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voodoo47: try making a screenshot. also, I'm not aware of any "9" version of ddfix, the latest one is 1.5.12, other commonly used ones are 1.5.5 and 1.1.1 (and perhaps 1.3.11).
I think I have the same problem. I can tell you for sure this is not normal because I have tried playing the videos with VLC and they look way better. Here is a screenshot from within the game : and here is one from the video played with VLC :
The screenshot from the game is much smaller but I think you can see that it is missing a lot of colours compared with the other one, and I can tell you that it looks even worse than that in motion and in fullscreen.

I am using the Steam version (which is the same as the GOG version I believe?), and all I have done to fix the game is launching your exe.
the ingame screenshot looks pretty normal to me, my thief videos are pixelated as well. vlc probably smooths things out, using some kind of filter.
voodoo47: the ingame screenshot looks pretty normal to me, my thief videos are pixelated as well. vlc probably smooths things out, using some kind of filter.
I will try to record a video if I can.
The problem is not the "pixelization", but the missing colours which produce a terrible result.
If you carefully look at the image I posted, you will see that the (should be) black areas are mostly filled with some sort of dark blue instead.
While I didn't have any problems running the gog release of the first game on Win7 I finally decided I don't want to live without widescreen resolutions anymore.

So, I just want to install ddfix, nothing else, just a quick question before I start. Do I still need the patched Thief Gold exe? As I understand it the gog release comes with an older release of ddfix and they've done something with the original exe already. Don't wanna botch up my installation, so yeah, do I still need the new exe?
no, it should work with the default one. all you have to do is update ddfix.ini and ddfix.dll (and set up your resolution properly).
Hm, yeah, it works, only downside is, videos don't play anymore which they did before.
yeah, videos, the bane of dark engine games. check ddfix.ini and make sure VideoFix=1 is uncommented (and set to 1).
Thanks for the patch. Although too bad about the head bobbing. Really hope it can be turned off.
you can't turn it off, as far as I know.
Do you have or plan for a similar patch for Thief 2?
no need - it's already been done:

btw, 1.10 is up - includes full support for all thief versions and all their language derivates.
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hotfixing - everybody who got the file before I posted this should redownload.
So... if I already installed 1.09 and played the game about halfway already, I assume I just need to install 1.10 on top of it, right? I mean, no uninstallation of 1.09 is necessary, and the save game file will not be affected?
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yes. do note that if you are a happy user of thief gold and TFix 1.09, you don't need to update at all - TFix 1.10 only brings language detection during install (that should prevent non-english versions of the game from crashing after applying TFix), and full support for non-gold versions (for users of those, update is highly recommended). savegames are compatible, of course (such an important thing as incompatible savegames would be announced with big red letters and exclamation marks). also finally allows non-gold users to use T2 water and TGsky (one of those funny bugs when you have no idea why it happens, but you manage to fix it anyway. ah well, whatever works).

to make it short, it's alway ok to apply the new version over the old one, unless I explicitly say otherwise.
Great. Many thanks!