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Keihltrein: The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails

The offline installer updated

- v 1.0.7
@GOG: This is STILL 2 versions below the actual Galaxy build.
Keihltrein: The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails

The offline installer updated

- v 1.0.7
MarkoH01: @GOG: This is STILL 2 versions below the actual Galaxy build.
Informed the GOGers. =)
Will notify if I get any answers.
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The Age of Decadence

Offline installer has been updated to


* Bugfixes for Polish localization (patch notes taken from Steam)
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Subverse (In Development)

Updated to 0.8.2 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
Version 0.8.2 DEVOTION QUEST UPDATE (9/27/23)

New Features


The first devotion quest is now playable! Talk to DEMI onboard the Mary Celeste to begin her journey towards transcendence. Please note your devotion level has to be at least 30 to start this quest and have reached the completion of Blythe’s story.


If your devotion level is high enough, you can talk to Lily onboard the Mary Celeste’s laboratory and initiate her devotion quest.
NOTE: As outlined in DevDiary 26, the DEMI and Lily devotion quests are now fully playable but the reward cinematic will only be released in its entirety in version 1.0

Bug Fixes

• Fixed issue where the anomaly Aelfric would get stuck on the loading screen.
• Fixed issue where Lily’s hair was purple during the Grid Combat tutorial.

Known Issues (Does not include all issues)

• Devotion Quest dialogue sections currently are listed under Sidequest with the Intro/Outro tags when replaying archives from the Captain’s Quarters.
• Clickable items during room navigation sometimes become out of sync and can no longer be clicked, may require level restart.
• VFX Poison sometimes lingers after the unit who had it is destroyed in Grid Combat.
• Some instances of speech bubble VO still playing during the end mission screen.
• Not all anomalies in Navigation update visually after a specific event takes place. WIP.
• Clipping issues during dialogue sections for some newly introduced characters in Fortune’s release.
• Some characters' animation pose transitions are not in place yet during dialogue sections for this release.
• If multiple enemies are stunned, when it is their turn, the arrow above their head still renders even after their turn has passed in Grid Combat.
• Visual bug, when a mantic reaches max level of 40 a white icon will appear the first time you enter the lab, as if there were more levels but goes away after selecting another mantic.
• Mission log filter inconsistency if you filter out finished missions, then filter out on Nebula’s, the filtered Finished missions will be in the list again.
• Waifus active, passive and ultimate icons do not always render in the same order from Locker room to selection screen.
• Visual bug, unlockable abilities/passives not showing up or showing as locked in the Laboratory or Selection screen after the character has reached required level (some known characters Napholeon & Chodestool passed level 30).
• Character upgrades based on level are not fully implemented for all characters.
• Imperium’s Shocktrooper Purify status remains on character after Shocktrooper is killed.
• Visual bug, if a unit has shield and armor and receives damage while the preview damage animation is happening on the health bars, there’s a chance it will show shield or armor remaining on the bar when there is not after the attack (In most cases remaining shield but in the character info it will show zero shield as intended).
• Alt-Tabbing potentially can cause the game to crash, especially during areas of the game where high loads take place.
• Report stating Rekall's passive can cause a softlock if an enemy counters with low health and dies from Rekall’s passive.
• Low texture resolution rendering for some users during dialogue sequences throughout the game.
• Some users reported odd textures when loading Ela and Taron in PANDORA and Gallery.
• Framerate drop can cause Mary Celeste to shoot out of the jump-gate in Navigation.
• Bridge projector fails to update the color scheme throughout Mary Celeste consistently.
• Physics on dangling pieces such as tentacles or hair (i.e. Huntress or Killi) may clip through the character's body or rapidly vibrate during dialog sequences.
• Yellow/White screen flashing artifact during space combat when using the FXAA aliasing method. Most likely due to the lens flare and or high bloom values.
• On rare occasions, an unintentional song plays during some areas of the game.
• On rare occasions, clicking the ‘Help’ button in the dialogue section of the game can remove the help text but can't be re-enabled until restarting or starting a new scene.
• Potential stuttering when playing back cinematics for some systems. Note there is an option to disable 4k videos from the graphics tab under settings. This has improved performance for some users.
• Reports of performance issues on some Space Combat random scenario maps.
• Animation in You’re Mine Now scene needs finalizing.
• Replay icons and navigation icon concepts are a work in progress, inconsistencies are known.
• Completion percentage counters in Navigation are a WIP and may have some inconsistencies.
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Travellers Rest ->
Changelog Patch v0.6.1.4 from Steam:
- Fixed a bug that caused the floor and walls of the tavern to load incorrectly.
- We've fixed a bug that caused a softlock when starting the chicken coop tutorial in two player mode.
- We've fixed several graphical bugs in the terrain of different areas.
- We've fixed some bugs in the cat's animation.
- We've made adjustments to the reputation system to avoid unfairly low reputations.
- We've fixed a bug in the localization of language names.
- We've improved the layout of the employee panel.
- Fixed a bug that caused the player character to rotate while in the pause menu.
- We've updated the translations.
Changelog Patch v0.6.1.5 from Steam:
- We've fixed a bug that caused the action bar to stop working when returning to single player mode after playing in co-op.
- Fixed a bug that caused multiple rooms to be displayed with the same icon.
- We've fixed a bug that allowed removing grass lining paths.
- We've fixed a bug that stopped one from being able to buy Distilling Yeast despite having the distillery unlocked.
- We've fixed a bug that caused customers to finish eating instantly with the employee skill 'Speedy' active.
- Fixed a softlock in the stable tutorial.
- Fixed a bug that caused a tooltip to get stuck on the cursor.
- We fixed a bug that caused the housekeeper to not put candles in the Christmas Centerpiece candleholder.
- We've fixed several localization bugs.
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Against the Storm - MAJOR UPDATE
Logistics and Balance Update

Offline installers updated to 0.60.1R.

