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That explains why sometimes I would get my ass kicked even though I was being so sneaky.

The Opera House was insane for me.
I seriously hope that GOG won't patch the games anymore than they have so far. I'd rather be able to patch up, than lose any ability reverse patches back down to base version.

I want to play games as 'pure' to the original as possible. So no fan graphic patches.

Links to TFix and Tafferpatcher is best choice GOG has made, that way individuals can decide what is best for themselves.

That being said. As of yet it doesn't look like 1.19 is a good idea for Thief Gold, if you want to play a 'pure' version of that game. It changes too many things in the engine, and controls. So a link to Tfix 1.10 is a must. I'd actually prefer if the next TFix included an option to choose between 1.10 version (utilizing DDFix and original engine) and the 1.19 Thief2 engine upgrade (with a warning pointing out the unintended consquences of using the 1.19 patch).

But 1.19 does appear to be incredible non-intrusive upgrade to Thief 2, and well worth the option of downloading. Thus latest Tafferpatcher is a must link.
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most of those TG issues do have solutions, their implementation is just quite time consuming. things like pathing and AI being too sensitive at some places will get fixed, slowly but steadily. lighting issues that some users reported were caused by using old savegames, and were fixed by level restart, if memory serves. while the classic controls cannot be created from the ingame menu, they are available in the controls menu and can be loaded at any time, should the user desire.

and no, I will not be re-adding ddfix or supporting it, it has simply reached the end of it's usability/life (the person that has released the last few versions has stated that there will be no new ones), it has a lot of issues with the current hardware and software - one more generation of graphics cards and windows and it will probably stop working altogether.

one thing is true though - no matter how many tweaks, T1/TG played with NewDark will never be 100% true to the original gameplay. it will be very close, but not 100%. that shouldn't matter much though, as most people just "want to play nicely", not caring about the small details, and those few purists (that view even widescreen or mousewheel as heresy) should probably have a secondary pc with p3, windows98 and a 3dfx voodoo card, so they can play the game like it's 1999.

I know that I do :D
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and speaking of new versions, got a small xmas present for you - 1.13 is up. some small fixes here and there (including Ramirez alert, and Escape sky), plus you can now use the patcher to uninstall/repick mods (just run it again and select the new combination). the complex stuff will have to wait.
voodoo47: and speaking of new versions, got a small xmas present for you - 1.13 is up.
Great job as always voodoo. Thanks again!
I might hold off playing through Thief again, then, for now, until the TGFix AI is deemed to be fixed. Plus I have plenty of games in my backlog that I can be getting on with.
Korell, or you can try to use the 1.10 version of TFix I linked to. It uses DDFIX, and as far as I've found works just fine on my NVIDIA card, and Alienware machine (stable even). It keeps the Thief 1 engine as the thief 1 engine, so no 'weird' anomalies as far I've found.

At least until people 'fix' as much of the stuff as possible, and come up with an improved 1.19 patch for the game.

But Thief Gold by itself doesn't really need the features of the Thief 2 engine or the new 1.19, unless you intend to use some of the fan addons like say things that replace assets with improved graphics (some of the fan stuff pushes the original vanilla engine to the limits of its poly counts) or add bloom and other special effects. Future fan levels will undoubtly require 1.19 at some point, as they will be exceeding the limits of the older versions of the engine. I could never get 'bloom' patch (not something I use most of the time, but just goofing off with) to work on Thief Gold, but for whatever reasoned worked on Thief 2 with no troubles.

Seriously the main reason DDFIX was designed originally was to fix fog, improved shadows, and transparencies in the skies of Thief 2, and those features aren't even an issue in Thief 1, since it was a more primitive engine (no weather, basic skyboxes, etc). So there was very little, that DDFix had to fix graphically in Thief Gold.

Personaly I've found I technically don't have to have DDFIX (or any new engine patches) to play ThiefTDP/Thief Gold, it was some of the stuff later added to DDFIX that was useful for Thief Gold to fix other issues (video playback fix, and setting cpu to single thread mode). Plus if you like it, and I do, use of native monitor resolutions.
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well, the NewDark improvement/bugfix list is enormous, and T1/TG benefits from all of them (as all new T2 features such as dynamic skies can now be easily backported into T1). even if it was just modern resolution/video playback/mousewheel support, it'd still be worth it.

my recommendation would be - don't wait. play it with NewDark, and if you find an anomaly, report it, and it will be fixed faster (zip a screenshot with short description and a quicksave, share it). if you find a showstopper, it might even make it on my critical list.

I need testers more than anything, as I really don't have enough time to roam around the levels and check every small detail, as much as I would love to.
I wish I had time to do some play testing! I'd probably run a version 1.10 or gog's vanillia ddfix patched game, and a version of 1.13 tfix to see differences. But unfortunately I have a bunch of research work to do, and what free time I have, I'm spending playing Deus Ex 3, and Dishonored right now ;).
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I'm not sure if this is connected to the Thief Gold Fix 1.13 or was already buggy in the original game.
its when you get to the first two guards in baffords manor, the ones talking about the security measures and stopping people to get inside instead of catching them inside.
if you save after their dialogue and reload, they will talk the same dialogue again. this can be repeated as often as you want. even if they are further on their patrols and in completely different hallways, the dialogue starts every time you save and reload.
this is a very old original bug, I believe. moved onto the bugs to fix list, but with low priority.
Could use a bit of help here:

The game was running without the fan-patch, but the cinematics didn't work. Installing the fan patch lets me see the movies, but replaces the gameplay with an empty black screen.
let me guess - intel integrated graphics. edit your cam_ext.cfg with notepad, find multisampletype and change it from

multisampletype 8


;multisampletype 8

the next version of TFix will have automatic intel detection (among other things).
again a minor detail:

in cragsleft prison at the offices there's a way out where a guard is patroling and underneath is some water. if you jump in or out, there is no splashing sound, at least for me. tested with and without eax.
orig bug. will be fixed, as long as I figure out how (this is not trivial).