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you forgot the link.

also, I would like to have some user feedback on something - I have ovehauled and merged the original Thief the Dark Project demos, and added something that was never there before - working (dousable, relightable) candles. if you want to help with the TFix development, get the (TDP unified) demo from here, have a look around, and post what you think.
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So, um, what does the vanilla Thief installation (from GOG) actually have with it? I installed the main game, then the patch (got a few errors), and then installed the TFIX. I think the TFIX improvements are active, if I go into options there's the 4 preset control schemes able to load.

If I want to play any fan missions for Thief 1, what do I need to download? There's a folder USERMODS and another MODS folder, if those help.

the GOG build has NewDark engine update+bugfixes that resolve issues caused by the engine switch, nothing else. TFix also has improvements and ovehauled levels (some), plus it lets you install a bunch of graphics mods.

mods are TFix mods, not to be touched. usermods is the place where you can place additional mods, but they must have a standard thief folder structure (unfortunately, half of the few mods for Thief don't).

if you want to load FMs, run the included fm.bat, that will create the FMs folder where you will have to place the folder with the FM (extracted). run fm.bat again, and the FM should be displayed in the FM loader window, double click it and you are playing.
I apologize for the stupid question but does The Thief Gold HD Mod have anything in common with TFix? Trying to decide which mod to install.
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TFix is an all-in-one patcher that updates the game engine to the latest version, applies a set of basic fixes to maps, objects, AI models and other resources, and also lets the user install a couple of (conservative) graphics enhancements/mods. the goal is to make the game more polished while still keeping very true to the original. TFix is supposed to be a patch, not a mod - its primary purpose it to fix what is broken (although admittedly, sometimes the borders between a fix and an enhancement can be murky). everything else is just a(n optional) bonus.

hdmod represents the author's reimagining of the Thief world/levels - differently textured areas, different object and AI models, custom visual effects etc. this changes the overall looks and atmosphere of the game - some people may like it it, some may not. also, hdmod uses some TFix resources, the fixed gamesys for example, and the player hand models. however, it does not have (all) the level fixes - as hdmod uses its own set of maps, any fixes and improvements I make to the TFix maps are simply discarded when hdmod is installed. however, the rest of the fixes (resources, and dml object fixes) is compatible, so using TFix as a base for hdmod will yield some improvements.

my personal opinion - if you are going to play the game for the first time, you should probably stick to the original concept, and reserve hdmod for your second playthrough.
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Thanks for the answer, I'll do exactly like you're suggesting, TFix, it is :)
Playing through with Tfix 1.18f and I'm thinking the sensitivity issue may not be solved. This is my first playthrough with Tfix, so I can't compare to what it was before, but I'm noticing the following:

If 2 guards are near each other and in TOTAL darkness, KOing one guard will alert the other.
If a guard is on alert, they will see you in TOTAL darkness even if out of melee range. (makes noise arrows and throwing objects not very useful)
If you KO a guard and the body is in TOTAL darkness, AI will still see them, even if not directly in their path.
The Ratmen seem to jump to chase alert at the simplest sight of you. I haven't noticed any banter, its just straight charge towards me with sword in the air. While humans might pause and make a comment instead before investigating.

This has only become a significant issue in the later levels, since the mobs seem to stack higher in smaller places.

Just an FYI, thanks for the great work!
last time I've checked the sensitivity fix seemed to work, but will test some more.

//double checked, it works ok (fixed vs orig);
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TFix 1.19 is up.

v1.19: overhauled Training, Bafford's, Cragscleft, Bonehoard, Assassins, Sword, Cathedral, Undercover, Strange Bedfellows, Thieves Guild, Mage Towers and Caverns, some of them almost fully, some partially. some other small fixes here and there (the old sword should not be hanging in the air on the place where you have hit something with it for the last time when you pick Constantine's sword anymore, for example).
as there were a lot of mission updates, make sure to restart your current mission after updating for everything to work properly (so you will probably want to update right after finishing your current mission).
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TTLG is down for the moment, so adding a direct link temporarily:

//aaand it's up again.
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aaand we have a new version of NewDark. patch will be submitted for the GOG build of TG and T2 as soon as I stitch it up together and test it out.

// Tfix 1.20 is out.
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voodoo47: aaand we have a new version of NewDark. patch will be submitted for the GOG build of TG and T2 as soon as I stitch it up together and test it out.

// Tfix 1.20 is out.
Will a save from 1.21 NewDark version be compatbile with 1.22? I use Tfix 1.16 I believe too.
yes, but you may need to restart the mission, so patch up right after you finish your current one.
voodoo47: yes, but you may need to restart the mission, so patch up right after you finish your current one.
I'm in the beginning of a mission so that shouldn't be an issue.
TafferPatcher has been been updated to 214_beta, the latest NewDark is now included, so manual exe file swapping is no longer necessary.