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banned becaz its going to be weekend
Banned, because there's no day off for a nobility.
Banned for not allowing Lords3 take a day off
Post edited July 23, 2021 by albinistic
Banned for assuming one can take a day off from ban duty.
banned... now you have the day off
Banned for having an off day.
Banned for having a day-off.
Your supervisor didn't approve your request to take the day off. You are both banned and fired.
Banned because you could've banned LegoDnD for bringing a tank to the workplace. (That thing in their profile picture looks like the bottom of a tank being carried by some sort of mechanical dragon)
Banned because I thought it was a face hugger.
Banned for being correct!
Banned because dang it! I was so sure that it was a tank! You're not lying are you? Maybe I'll call Hooyaah to use his magic to detect whether you're lying or not..
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But really though, GOG is actually a branch of Waylon-Yutani and you're banned for trying to keep a face-hugger OUT of the workplace!
banned for bringing a face-hugger from space to ruin humanity
^ banned for having a lowly pawn as an avatar