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pseudonymous: Pretty certain Heidi Shannon is dead.
Symfaer: That would explain this part of my "complaint". Are you sure though? I googled her & couldn't find a confirmation. Might be out of voice acting business, however, with a similar result for BG:EE.
She was over 50 in '98... if she's not dead she's long since retired on an island somewhere, sexually harassing the pool boys.
I'm glad I got the classic editions off GOG before the vultures swept in and managed to REMOVE THE OPTION, "because they wanted to give players the option"... are they daft or do they just think we're daft? Or both?
Obviously they had to do it because there is no reason to buy their editions of these games.

This developer is unbelievably cancerous. But cancer is exactly what you should expect from a company with a SJW agenda.
Have you seen NWN:EE? That's the definition of effortless!
Post edited December 22, 2018 by OneStonedBastard
Chirping in just to say that I'm also one of the lucky owners of the classic Infinity Engine games here on GOG. I am so happy with my purchases that I was inviting a friend to register so that he could also buy them... only to find out that he can't anymore, with the sole exception of Icewind Dale II.

He is NOT interested in the Enhanced Editions. He just wants the classic games as they were left by BioWare/Black Isle/Interplay. Why do you have to force him and other new potential buyers to get the EEs when all they want is the classics? It is truly beyond me.

Now I know I will stay away from anything that has the Beamdog logo on it.
man, this enhanced edition thing was a mistake. sigh