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^ He initiated a Sting operation, giving the lead stinger of The Police an appendectomy.
^ Once shot a hornet's nest onto Sting the singer while he was cosplaying as Frodo Baggins.
^ He looked exactly like Harry Potter last Halloween.
^ He rode Harry Potter's broomstick, and dressed in drag as a witch for Halloween.
^ HIs secret desire is to become a werewolf.
^ His secret desire is to become a vampire. This is why he asked Maenmeldir to bite him.
^ his secret desire is to become a jiangshi. He prefers to hop around, instead of turning into a bat and biting people.
^ Is spreading disinformation about me. The reason i was hopping around at night is ... i was just ... i had to go to the toilet and couldn't hold it in any other way. Yes. That's what happened. YOU LIAR!!!
^ Hopping around at night, looking for public toilets. Because reasons...
^ Hopping around at night, looking for other rabbits. Because "reasons" isn't a reason...
^ He is incapable of reasoning.
^ He tries to avoid the inescapable reasoning.
^ Brushes his teeth with a unique toothpaste he makes out of pickle juice and pureed habanero peppers.
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^ Got rid of all mirrors in his home after watching the movie Mirrors.
^ likes to tan some part of his skin using a sun gun.