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^ is a 400 year-old nudist and still tucks herself in at night.
^ Implies that InSaintMonoxide is a hermaphrodite.
^ Uses fancy greek terminology to prove that he is smarter than everybody else.
^ uses foreign language to hide his royal status.
^ Types in a foreign language because he thinks that's cryptography.
^ sleeps commando
^ washes his body and his clothes always at the same time.
^ Doesn't wash his body at all. Why would he? He never takes the armor off.
^ He does not realize that Le_Chevallier's armor and skin have become one.
^ Wanted to shave his beard for years, but it has kind of grown on him.
^ He sunbathes until his skin is a'peeling.
^ People complain when he sunbathes because his skin is a'ppalling.
^ Considers his account a sovereign soviet state, with the avatar being the official flag.
^ always picks Sun Wukong when playing Dota 2.
^ Doesn't seriously think i play online-only games. He is just trying to make me angry!