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Banned for sneaking into offline mode.
Banned for sneaking up on me!
Post edited September 20, 2019 by KiNgBrAdLeY7
Banned for sneaking around in the dark with red eyes.
Banned for having a red body.
Banned for turning over the trash can and eating out of it last night
Banned for being found by Jsidhu762 hiding inside that trash can.
Banned for falsely accusing Hooyaah of impersonating Oscar the Grouch.
Banned for being a Grouch living in a trash can and throwing trash at little kids.
Banned for being a cookie monster
Banned for being a brownie dragon.
Banned for banning "special" dragons.
Banned for dancing in a voting booth.
Banned for dancing in the moonlight wearing nothing but a smile
Banned for thinking that a smile is a form of clothing, or maybe you just have smiles painted onto your clothes.
Banned for not recognizing the smiler, the lesser known cousin of the riddler