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Crossroads Inn Anniversary Edition

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 4.0.9d.4 ⇒ 4.0.9d02.

No Changelog

(The decoration pack dlc is now available for download.)

✫✬ ✭ ✮ ✯ ✰✫✬ ✭ ✮ ✯ ✰✫✬ ✭ ✮ ✯ ✰✫✬ ✭ ✮ ✯ ✰

House Party

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 1.0.3HW ⇒ 1.0.3R2.

No Changelog

(Rollback to the pre-Halloween version.)
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Gamedec - Definitive Edition

Updated to 20221128_1.7.1.r70100_Shipping (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.

Note: Please download the English offline installer, which is multilingual now - all other base game installers have been removed.
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Solasta: Crown of the Magister updated from 1.4.28_Final to 1.4.30_Final

No changelog.
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ΔV: Rings of Saturn

Update to V0.580.4.


0.580.4 - Newsbreak

New Enceladus News Network broadcast for the Enceladian Billboards.
Added baked-in depth-of-field effect for the Enceladian Billboards to reduce aliasing artefacts and make displayed information easier to read.
Point Defence Systems of stations and ships would try to snipe out equipment from your cradle that they didn’t like. Due to their overzealousness, this often resulted in an escalation of violence. All PDT systems will now treat hardware attached to your ship through cradles the same as your ship - but the crew might still not like that you bring wiretaps to their area.
Some claim beacons could boot up while they were still attached to your ship - and tried to contribute to your ship manoeuvres with their own thrust. While commendable, this often resulted in overheating damage.
Adjusted physical collider shape on Antonoff-Titan AT-K225.
Ingesting cargo containers into your main hull and flying with them back to the station this way will now yield their contents, just like you had them attached to a dedicated cradle arm.
Changed the collision algorithm for carbon-based ice. Previously used raycast was precise for small, fast-moving objects, but tended to experience problems with multiple items confined in a cargo hull.
Limited the number of music tracks that can be mixed simultaneously. While all our soundtracks were designed to be mixed seamlessly, if you put 4 together, that didn’t sound very coherent.
Ship logs now display progressively, eliminating a lag spike in late-game saves.
Ghosts of deceased spacemen won’t haunt you with eerie music for the rest of your dive if you fail to put them to rest.
Adjusted OSX fullscreen mode handling. On some M1 systems, window manipulation could induce a race condition that caused the game to crash when you switched modes while it was running.
Updated translations.
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dV: Rings of Saturn

Updated from 0.579.3 to 0.580.4 on Windows, Mac and Linux. Blue dot present.
Same for the demo.

Changelog present and posted in the forum by the developer:

Pfft, ninjad by a minute; see above post for the changelog.
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Urbek City Builder

Updated from to

Changelog posted in the forum by the developer:
Many changes to new version. Let me know if you see any other bug. Thanks for your feedback!

+ Quarry with explosives (desert biome only)
+ Fish market
+ Desert market (desert biome only)
+ Heavy sawmill (valdivian rain biome forest onyl)
+ Mud Brick Factory (desert biome only)
+ Salt Water Pump (desert biome only)
+ Deep Iron Mine

+ New option: Adjust font size
+ Planning mode: Can build without the need for roads
+ Total number of achievements is shown (2/8, for example)
+ G key also highlights the radius of influence
+ Floodplains now have palm trees (decoritaves only, no wood)
+ A button to hide/show day/night cycle and time interface

+ Now you can change the icon of the mods' constructions
+ Multiple versions of a road now work in mods
+ Two new variables for custom buildings: 'mapAble' and 'mapUnable'. They work as a whitelist/blacklist similar to 'biomeAble' and 'biomeUnable', but they control whether the custom building will load on a given array of map themes or not. Temperate: 0, Desert 1, Archipelago 2, etc.

+ Italian
+ Many fixes
+ Some minor localization fixes
+ Green 5-storey building now are named Green 5-storey residencial building, to differentiate it from the 5-storey mixed-use green building.

+ Promenades no longer interfere with the position of roads and bridges (although they are still considered roads)
+ More buildings have colours in strategy mode
+ Desert no longer have lumberjack related policies (lumberjack house technicians)
+ Iron logistics module didn't cost anything
+ Activate/deactivate strategic view and minimap hotkey now are saved correctly
+ Happiness-related achievements bug solved
+ Now saltwater pump unlocks the water tower too
+ Promenades now do connect
+ Markets in parks policy now works properly
+ The Arts and letters faculty level 2 now needs a philosophy faculty nearby, thus avoiding the problem when the arts and letters faculty was automatically upgraded and then the city hall could not be unlocked.
+ Advanced Faculty of Arts and Letters now needs an advanced (instead of non-advanced) Faculty of Philosophy

