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banned for not being where you belong, amongst the Moderation staff
Banned, because you're right, but you could have created a wishlist entry for that ("Make Morolf omnipotent moderator with power of account elimination").
^ banned because, "You take a mortal man, put him in control, watch him become a god, watch people's heads a-roll."
Banned for not trusting my good judgement, I would only delete users who deserve it (e.g. don't pay tribute to me).
^ banned (and given this fifty Euro note) How long will this allow me immunity?
Banned for causing a million deths, or to say it a different way, a thousand killadeths.
Banned for being the Mozilla mega-deth killah
banned for being the mozzarella omega-death killah
^ Banned for expressing personal opinions that GOG doesn't like.
Maybe they do like those personal opinions. You shouldn't make assumptions about other peoples preferences. One thing you can most definitely assume is the fact you are banned.
You seem to enjoy the thrill of superiority when banning people. Let's see if you still enjoy it now that you got yourself banned.
Banned for killing Joy.
Banned for enjoying killing.
Banned because, wake up samurai, we have a city to burn.
Banned for quoting terrorists.