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Banned for quoting terrorists.
Banned for mistaking arsonist for terrorist.
Banned for being the hand puppet of the Monkey Queen.

Post edited June 24, 2021 by instaboy
banned for putting on a Punch and Judy puppet show with said puppet
Banned for promoting violence against puppets.
Banned for seeing everything, yet having no eyes.
Banned for banning people yet having been banned already.

Banned all because I no longer have an internet connection; I'm now a connectionless hobo, squatting here and there.
Banned, because games from GOG work just fine without an internet connection.
banned cause that are fake news

games from gog are almost always in some way broken, unfixed, uncomplete, unupdated, abandoned and/or stuffed with spyware
Banned because the apeh ate an r.
Banned for revving your engine way too loudly when I'M TRYING TO SLEEP.
Banned for yelling at HMA. I'm trying to sleep here afterall.
Banned, because we can't afford people who only think about sleeping in this thread, constant vigilance is needed to keep our forum clean.
Banned, because your pet should help keeping this forum clean.
That's a good idea, I'll have them devour any banned users, so they can't come back. We'll try it with you first...BANNED.