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Banned for this confusing and slightly creepy statement.
banned for creeping in here and banning members in good standing for no good reason
Banned for exposing my immoral behavior. Here you get an upvote to get your Rep to 4 figures. Maybe that will balance my Karma.
Banned and upvoted to reunbalance your Karma.
Banned for getting your karma from a chameleon.
Banned for disguising karma in different colors.
^ banned for coming in colors
banned cause you've got to pump it up
banned for pumping something that doesn't suit here
Banned for wearing a jack of spades tuxedo.
Banned for wearing a tuxedo T-shirt.
Banned for bringing a penguin to the tuxedo party, it's already pooped on a woman's high-heels.
banned for blaming an innocent flightless bird for your own personal fetish... by the way you look smashing in a tux
Banned for being a party pooper.

Edit: ninja'd
Post edited July 25, 2021 by J Lo
banned because you missed it by that much