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most people don't.
It works perfectly. Many thanks for this great patch! :D
This patch is pretty awesome! Well done.
just wanted to drop by and tell you that with NewDark Thief Gold, Thief 2 and System Shock 2 work very well on linux (including videos and eax with 5.1 sound), but i cant really tell you about the installation as i just copied the fully patched games over from my old pc. I'm playing on Kubuntu 12.10 x64 with wine 1.5.15, no winetricks or anything else needed. only problem seems that the games have some issues with brightness. when its dark in a corner, well its pitch black :D you have to use a higher brightness level than on windows.
thats with the brightness slider in the middle, in windows i even had to set is low to get it dark enough.

edit: nevermind, fixed that.

my system
Phenom 2 X6 1090T
Nvidia 470 GTX
creative x-fi fatality something
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voodoo47: NEW! TFix now uses (v1.19), the new amazing patch for dark engine based games. I have compiled together the most important T1/TG fixes into one installer, so if you are having problems running the GOG release, or just want to have better graphics/widescreen support, go ahead and try it out (works for the regular and the GOG version, but do note that you are using it on your own risk). !!! IMPORTANT !!! you will need the latest [url=]DirectX9 redist and , the game will NOT run unless you have them installed. [url=]TFix 1.12 (110MB) fixes/adds: -widescreen, portrait resolutions, and Eyefinity support () -full 32bit rendering, fixes issues with new graphics hardware (NewDark) -no more issues with cutscenes not playing (NewDark) -no more issues with graphics related crashes and error messages (NewDark) -no more resolution switching when entering menu or maps (NewDark) -enhanced object models, textures and more ([url=]EP) -improved models (hand/bow/sword, guards and more) -improved water (t2 water) -enhanced skies (static and ) -makes the game portable, so it can be moved around your hdd freely, and played from an usb thumb drive for example -includes fixed missions (Training and Bafford's right now) notes: -requires win2000 or newer to run, latest [url=]DirectX9 and VC++2008 redistributable. -do not set any compatibility modes on the exe, this will break the game -installing the game to a protected folder (windows, program files etc) may result in strange and broken behaviour (vista/win7) -OpenAL might cause the game to not launch. uninstall it if necessary. -reboot after you are done with everything (vista/win7) final note: this is a collection of patches and fixes made by many fans - I did not make any of them, I just made the necessary edits and corrections to make it all work together.
Does TFix work with Thief 1 only? Can it work for Thief 2?
yes, T1/TG only. use Tafferpatcher + patch 1.19 on top for T2.
is there a way to change the language files in order to make the game, in my case, german? i perfectly understand the english version, its just out of nostalgia :) copying over the video files works pretty well, but when i overwrite the snd.crf (i figured that's where the soundfiles are) i wont get any speech at all.

TFix should autodetect the german version and install the proper files automatically. if you are trying to swap files between different thief installs, you will have to modify the install.cfg as well, change the language line to german.
it wont detect a german version because im using the gog version. easier to install :D but i still have my german premier collection version of thief gold and wanted to swap language files.
of course, changing a line in a cfg file... thx now i know what i was missing!

edit: works like a charm and sounds great too! :)
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voodoo47: yes, T1/TG only. use Tafferpatcher + patch 1.19 on top for T2.
Thanks, you should add both of the Thief 2 mods and the Thief 3 mods on the front post with Tfix
First of all, thank you voodoo47 for making such an excellent package [3dfx vooddo, showing your age? ;)]

I have Thief Gold working absolutely beautifully, installed from an original disc, with TFix but there's one small niggle:

When I run thief.exe a dialogue box pops up headed Thief 2. It says "You have no write access to the game directory. Thief 2 will not function properly." After I OK this Thief Gold runs like a dream.

I installed Thief running as admin and ran TFix as admin. Thief is not in a protected directory (D:\Games\Thief Gold). I have cleared the Read Only attribute from all files and folders. I'm running Thief.exe as admin. Nothing seems to stop this dialogue popping up.

My system is an AMD 64 X2 6000+ with 8GB RAM and a Nvidia 460 GTX running Windows 7 64 Ultimate.

As I say, it's a niggle, the game runs fine, but the dialogue is annoying.

Once again, thanks for a great patch, my days of fiddling with Thief to get it running are over and I can just play. Joy!

[EDIT: The same thing happens with Thief 2 and patch 1.19, no problems saving and loading but still get the same warning]
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I have Win 7 x64 and the game was having a microstutter problem. Like it was sometimes losing frames. Running enhanced.bat solved the problem.

Helpful. There's not much for Deadly Shadows on here.
Arthandas: I have Win 7 x64 and the game was having a microstutter problem. Like it was sometimes losing frames. Running enhanced.bat solved the problem.
your graphics card?
Radeon HD 5770 1gb, catalyst 12.8
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