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^ Genetic memories are his favorite sci-fi idea.
^ Steam-powered carriages are his favorite sci-fi idea.
^ steampunk is his favorite video game genre
^ fantasy is his favorite video game genre
^ He keeps an open mind in regard to his favorite video game genre.
^ Performs amateur brain surgery so that he can say his patients have "open minds".
^ Lobotomized himself.
^ Pitched a Frankenstein movie starring the Undertaker as the creature.
^ He played a part as one of the villagers who pitched a fork.
^ did not think Deus Ex: Mankind Divided was Epic enough.
^ He didn't believe that this was sufficiently epic.
^ is best friends with Tim Sweeney.
^ He's best friends with Elon Musk.
^ Has filmed a home-movie remake of A Goofy Movie, but cut Pauli Shore's character because he wouldn't allow any candidates near his son.
^ Was the guy about whom the Atlanta documentary was made, about that movie.