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davidxlongshot: ...
Your horse is dead, sir.
davidxlongshot: ...
alcaray: Your horse is dead, sir.
Dead, but not forgotten.
davidxlongshot: Glad GOG finally decided to remove the downvote button. Now BeamDog and their fanboys can stop stalking their threads every hour and every day.
It should've been done well over 2 years ago but we're here now.

I still have my original digital copy of Baldur's Gate 2, I wish I had more money then to buy the original copy of Baldur's Gate 1 when it was still labeled 'Developed by BioWare' which it should still be.

But hey, BeamDog is still on suicide watch, still raging that they don't have rights to Baldur's Gate III, so that they can create an ""Enchanced Edition"". Because they cannot create anything original and having to beat the dead horse of ancient games they're trying to develop political agendas thinking they can be 'hip' with the political trends. Well tough luck. Even if BeamDog tried to make anything original, they'd never be willing to invest into a quality product, instead using the cheapest methods possible while forfilling their agendas first and foremost.

And the people who go "Oooh, if you buy EE, you'll get the Original too. Why are you complaining?" First, I don't want EE, I just want the Original and how it was. Second, screw BeamDog. Thirdly, Screw BeamDog.
They're literally have the power to give us the option of buying which version of the game we want. But they knew we wouldn't accept EE because it's so crap. So they forced both games together at a higher price, and can proudly brag how well their EE is doing.
Good thing I have no intent on supporting Beamdog any furthur than I have to, and good thing I only use the classic games, cuz you've got a point. Granted, I'd hate to lose my OG Infinity Engine titles and Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition, cuz that would suck. But I personally know that GOG won't let that happen, fingers crossed. Anyway, good point peeps, good point.
davidxlongshot: Glad GOG finally decided to remove the downvote button.
I disagree.

Its a good lifelesson for people in general to learn that just because something is downvoted to hell on the internet doesnt mean its any bad.

Beamdog is a third rate developer who got control over a legendary title and insisted on adding trash content to it. No thanks. If I couldnt download the originals, I wouldnt have bought this.
Well, shoot.

I cant actually play the original BG series anymore.

The text and icons and everything are just insanely tiny on my 4K notebook screen.

I guess Beamdog wins.
If you're using widescreen mod, I wouldn't go for maximum resolution then - this way the icons won't be too small and I think you can increase the font size with widescreen mod?