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Banned, because this violates the Geneva Conventions.
Banned for having too few oxygen atoms.
Banned for compulsive counting.
Banned for obsessive compulsing.
^ banned for compulsive banning
Banned for wishing it was Christmas.
Banned for invoking unspeakable names and bringing forth minions of the eldritch abyss.
Banned because The Abyss was one of James Cameron's best movies.
^ Banned because he has never met Michael Biehn.
dtjtkfuy.jpg (401 Kb)
Banned because Avatar was good in spite of all the hype over spectacle.
Banned, because those blue aliens were squatting on a planet full of valuable resources which humanity needed, they didn't deserve any sympathy. Avatar's message was horrible.
banned for the negative feels
Banned for positive thinking.
banned for taking steps to avoid elevators
^ Banned for 'taking steps'. When Biehn said that in The Abyss, he was talking about setting off a nuke.