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Hi voodoo47!
I used your fix-pack (it's AWESOME, I finally got my videos to work) with my original german CD-release and most of it worked fine, but my sword, blackjack and several decorative items (vases, bottles, some food) of the game are missing textures and are just white. I edited the install.cfg, but maybe I'm missing a line or something...

My install.cfg

;cd_path .\
install_path .\
language german
resname_base .\mods+.\mods\EP\Thief1+.\mods\EP+.\res
load_path .\+.\thief
script_module_path .\+.\thief
movie_path .\movies+.\thief\movies

Could you please help me, I'm a bit lost...
Thanks anyway!


Nevermind, just figured it out... I was missing these two lines


at the end of my dark.cfg...

Anyway thanks a lot for this awesome compilation of fixes!
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First off thank you for putting these patches together Voodoo. I have run into an issue and I narrowed it down too ddfix.
I installed the gog and ran it and it plays fine. I tried your patch and it would lock up once I went to load the board. Videos and everything played fine but one I hit continue it would hang on loading the board.
I reinstalled and tried installing the patches manually. Im not new too hex editing so it didnt bother me. The problem arises after I install ddfix. I was just wondering if anyone else has this problem.
My for this pc are:
Windows 7
P4 3.0ghz
Ati Radeon 9600

Thank you for any advice. If I cant get it working Ill just play the gog release normally I would just like 32 bit and a higher res.
if you are already running on the latest ati driver, there isn't much you can do. I would blame the issues on the hardware/software combo - the radeon9600 is not really meant to be used under win7.. try using the hdradeon_winxp fix (see the tgfix readme), the slightly different version of ddfix that is inside might be able to cut it.
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Something that people running Windows 7, 64bit should be aware of - installing the widescreen mod may break their install, and if you have a newer release of Thief II it is very likely the pre-patched .exe WILL break the game - you will get a message saying you need to update to DirectX 7, and that's it. The GOG modding instructions are NOT that helpful - GOG really needs to create a help-file that is linked from the Thief catalogue page.

How to get round this:

When installing TGfix only do the hex-edit and the SECOND file edit. If you are having problems with this edit I would advise you download and use NFOPad - that will open it.

This will set Thief to widescreen with no further modifications needed, but it's a good idea to go into the first file it asks you to edit and turn on the graphical-improvement fixes by removing the semicolons (just don't touch resolution).
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warning - you should NOT use TGfix for thief2. you should use tafferpatcher.
I cannot download TGfix.... Google try to Scan it for viruses... then a message appears saying the size is too big for a virus scan, and offers a link to download it anyway...

But i click the link and i enter in an endless loop
seems like google changed the interface a bit, click file/download, or try this link..
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The same.... :(

I cannot find any answer in google
both ways work fine for me. try using another browser.
I have a Radeon HD5770 and XP, and the game was barely playable due to frequent crashing. As lichen did, I downgraded my drivers to the Catalyst 9.4 (I know, I know, it's not supposed to work with a 5000 series card) and now it crashes...less.

I wouldn't advise buying Thief at this time if you have a Radeon card with a number too high for Catalyst 9.4 (5000+) and you're running XP. It's just too much trouble. Getting Windows 7 is probably the easiest solution if you really want to play it. Or buy it but put it on the shelf until you get a new card or a new OS version.

Great job on the patch conglomeration, Voodoo. I've always hated bloom, but I have to admit it covers up the age spots on this old engine. I turn the gamma and saturation down so the shadows are really black, and the bloom makes torches and things look very nice. Sooner or later I'll get this thing running properly.

EDIT: I really have to revise what I said above. Here's what I did...I uninstalled Catalyst 9.4, then reinstalled the newest version of Catalyst. Next, I uninstalled Thief Gold (and a few other things I wasn't using), defragged my hard drive, reinstalled Thief Gold, and applied Voodoo's tgfix patch WITHOUT adding the HDfix part of it -- just regular tgfix. Now the game runs better than ever. I've had one or two crashes, yes, but nothing like before. I'm very happy with it.
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interesting - maybe ati fixed something in the driver that made the regular TGfix work again. did you use the latest one (12.2)?
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I'm on my laptop but I'll check when I get home.

I still get crashes, but they seem to be related to saving and restoring. If I never save, usually nothing bad happens (at least outside the confines of the game). Sometimes I can't reload without a crash, but I can make the saves work if I start a new game, then load my save once I'm standing in front of Bafford's manor. An inconvenience, but a minor one. Otherwise the game runs great.

I'm at the beginning of the 3rd mission (the crypts), and so far so good.

BTW, I've turned the general saturation down pretty far, but raised the saturation for bloom a bit. Torches seem to produce light and color. It's cool.
Just wanted to post my results:

AMD Phenom II 1100T 6 Core CPU
16gb ddr3
Radeon HD6870
Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

I had several problems getting the game up and running in the first place.
1) My game install required a restart of the machine to work which felt was odd.
2) I initially couldn't use a resolution of more than 800x600 which was very disappointing.
3) None of my videos would work on it

The fixes:

1) Restarting the PC after installing the GOG release made the game load and run
2) I can confirm that Tafferpatcher works BRILLIANTLY for getting the game to run on widescreen/nonstandard resolutions. I'm now running at 1920x1080 with no problems whatsoever, THANK YOU SO MUCH VOODOO! =D
3) I had to load the XVID codec in order to get my videos working. Now, no problems at all.

Off to play I go!

Thanks again guys, this is the easiest I've ever gotten help from a forum in my life!

Edit: Wanted to spread the word that I'm running successfully with the Catalyst 12.3 drivers
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I'm using Catalyst 12.2 on XP with a RadeonHD 5770.

As I said before, Thief Gold is playable although it has some quirks. In my experience it plays better without the HDRadeon fix (included as an extra in Voodoo's tgfix download).

Crashing seems to be centered around saving and reloading and specific objects or effects in the game. As an example, I played the last three-quarters of the third mission (Bonehoard) with absolutely no problems whatsoever. In the fourth mission I was in a library with a desk. Every time I looked at the desk, I got a crash. If I started a new game then reloaded to the library from the front gate of Bafford's mansion in mission 1, I could look at the desk, but if I tried to look at or use any objects on the desk, or even save the game while looking at the desk, I got a crash.

To get around the problem (and I've done this several times in different places) I reloaded, then moved away from the desk to a different area. Not far, but far enough to get some different ambient music, or something -- say, one room away. When I returned, the desk worked normally and no longer caused a crash.

Odd, am I right? But it works. Just go do something else for a couple minutes, them come back.

I'm now at the start of the fifth mission, and while it's been a bit frustrating at times, I've figured out how to avoid the crashing, or at least get around it, so everything's moving along nicely. Killer, killer game BTW.
Obviously doesn't warrant a TGFix 1.06 or anything like that, but movecrfs.bat should really have a pause at the end.

If for some reason the file move doesn't work, you've got no way of knowing because the window disappears right away. Adding 'pause' at the very end will fix that.

Before anyone runes movecrfs.bat I'd really recommend adding that. Just occurred to me earlier when the move did fail (initial install of Thief didn't go so well, corrupted download etc).