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^ He found his new stun gun quite shocking.
^ He found his new ear-stretching gun quite Spocking.
He found his panty-gun to be quite stocking.
^ He found his Love Gun quite Kissable.
Maenmeldir sat in a corner spying on LegoDnD kissing the love gun.

Double burn!
^ Has one of my favorite avatars. Easily top 5.
^ Thinks stars are hot.
^ insists that stars are blind and Paris Hilton is hot.
^ Looked into a star (specifically the sun) for a long time and went blind, and also felt hot.
^ He actually googled to find out if there was a Hilton in Paris, Texas.
^ He actually thinks I use Google.
^ He doesn't understand that "googled" means, used a search engine, Because nobody ever says "He Duck Duck Goed" it.
^ Rumour has it that not long ago he was yandexing, qwanting, startpaging, yahooing and most importantly and unsuccessfully binging.
^ He still asks Jeeves.
^ Is only 19 years old, but is such an excessive smoker that it aged him.