+ Metro stations now need a metro hub on the city.
+ Iron scavengers store 100 iron and Steelworks cost 100, so it is possible to play with only one iron scavenger.
+ The archipelago productivity path ask for fishing instead of grain silos.
+ University Restaraunt give food services now
+ Stops and subways are built without the need for ALT on any roads
+ In archipelago: The productivity path no longer requires fruit processors.
+ Valdivian rainforest richness path ask for wooden houses instead of village houses
+ Jungle map policies that increase the lumbercamp production are now working with lumbercamp plus
+ Wealth path ask for 3 mansions, not 2.5
+ water tower doesn't need water tower to be unlocked, so it can be built when there is no river
+ Make University Restaraunt give food services
+ Jungle map policies that increase the lumbercamp production are not working with lumbercamp plus
+ los eastereggs ya no se pueden desbloquear con mods que suben población
+ Two-story fishing houses now require docks
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Realpolitiks II

Standalone installer updated: [Windows, Linux, Mac] 1.08 ⇒ 1.09.
Realpolitiks II update v1.09 is out now


Brand new patch for Reapolitiks II has just arrived, fixing many bugs and issues.

• The frequency of the outbreak of a rebellion has been changed - it shouldn't happen that often now
• UN eagerly adopts resolutions on an unrecognized player's country
• Changed the liberation mechanic - now it can recreate already nonexisting historic countries - If the country ceased to exist and the provinces in its historic territory were liberated, the devastated country would return to the world map
• Improvements and fixes in effects' values visualization
• Fixed missing music after loading saved game
• Fixed a bug where a saved game become corrupted and couldn't be loaded due to being stuck in the loading screen
• Fixed the issue where sometimes after loading the game some armies were bugged and unclickable or unable to be moved
• Fixed the issue where sometimes after loading the game some war theatres were bugged and unclickable or unable to resolve
• Fixed some rare issues with changing province's owner¨
• Localization fixes
• Fixed an issue where incorrectly assigned armies caused the game to freeze
• Fixed the problem where after breaking a bloc, the notification displayed the wrong flag of the country we are fighting

One more thing to add - a fan-made Japanese localization can now be downloaded from this link. It has not been officially made by the developer, but it has been tested by the players and should be perfectly usable.

Thank you for playing Realpolitiks II, have a good one!
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Lords and Villeins has been updated to version 1.02 (GOG update number 60567).

Changelog from Steam Community:
Most honorable lords and ladies!

the first wave of bugfixes is just being deployed to your lands. We have been working hard to resolve the most immediate issues and address some smaller problems, so we can improve the quality of the game while you wait for a bigger patch. Our efforts are not ending here!

In the following patch, we aim to fix more issues, but also spend time on improving the UI and adding quality-of-life features requested by our players, including more options to customize difficulty, a better way to manage priorities of villagers, more UI stats and balancing improvements, so stay tuned for the next patch in the following weeks! We are doing our best to deliver these updates to you as soon as possible.

In the meantime, here is a list of changes delivered with 1.0.2!

Major Bugs:

Updated Unity version to Unity 2021.3.14f1 to solve a number of native crashes caused by the engine
Sickness no longer impacts mood, happiness, and health before the sickness incubates (it will only spread to others during this time)
Chance to die from sickness was incorrectly multiplied by three because it was not recognizing villagers sleeping in bed
Expelling a family will automatically remove all related notifications
Fixed crash in the finance book related to when a family died or left
Fixed crash in the population book related to villagers dying
Fixed a backward compatibility crash for older save files
Fixed incorrect order of calls when objects are removed. This led to a number of crashes in the UI and other parts of the game
Fixed camera clipping issue that miscalculated cursor position due to a rounding error
Fixed serialization issue with tax data that allowed evaluating taxation multiple times if save file was made on the same day
Fixed a crash during loading which would happen when the player has no soldier regiments
Fixed incorrect music being queued on startup

Minor Bugs:

Fixed notification for marketplace closed being displaced incorrectly around the public celebration days
Unsafe Marketplace and Unsafe Tourism are now triggered only when a caravan member dies out of hunger, combat, or temperature (previously old age death would also trigger this debuff)
Increased character limit and changed validation method on the settlement name
Fixed Select keybinding action to allow rebinds
Requesting a custom family is now updating favor points immediately after spending them
Setting the Caravan price and switching to the local market and selecting Sell action will no longer switch to the "Free" price type
Sicknesses will now correctly show in the HUD counter after they end the incubation period
Unsafe Settlement, Unsafe Tourism, and Family Left Or Was Expelled debuffs now reset their timers with the most recent event
Fixed incorrect loading of states for Promotion quests during the tutorial
Fixed incorrect loading of a cooking quest during the tutorial
Fixed performance-related texturing issue in the zone tenure UI
Fixed crash when the database of unique last names would exhaust itself
Fixed possible crash with a villager moving on the edge of a map
Market Presence UI now automatically closes if it is displaying information about the family that left or died
Fixed crash related to a Market Presence UI when closed after family left or died
Fixed achievement "A Noble cause"
Fixed "Settle them All" and "They Are All Here" achievement
Fixed issue with guards attempting to occupy guard postmarked for removal

