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Simply post an allegation containing some few words or a sentence (to keep it simple) regarding the user who posted just before you. Please hold your posts to within the rules of the forum.


^ Owns over 100 cats

^ Is actually a famous actor

^ They once set a Guiness Book record for eating the most pudding ever.
^ His beard is false... and stolen.
^ Smells like chicken soup when he first wakes up in the AM.
^ Is in fact a Blackguard and not a Paladin.
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He's an atheist, not a Chris(t).
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^ plays with goat cheese like putty.
^ likes to pretend he's vegan when visiting his inlaws to avoid his mother in law's cooking.
^ He is a Beefeater who also eats fish, pork, and chicken.
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^ Works for Game Freak, and knows exactly why they've left out all the Pokemon.
likes to light a fire in his fireplace, he's such an arsonist :P
^ lights his own farts
^ Once motorboated Uma Thurman.
^ He got Jeri Ryan's autograph on seven of nine attempts.
^ main ghost writer of the Battlefield Earth film adaptation.
^ Eats "Everlasting Gobstoppers" so he can spit in 3 different colours.