Greetings, Viceroys!

We’re back with yet another portion of features, UX improvements, and balance changes to keep you on your toes.

What’s new:

Haulers revamp
New perks
New Forest Mysteries
Storage reserve (lower limit)
Cornerstones rebalance
Recipe distribution rebalance
And more!

Continue reading for our design notes and a full changelog.
Developer Notes posted on GOG here: Against the Storm - Developer Notes
Changelog posted on GOG here: Against the Storm - Changelog
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A new update for Hedon Bloodrite is available (Offline & GOG Galaxy).

2.4.1 Changelog
• Removed from the Linux version;
• Rewrote the difficulty skill texts to make mention of puzzle and exploration difficulty;
• Attempted fix for the autosave crash happening during the final boss fight of Bloodrite;
• Made the default footstep sound slightly louder;
• Amended a few typos and misused words;

• Enhanced the visuals of the Crushbow's alt fire;

• Added new inventory schematics/drawings which can be found in Map11, Map12 and Map14;
• Added custom icons for the journal-style drawings and schematics found in Map02 and Map04;

• Fixed the sewer drain lever door not closing properly upon multiple uses in Map09;
• Changed the dwarven helmet to an ancient human one in the crypt in Map11;
• Made several adjustments to aid with the flow of Map11, Map12, Map13 and Map14;

• Warlocks are no longer immune to the effect of the Time Shard;
• Increased the chance to attack for Pit Lord Commanders and reduces their pain chance significantly;
• Further reduced the opacity of the Psi Demon attack sprites;
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Book of Hours

Lots of small updates
v2023.9.b.12 = current installer

from Steam:

Small Update / Patch Notes, September 25
HOTFIX: Nume-Brume should now only show up in Numa; you shouldn't be able to skip incidents on 6x speed

Small Update / Patch Notes, September 21
FEATURE: Crafting helper panel for workstations
FEATURE: Mouseover to show unlock requirements on rooms
FEATURE: Save-independent endings. You can now unlock a History with one save, and access it from the Histories screen even when playing another save. (When you open the game, it'll log any new Histories from your current AUTOSAVE and store them permanently.)
Two matching spintriae can now be converted into a spool of metal wire.
Items fixed to the wall no longer highlight as Considerable.
To minimise beach-madness, some UI elements only appear once you're out of the first phase of the game
Added an 'Unlock All Resolutions' checkbox option for people who really don't want to play in 16:10
Aspect-finder pulse now keeps going if you leave your mouse over the aspect display
Little bit of camera easing
Fixed some incorrect crafting hints
Expanded hints on Determinations and ending-related info
Fixed Curse of the Flying Scroll/Phonograph bug
Rev Tim no longer pretends like he's going to give you two Memories on first introduction
Roots Origin Determination no longer claims to affect Grail
Tree of Wisdoms auto-closes when you hit Backspace
Clarified some Moth and Lantern History text
Added some clarifying information about Numa frequency
Dog is no longer confusingly found in staff-room if already found elsewhere (in new games, anyway)
Candles, and some llies, are no longer Fuel
Fatigued Soul cards now properly affected by theoplasmic contamination
Deeplight Corals didn't allow crafting.
Deep Mandaic no longer alphabetised under M
Fludd Gallery glassware is a little less greedy for clicks
Some experimental perf optimisations
Added a hotkey to hide the HUD/UI, for screenshot enthusiasts
UI Scale is now a slider
Fixed annoying mouseover flicker bug on aspect preview
Rags are now Fabric
VSync options are now separate from quality settings
Some more of the higher-level Memories are Persistent (but no longer Confounding Parable)
Pennies can now be disposed of
Fixed an issue where you could use hotkey to start a room unlocking while another unlock was in progress, bypassing checks and devouring the assistant
Leathy now consumed when drunk
Added some aspects to Telescope and Cage.
Tweaked some miscued recipes to fit their skills better.
All Altars which accept Lights now also accept Fuels and Pigments.
Dragging an item a very long way from a newly unlocked room while scrolling will no longer make the item disappear
Activated nooks in the dispensary room in the Motley Tower
Tiny icons for things now preserve the correct aspect ratio
HOTFIX: 'ghostcrafting' issue (thanks E.K.) where mysterious empty recipe info could appear in helper panel
HOTFIX: no black border around books
HOTFIX: silly bug fixed where books were taking up too much space
HOTFIX: reverted accidental ordering changes in trays
HOTFIX: Reduced likelihood of pulse-search getting stuck
HOTFIX: Occasional issue with cards escaping from inside workstations
HOTFIX: Sun-Cross symbol has suitable aspects again
HOTFIX: ordering for money is sensible again
HOTFIX: truly ridiculous bug where things go BONG when you pick them up or put them down.
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Geralt_of_Rivia: ΔV: Rings of Saturn

Update to V1.16.10.


1.16.10 - The Cold Astromathematic

- Astrogator’s matrix multiplication error could cause your ship to hit some big objects, most notably the most recently discovered class of moonlets, during astrogation sequences.
Update to V1.16.10.


1.16.10 - The Cold Astromathematic

- Astrogator’s matrix multiplication error could cause your ship to hit some big objects, most notably the most recently discovered class of moonlets, during astrogation sequences.
Ghost Song

Updated to 1.2.12

Changelog from SteamDB:

Update 1.2.12 - New content/fixes

This update contains several pieces of new side content, including bosses, enemies, and items, as well as some misc. bug fixes and balance changes.