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^ banned for such a firestorm of admonition
Banned for being grumpy.
Banned for multiple terms of service violations
Banned for telling mistruths YOU KNOW TO BE MISTRUTHS.
^ Banned for mistrusting youths.
Banned, because young people suck, don't trust anyone under 30.
Banned for anti-trust laws.
Banned for banned-ti-trust laws.
Banned, because in 2077, puns like this one make someone a criminal.
^ Banned for time travelling. It's dangerous.
Banned for turtles in time.
Banned, because that sounds pretty suspicious, like you're opposed to Dr Who. You're probably a servant of the Daleks.

@J Lo: Banned for travelling back in time to ninja me.
Post edited June 23, 2021 by morolf
Banned for figuring out my plan.
Banned, because your plan got exposed and you didn't have diversion or cover up plan.
Banned for giving advice to evil-doers.