QOL Changes:

Removed redundant alternative key bindings
Nonstackable settlement debuffs now display the remaining time

Balancing changes:

Sheep can now spawn in the wilderness and be tamed
Redesigned drafting mechanism for animals brought by caravans to ensure more variety
Increased inventory capacity of the caravan to bring a higher variety of resources, caravans will also appear slightly more frequently
Increased yields of stones from stone mountains
During the tutorial, the emergency supply of normal meals was reduced, but the player will now also receive a regular supply of good meals
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Trooper1270: Odd Realm has just received an update to for Linux, Windows is still at

No change log found or posted by the Dev for
Windows has now been updated to too. :)
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Crystal Caves HD got updated
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McPixel 3 updated from 1.0.33 to 1.0.34 for Windows, Linux and Mac.

No changelog.
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Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga got a small update:

1.03 --> 1.03a

No change log.
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The Riftbreaker 1.33770 -> 1.34025
The Riftbreaker Update, November 29th 2022. EXE: 632 DATA: 255
Changelog from Steam:

Added Safe Mode launch option. If the game detects that it wasn't closed properly the last time, it will prompt the user whether they would like to launch the game in Safe Mode. This mode disables all downloaded mods and resets the graphics options to safe default values - DirectX 11, windowed mode, 1280x720. Here are some cases when this option might be useful:
- You have some mods installed and a game update has caused one ore more of them to become incompatible, resulting in a game crash at startup. Launching the game in Safe Mode will allow you to disable the mods that cause problems and wait for a fix.
- You installed a couple of new mods and they are incompatible with each other - just like in the previous case, Safe Mode will allow you to try and determine which mods are causing trouble.
- You changed your PC hardware or a monitor - Safe Mode will give you the option to restore your settings to safe defaults and then allow you to reconfigure the game the way you like.
- You will be prompted about launching the game in Safe Mode every time when the game detects an unsafe shutdown. This option is also available from our Launcher menu.

- Metallic Valley Survival final wave tweaked - shorter delay before the ending waves, added flurian boss(es.)
- Operational radius display added to magnetic stabilizers.
- Added many new building 'working' state sounds and bioanomaly idle sounds. Feedback welcome!
- Mini-Miner and Sentry guns item category changed from 'defensive' to 'consumable'.
- Added effets for buildings being turned on and off.
- Mod Management Screen - added `Toggle All Mods' button.
- More performance options are displayed in the benchmark summary screen.

- Fixed the collision size in Nuclear Power Plant.
- Fixed an issue that caused single wall pieces to always rotate one way when not connected to any other wall pieces.
- Fixed a crash on loading that occurred if the save was created during a building upgrade process.
- Fixed a crash in BurstWeaponSystem.
- Fixed an issue that caused pipes to connect to walls.
- Fixed a crash in DestructionLevelSystem.
- Debug: fixed debug_recreate_buildings command to give back proper resources, not duplicate saplings, set back mods, saplings and resources in decompressors.
- Fixed a crash in Crafting Screen if resource doesn't exist in basket.
- Fixed a crash on loading if an item blueprint doesn't exist.
- Display a different controler shortcut if the current controller shortcuts don't exist.
- Fixed unlocking research on additional trees when loading old saves.
- Typing in the developer console now takes priority over game controls.
- Hardened the game logic safety around a potential campaign flow bug that could prevent the game from progressing past building the alien research laboratory. Thanks, Typhon!
- Fixed a crash if a save name was corrupted.
- Fixed a crash that occurred if a player tried to launch a new version of the game and had deprecated FidelityFX CAS or VRS options enabled.
- Fixed a crash in the camera system when getting back to maps where you died previously.
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Lords and Villeins has been updated to version 1.03 (GOG update number 60613).

Changelog from Steam Community:

Greetings Lords and Ladies,

through the changes introduced in 1.0.2, two critical issues have slipped through our testing process and impacted a small number of our players. Because of the potential severity of these issues, we have immediately issued a fix and are deploying it to you now. We apologize to anyone impacted, and thank you for reporting these problems to us!


Fixes a critical bug which could happen to players that changed keybindings in version 1.00
Servant cooks will now use ingredients taxed by royals if they are marked as usable.

More noticeable updates are on their way and we will be publishing them in the upcomming weeks. Thank you for playing and see you soon!
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EVERSPACE 2 0.10.30114 -> 0.10.30179 (Hotfix)
Changelog posted by a dev in the subforum.