, min, max) expression
Tools: Added if(x, pass, fail) expression
Tools: Editor particle and audio fields now show suggestions
Tools: Added better logging for Test failures
Tools: Added scoreTiesTrueRandom option to BY_SCORE targets
Tools: Can now use Animate Outcome to spawn overland particles
Tools: Ability, Theme, and Gear cheats now execute immediately
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No Man's Sky
Updated from 4.0.6 to 4.0.7

Patch notes from the developer's website:
* The Exobiology, Blighted, Leviathan and Polestar Expeditions have been recreated as Redux editions.
* Redux expeditions are shorter versions of the primary version of the main expedition, with the same rewards, designed to offer players a chance to gain any rewards they missed from the year’s expeditions.
* The Redux expeditions will run over the holiday period and will be available on all platforms, including Nintendo Switch.
* As well as their previous rewards, Redux expeditions will also award bonus Quicksilver to all platforms.
* Community expeditions now carry a set of minimum difficulty settings, similar to Permadeath mode.

* An “Other” filter has been added to the Quicksilver Synthesis Companion’s shop interface.
* Added additional filtering and ordering options to the list of Expedition rewards found at the Quicksilver Synthesis Companion.
* Fixed an issue that caused the upper half of the mission details UI to occasionally spill out of its box. The entire mission description panel will now adjust its height and scroll as appropriate.
* Fixed an issue that caused the Life Support guide entry to unlock even when the Life Support difficulty setting was disabled.
* Fixed an issue that caused the glow to be missing when locking on to a marker with the Pulse Drive.
* Fixed an issue that caused the glow around locked-on or tagged markers to occasionally be the wrong shape for that particular marker.
* Fixed an issue that caused fleet debrief markers to be visible while visiting another player’s freighter.
* Fixed an issue that caused an animation glitch on certain cockpit components while in pulse engine flight.
* Fixed an issue that caused supercharged slots to fail to appear in newly-purchased ships until the game had been reloaded.
* Fixed an issue that could cause ship landing gear to appear to be raised while the ship was landed.
* Fixed an issue that could cause your previously owned ship to immediately vanish if exchanging it for another ship at a trade outpost.
* Fixed an issue that could cause your previously owned ship to become uninteractable if exchanging it for a crashed ship.
* Fixed an issue that caused your previously owned ship to be available to reclaim for free after exchanging it with an NPC for their ship.
* Fixed an issue that caused the correct trade-in price to be missing when exchanging a Multi-Tool.
* Fixed an issue that could occasionally cause incorrect text on the subtitle of the exchange button while purchasing ships.
* Fixed a rare issue that could cause an extra mission marker to become stuck on the screen during the tutorial.
* Fixed an issue that caused the scrollbar to always display on Guide pages, even when scrolling was not needed.
* Fixed an issue that caused the “Summon Companion” icons to always appear greyed out.
* Fixed an issue that could cause additional or incorrect expedition rendezvous markers to occasionally appear on the Galaxy Map.
* Fixed a collision issue that could allow players to fall out of the Space Anomaly if they jetpacked in a specific location.
* Fixed an issue that made it very difficult to use the Analysis Visor while riding a creature, as the visor would always detected the ridden creature rather than the current target.
* Fixed an issue that could cause Multi-Tools to become immediately fully repaired after a reload.
* Fixed an issue that could cause unfixable damage to become stuck in Multi-Tools.
* Fixed a number of issues that could cause the Exosuit Upgrade Chart reminder to appear on screen either after all inventory slots had been unlocked or after already using or discarding the chart.
* Fixed an issue that allowed inventory filters to be clickable underneath the currently active popup.
* Fixed an issue that caused ship maneuverability stats to be missing when comparing an available starship with your current ship.
* Fixed an issue that caused the inventory to always default to opening on the Multi-Tool when starting a new session, even if there was no damaged technology in the current Multi-Tool inventory.
* Broken technology is now highlighted more strongly in red to improve visibility within an inventory.
* Fixed an issue that caused the Mission Board to occasionally give the wrong reward instead of the one promised by the UI.
* Fixed an issue that caused some information to be cut off in specific enlarged mission notifications.
* Fixed an issue that caused the Neutron Cannon to fail to register any damage potential to the Multi-Tool UI.
* Fixed an issue that could cause some ship jittering at low speeds when using “locked” mouse controls to pilot the ship.
* Fixed an issue that caused too little salt to be available in particular underwater biomes.
* Fixed an issue that caused too few ferrite dust rocks to be placed on swampy worlds.
* Fixed a visual glitch in the third person character animation when running on slopes.
* Fixed an issue that could cause teleport destinations to fail to add automatically when visiting a base.
* Fixed an issue that could add an invalid freighter teleport destination to be added to the list.
* Fixed an issue that could cause the ship to automatically take off after reloading a save made within a landed ship.
* Fixed an issue that caused a UI mismatch for nanite costs when purchasing blueprints from a planet-based technology merchant.
* Multi-Tools collected from Sentinel Hives are now free, though will have damaged slots that need repairing.
* Fixed an issue that prevented the cinematic black bars from being skipped in certain circumstances.
* Fixed a visual UI glitch when skipping the black bars.
* Fixed an issue that could prevent the “No” option from functioning in the new game warning when starting a community expedition as your only save.
* Fixed an issue that prevented autosaving with 1 health pip even when the player is in no immediate danger of dying.
* Fixed an issue that caused some cost details to be missing from NPC dialogue options on the Nintendo Switch.

* The error messaging when unable to play multiplayer because of websocket connection issues has been improved.
* Fixed an issue that allowed players to join invite-only groups in particular circumstances.
* Fixed an issue that could cause discovery server disconnections when viewing bases at a teleport terminus.
* Fixed a rare hang when warping to a new galaxy.
* Fixed a rare but consistent crash that could occur when loading a save.
* Fixed an issue that caused some data types to be scrambled for mod authors.
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