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some parts of the code are shared between the three, but my guess would be SS2/Dark 1.5 only.
When TFix detects whether or not you are using a copy of Thief Gold/Dark Project, does it discern between the different map files as well? I'm trying to compare my TG install with TDP but can't spot the texture differences between the two Bonehoards and using Youtube doesn't help as most videos are mislabeled.

EDIT: After playing more, there was a fire shadow in Bonehoard. Was able to fix it though by finding an article (can't post links on GOG forums despite having a decade old account) to get the installer working instead of trying something hacky like pasting the thief folder from the CD then dumping tfix lite on top.
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yes, TFixed TDP install is basically T2 running TG, which is pretending to be TDP. go for TFix lite if you want the original TDP levels completely unchanged.
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Does anyone know if there is any HUD scaling mod or fix out there for higher resolutions like 4K (3840 × 2160)?

With 4k the ONLY bad part is the size of the HUD items/weapons and the fonts under them. I know you can just choose a smaller res but it is odd to me someone hasn't been able to adjust the HUD items/fonts
open cam_ext.cfg, find this;
;d3d_disp_scaled_2d_overlay 64
and change it into this,
d3d_disp_scaled_2d_overlay 64
save and exit, see whether things look better.
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Hey Voodoo. I have some questions and thought I'd ask here as I don't remember my TTLG login.

Though tfix 127 came out years ago, gog still has Thief on 126 (gog galaxy anyways). I assume it's safe to just install 127 over the gog version, and that that would apply to any future case where the gog version is older than the current tfix version?

The TTLG thread on tfix basically says there are three texture packs to choose from (necroage, ep2 and hd mod). However, the high poly mod / thief object enhancement pack implies it's supposed to be a complement to ep2, and thus used in conjunction with it. So, would the choices be:

ep2 + high poly
hd mod

The install of tfix mentions EP, so does it actually include the effects of the ep2.crf, or is it just prepping the game files if you want to add it? In cam_mod.ini, the end line lists what I take is the list of mod precedence. However, I saw no listing of the highpoly mod, so I put it in the middle:

mod_path usermods+mods\packfix+mods\candles+mods\EP\Thief1+NecroAge\Thief1+HighPolyMod+NecroAge+EP2\Thief1+EP2+mods+mod s\t2skies+mods\EP+FMdml

Is that wrong? What's more, Soul Tear says to just add his mod to the main game folder. Should it actually go in USERMODS? I looked around and saw no instructions for USERMOD or what to put in it. Other mods also say to put them in the main folder. Should they go there, or in USERMODS? Reading around suggests there are issues with mods that vary between the MM and FMs. I'm only interested in the MM for now.

Is there an easy way to verify if the high poly mod (or other mods) is installed without playing deep into the game?
yes, it's safe to install the latest TFix over anything.

the Object Enhancement Pack is meant for T2 iirc, no idea how well will it play with TG/T1, but you can simply extract it to the usermods folder (no extra folders, just pour the files and folders from the archive straight to the usermods folder). do not edit anything manually. that should give you what you want, hopefully with as few issues as possible.

as for verification, I guess one of the first things would be the fireplace wood, it's all around Bafford's and it's supposed to be enhanced by the pack.
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Thank you for your quick response, thank you for your help, and of course, thank you for your years of work on this!
I thought TFix provided widescreen support. When using TFix, I am not getting widescreen (even though my monitor and computer support it) but am getting a standard 4:3 screen with black bars on either end. Is there some way to make it widescreen?
menu will be 4:3, the game will be widescreen. if you want the menu to be stretched for whatever crazy reason, there is a switch in the cfg you can flip, feel free to read the docs.