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^ Likes to have his birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese.
^ He wonders whether or not it's possible to eat but one S'more, because if one eats but one S'more then one hasn't had one S'more more and as such one hasn't actually had a S'more, therefor; that's why he always eats two S'mores or more.
^ owns Youtube's Diamond Play Button plaque. One day he fought with a random dude and he hit the dude's head with the plaque, to ensure what's the plaque actually made of.
^ Is terribly shortsighted and accidentally impales people with his lance all the time. More cynically, he sells the corpses to morolf as lizard food.
^ thinks Morolf's lizards are cute and occasionally throws a dwarf into their enclosure.
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^ Eats his lizards' leftovers.
^ He has been peeking in Morolf's refrigerator.
^ Is refrigerated within Morolf's peeker (whatever that means).
^ Is the keeper of the key to Morolf's refrigerator.
^ secured Morolf's refrigerator with steel chains and big steel padlock and booby trapped the access to the fridge.
^ Uses exploding refrigerators as weapons, and keeps them all around the perimeter of his property in case anyone tries to trespass.
^ imprisons those who rejected his account inside his ever-expanding refrigerated dungeon.
^ Works as a guard in HMA's prison.
^ Once survived an explosion by climbing into a fridge, then told that story to George Lucas.
^ Once survived a cold winter by cutting open and climbing into George Lucas, then told that story to the police.