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Banned for banning the one person without sin. (He wouldn't have cast the stone otherwise.)
Banned for giving out cast iron stones.
banned because you have cast iron stones
Banned for being 2 reps away from earning the title Grand Wizard.
Post edited July 23, 2021 by Vingry
Banned for spoiling the name of that title for me! I didn't know it yet.
Banned because there's no harm in knowing things early, except for birthday surprises..
banned cause you don't need to know you just have to obey
Banned for entering the dominatrix.
Banned for entering the dragon. That isn't what Bruce Lee did.
^ banned for tricking the dragon out of a large amount of gold
Banned for molding a dragon out of gold.
Banned for painting the dragon red after Hooyaah has finished molding it.
Banned for trying to save the red paint for your rose garden.
Banned for criticizing everyone's choices
I agree with you. But since there's no other way to deliver this approval of mine to you, I've decided to ban you instead so this message will get across.