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Someone knows this HD texture mod for Thief Gold?

the default, unmodified GOG install is compatible, just install the hdmod (0.8.6) as instructed. to uninstall, delete the hdmod folder.

if you have TFixed your install, make sure you have used the latest version (1.18a at this moment), and install the hdmod (0.8.6) as instructed. if you want to uninstall, just run TFix again, select the mods you want, repatch, and delete the hdmod folder when done.
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Hey Voodoo,

It's obvious Gecko is more of a graphics guy, and less of an assets management guy. He should probably get the pack cleaned up himself, but if he doesn't, and you got permission, do you think you could convert the art assets to something which uses the TFix maps? I know that's a lot of time you don't have, I'm just asking from a hypothetical 'could you' perspective.
at this moment, doing the opposite (importing the TFix map fixes into Gecko's pack) would probably be much less painful. his pack uses a lot of TFix assets, so there is a good chance that he actually used the fixed maps as a base when making his own - that would mean that most of the fixes are probably included (asked him about this, but he has yet to reply). also, quite a big part of TFix fixes is still in the dml format, which is good, as dmls are not map dependent, so if you follow the procedure from my previous post, you should have most TFix fixes even when using Gecko's pack.
I was curious how this mod was going to look and I didn't have energy to start playing with TGFix again so I installed a new installation separately from my other one in case it wouldn't work. It worked all right but I haven't played much, it looks great though. I like the consistency so far.

Question, I'm currently on the Undercover mission and for just for safety reason (I don't know if it helps) I restarted the mission after copying over the save in case it would reset any previous assets as I had a similar issue where that was solved earlier. If I didn't notice anything in the beginning should I be good to go? I accept graphical artifacts, that may happen but I was considering more around stability and performance.
sorry, no idea what you are trying to say here.
Can the new texture pack cause stability issues with previous saves?
no, they should work ok., stability wise, but not all the new stuff will show up, so a mission restart is always recommended.
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the new version is up, now with much less installation pain™. also bugs fixed.
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Oh well, can't access TTLG anymore now... I guess too many people saw the announcement xD
Can you please post the updated download links here ?

Edit : OK, they're on moddb ( ) ... guess I should have thought a little more before posting.
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0.9.0 is out - if you were waiting for a stable release, this is the one, all of the major issues should be resolved.
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also, holiday cleanup on TFix, if you haven't noticed - 1.18c is just a couple of minutes old.
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voodoo47: also, holiday cleanup on TFix, if you haven't noticed - 1.18c is just a couple of minutes old.
thank you for you hard work :)
Hi everyone...I'm new to this, so just wanted to ask how to get this up and running. I'm aware that Thief Gold has some issues running on new do I just install with the GOG installer version 2.0.0, then apply Universal Update 2.0.2, then apply TFix 1.18c, and I should be good to go?

What's the difference between TFix and TGFix?
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pretty much.

//TGFix (Thief Gold Fixer) is the old version of TFix that did not support classic Thief 1 properly. as the support has been added, the patcher has been renamed to TFix (Thief Fixer). the old name is still in the topic title, as I'm not able to change it, even though I'm the topic starter (forum engine feature?).
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