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well, the good old rule "if you don't like it, either don't use it, or make it better yourself" still applies. that's exactly how TGfix has been born.

bloom is supported, open ddfix.ini and start tweaking the settings to your liking.
Hmm, yes I've messed with the settings, but I can't seem to get the bloom to work on Thief Gold... Even after experimenting with the post-processing settings...

It works fine on Thief 2, but I was using tafferpatch which automatically sets all the bloom stuff (or makes it easier to change the settings).
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Currently having a problem. I installed the latest community fix and restarted the computer. When the level loads up all I get is a black screen. I can interact with the world but I cannot see it.

Win7 64-bit, running as admin.
try updating your drivers. if you have a geforce card, go to your control panel, find "Number of frames to render ahead" option,and set it to 0.
how do i ''patch'' Thief 2 with your DDFix? I allready have Thief2.exe (should be patched)
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608082: how do i ''patch'' Thief 2 with your DDFix? I allready have Thief2.exe (should be patched)
TGfix is for thief gold, for thief2, see tafferpatcher:
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they did (and the GOG release, indeed, works fine for many, if not most users). however, their motto is "only change what is absolutely necessary". TGfix goes way beyond that, and some users may see those changes and improvements as intrusive, unnecessary and game breaking. therefore, it's better to let the user choose-it's either basic stuff with the GOG release, or TGfix if you desire more.
One problem with the vanilla GOG release, is it uses an outdated version of DDfix... So things like fog, simply don't work in Windows Vista/7...

Most stuff in TGfix is optional, you can use it to upgrade to a more updated version of DDfix, and add widescreen support (actually makes the game work better on modern machines), without having to use the Thief 2 tectures...

I generally like to play with the original artwork in the game, to play it as the developers designed it... I like the old zombie models, a bit better than the ones in sequel for example... And there are a couple of places where the Thief 2 tectures don't effectively replace the original textures in a proper manner (completely different looking graphics, or textures that don't match up with surrounding textures)... There is a certain evolution in the 'armor' designs/colors/heraldry between Thief 1 and Thief 2 on the enemies, and this is more or less replaced with Thief 2 armor varities...

Though I'm sure alot of that was fixed in later versions, of the fan patches...

Still its kinda strange to see an area that is supposed to have 'pink rock', replaced with 'green rock' (as a hypothetical situation)....

But its some of the differences like that, that make me prefer to stick to the 'official' textures from the game...

But the way TGFix is setup, I don't have to use those patches if I don't want to... and just stick to ones I think improve the game, without changing it too much!

Still it would be nice to get a nice automatic installation interface like the TafferPatcher...!

TGFix is not intrusive, and allows the user to pick and choose what they want in the game! It's not as intrusive as the 'graphic patches' (no interlace patch for example), that GOG added into say Gabriel Knight 2 download they sell.
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Baggins: Still it would be nice to get a nice automatic installation interface like the TafferPatcher...!
one ttlg-er has decided to take a look at this, so a tafferpatcher style installer may be added soon.
Do any of these mods (for T1, T2, or Gold) give the option to remove the 'head-bobbing'? Always made me ill... Thanks. Or is there a way I can just turn it off myself (like an 'ini' fix, etc.).
I've got a question about DDFix with Thief II. When I use the fixed Thief2.exe it asks me to put the game discs in, which is impossible since I don't own the physical discs. Is there a way around this? I've looked for a no cd patch but haven't found any for version 1.18 of Thief II.
edit darkinst.cfg and delete the cdpath line, if present. wrong thread btw.

as for head bobbing, I'm not aware of any option that would disable it.
Thanks. My apologies about posting in this thread then, I took this as a general Thief/Thief 2 mod thread.
I've got a problem with my GoG version of Thief Gold.

I installed TGfix following the readme instructions but if I run the game and start a mission, I only get black screen: I can see the "HP bar" and weapons' names if I activate them, but the rest of the screen is black. If I change the video option "Hardware On" to "Hardware Off" it works fine but the graphics is crap then - e.g. the shadow in which Garrettt can completely hide is simply black so it's hard to find your bearings if there's no light source in vicinity.

I did change the number of pre-rendered frames for Thief in my nVidia Control Panel to 0, but it didn't help at all.

Could anybody help me with this please?
at this point, you can only try to update your drivers and hope for the best.