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Banned for having a rep of 999 in a dream, where supposedly you see symbols upside down, so it's actually 666.
Banned for attributing negative connotations to numbers.
Banned for assuming the use of negative connotations to numbers.
Banned because I think a better name for you would be SkelethalAngel. No need to thank me if you ever decide to change your username to this. (lol)
Banned for doing a thankless job.
low rated
^ Banned for doing your job...feel free to thank me for it later
Banned for offering to put thanks on layaway.
banned and you already know why... I shall not embarrass you by sharing your transgression with the others who post here or read this post
Banned for living in the past. (year 2002)

EDIT: Dang it I got ninja'd! Banned because the person subject to the ban needs to know the reason for their ban. Hooyaah, as your fellow banning officer, I need to ban you for violating this rule.
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^ banned for banning me; as I mentioned, J Lo already knows why I banned him and his sin was so heinous it could not be mentioned in a public forum
Banned for raging that someone else banned him, this is the game
^ banned for rage banning
banned for not being cool
Banned for turning up the heat in your house during summer.
Banned for turning down the heat from entering your house during summer time. It looks disappointed. It just wanted to learn about what kind of place you live in.
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