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there is a ton of newdark documentation there, feel free to read it, but be warned, even I barely understand half of it.
voodoo47: there is a ton of newdark documentation there, feel free to read it, but be warned, even I barely understand half of it.
I just popped in to see how the Thief discussion was going, and wow! A new patch that works with T1? Astonishing.

Kudos to voodoo47 for answering all the pesky questions in this thread. Good job.

I wonder whether this will fix the XP/ATI crahing. I'll check it out.
it does, I've already checked (so the extra fix is no longer required). it even fixes such small things as occasional z-issues and missing polygons on the player's hand and a zilion of other small things most players were probably not even aware of (and I have been trying to fix them via resource tweaks without success). NewDark just fixes everything I can think of, and probably even things I can't think of.

and it makes texture tweaking a child's play while at it. no more limitations anywhere - the game now eats 2048*2048 png textures and spews out glory. it's like someone cutting the chains off your wings, you spread them out for the first time, and only the sky's the limit.
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voodoo47: ...only the sky's the limit.
You're right. I've been playing around with your 1.11 patch I've never seen this game look better or run faster. This 1.19 release is a masterpiece.

The only problem I had -- and I saw someone mention this in the thread for your patch over at ttlg too -- is that I had the control key set up for running in the old version, and it didn't work with 1.19:

bind ctrl +faston

However, the syntax apparently changed for Thief 2 so that "fast" became "run". Why that change was made, I don't know, but my old keybindings, including running, worked just fine when I changed that line to:

bind ctrl +runon

Because 1.19 uses the Thief 2 syntax. Running is pretty important, because it's used for swimming too. Some of those levels would be pretty hard without being able to swim fast. IIRC, you have to be able to do that to dive underwater.

In any case, the crashing is now completely gone with the XP/ATI card combo. Absolutely stellar.
post your user.bnd, I'll add the bind to the next release.
oh btw, did I mention that NewDark will allow you to run the games in any eyefinity mode (postprocessing included)? see the first screenshot in the gallery here (Shock2, but works for Thief as well of course, there are a couple of more screenshots in the ttlg topics).
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Do you know why people do this, what drives them?

They have no financial incentives that I can see. People don’t use their real names so there is not true public recognition.

Do they have a desire to fix something they love? Does it drive them crazy that it doesn’t work a certain way so they have to fix it? Are they bored and just trying to figure something out, just for the fun of it?

I benefit and I am happy that I get this, but considering some people will abuse them, that this is an old game that not many people play anymore where do they get the motivation to produce this?

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voodoo47: post your user.bnd, I'll add the bind to the next release.
Will do, once I get home to my desktop machine. I would be sure to advise people that my setup should be primarily for reference since it's specific to my tastes and hardware, which is keyboard with my left hand and Kensington trackball with my right. I've heavily modified the vanilla bindings. Most left-handers wouldn't be to pleased with it, I suspect.

I think it's just for love of the game.
I'll look at the bnd, and maybe import only some parts of it. there is only one rule for TFix enhancements - whatever makes it play and feel better (while not breaking the thiefy feel).
I've tried the 1.19 patch and all I can say is WOW! The guys who did this have made my day/week/month/year by fixing both Thief 1 and 2 to be fully compatible with modern machines and fixing all those annoying glitches and problems.

Now I'm looking forward to new Thief and Thief 2 fan missions with larger and more detailed maps.

Again, whoever you lot are who fixed this. Thanks a million! :D
If I install this and deselect all the features, will it only install New Dark? If not, what else is added? (I really only want New Dark 1.19 added to my Thief install)


Edit: Oh, it explains it DOCS how to add it to the original THIEF.
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the basic install will also add some essential fixes to models and textures (fix only what is obviously broken is the motto here).
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Bugger - the new 1.19 fix for Thief 2 appears to have killed all my intros and cutscenes....i've trawled around a little but no joy - anyone any idea why I might not be seeing them?

Dunno if my system specs will help, but standardish

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
Core 2 duo E6600
Nvidia 560Ti
4gb memory

edit : Also done same thing for my System Shock 2 install as well. SS2 is a clean install to c:/Games, patched as necessary before installing the new patch.

Thief2 is a clean install of the GOG version, also to C:/games.
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you apparently did not unpack the zip with the video dlls into your game's folder.

readmes are called READMEs because you are actually supposed to READ them.
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I'm still getting resolution swapping with menu/maps while using New Dark. Is the resolution scaling not supported at 1920x1080, or can I fix this?