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Banned because I never understood why everybody hates Dead and Loving it, but I've also never seen more than a minute or two.
Banned for not properly researching the reason so that you will understand, rather than being content to not understand.
I can't find a copy anywhere; banned for promoting piracy.
banned for not talking like a pirate on September 19, International Talk Like a Pirate Day
Banned on the Run
banned for trying to trip Olympic runners
banned because is so insolent
Banned, because "cryware" sounds like the name of a computer virus.
banned, because ^ deduction skills are dangerous
Banned for looking in morolf's trousers (while he was wearing them).
^ banned for filching the 10 Euros that he had found in Morolf's pocket
^ Banned for doing this.
Banned, because that was disturbing (WARNING: Do not, under any circumstances, click on Borisburke's link, it will traumatize you!).
Banned for not giving more serious warning. A balrog died after Gandalf told him that he shan't pass.
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Banned for exaggerating conflagrations about hyperbole.