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try to be more specific - do you have some error message? or the game crashes? or the game saves, but the save is not there where you try to load?
If anyone hasn't tried it, I highly recommend turning on bloom. I'm usually anti-bloom, but it really looks great in this old engine in this game where light and dark is so important. I turn general saturation down to .45 and pump up the bloom quite a bit. It makes the torches glow like real fire. Almost, anyway.
better have decent gpu if you want to do that.
Thanks very much for this patch voodoo! Time to go back and play through the Thief trilogy :D

RE Thief 2, would you recommend only using Tafferpatcher then NewDark (or just Tafferpatcher if it gets updated with NewDark by the time I finish playing T1)?
No other 'essential' mods/patches that are worthwhile?
Tafferpatcher+NewDark should be all that is needed for 99% of players.
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voodoo47: better have decent gpu if you want to do that.
I have a pretty nice desktop although it's almost five years old now. The bloom runs smooth as butter at 1920x1200. At least try turning the default saturation down, I would say. At .45 it looks dark and gritty the way it should.

That's my opinion, anyway.
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voodoo47: Tafferpatcher+NewDark should be all that is needed for 99% of players.
Figured that should be enough, thanks for the advice :)
Not sure what I did wrong, but uninstalled/reinstalled Thief Gold so I could apply the new TFix 1.12 patch (I was running t2_v119).

Everything looks much improved, but now I can't get torches or fireplaces to quit showing light from their source, even if I extinguish it with an arrow.

It's as if I am only getting rid of the fire/flame animation, but the light source remains on.
this should only happen if you use an old save (a new TFix install is incompatible with old saves made before updating). restarting the mission should fix it.
Yep, that was it. Thanks!
What exactly do you mean by

-includes fixed missions (Training and Bafford's right now)

missions that were bugfixed (incorrect object placements etc).
ok. well, i never noticed anything wrong there