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^ "He" is actually a female and even moire attractive than her avatar.
^ He is actually a wizard and even more powerful than his avatar.
^ is known to use "Rona Maoi" as one of his aliases.
^ Is credited as "Christopher Bee" for playing the role of Dracula in the original Castlevania.
^ is Gerhard Schröder's Korean wife. But now she's fallen in love with Morolf and wants to leave the ex-chancellor for him. Will Gerd accept that? Or will he hatch a diabolically evil scheme to prevent love from winning?
^ Likes to write fanfictions about real people. Usually the villains are either Gerhard Schröder or Emperor Wilhelm II, while the hero is usually a guy named "Morolf" who ends up seducing the wifes of the villains.
^ Wishes there was a crossover plot line involving George Jetson and The Hamburglar.
^ Wishes there was a crossover game involving Street Fighter and Tekken.
^ He wishes that there was a crossover game involving Street Fighter, Tekken, and Final Fantasy.
^ Prefers Kingdom Hearts.
^ prefers beating up people in real life.
^ He prefers to be a genuinely a pleasant, affable, and gregarious fellow.
low rated
^ Is really cousin IT with less hair
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^ Doesn't understand the severity of the situation and considers it a party.
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^ Totally knew it is a certain someone's birthday this month when making the above post