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Banned for missing the experience of pooping on women's shoes and reminiscing about it fondly.
banned because ... [irk]

Banned because these pretzels are making me thirsty!
Banned because I don't have any pretzels :(
Banned for running out of anti-President Bush weapons.
banned for running out of the bush with weapons (it frightens the little children)
low rated
^Banned for beeting around the bush


Hooyaah: banned because you missed it by that much
(sidenote: I also sent ya a friend request, as it seems your "new self" isn't on my friends list as your "old self" was)
^ banned for not knowing that my "new self" is merely sporting a Sindarin name; I am the same Grey Pilgrim that I always was
low rated
^Banned again for practicing Sin(darin)ful nomenclature(mancy) o.0 ;)
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Banned for having the gritty Teletubbies reboot in your avatar.
Banned because I can't seem to figure out whether the DnD in your username actually refers to Dungeons and Dragons, or just your usual flabbergasted face with both your eyes abnormally protruding out.

EDIT: Wait, it can actually be an angry face too. Like after getting themselves ninja'd, banned for silly reasons, or accidentally stepping on a lego.
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banned for too much concentration on figuring out user above him
Banned because a lapse of concentration is fatal, especially in the banning industry.
Banned for setting industry standards.
banned for not following some standards as a professional banner